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  1. 22 for me - I have my comments on what I think of the ranking as well. 1 - Pebble Beach - About right, the best piece of land that a course is on. 2 - Pacific Dunes - Probably a little too high. 6 - Pinehurst #2 - Too high. 7 - Bandon Dunes - About right. 8 - Bethpage Black - Probably too low, should be top 5. 11 - TPC Sawgrass - Too low, for Florida golf it is amazing. 12 - Old Mac - Probably too high. 13 - Bandon Trails - Waaaaay to low. 15 - Sheep Ranch - About right but I need a few more rounds on it and I may move it up. 20 - Streamsong Red - Too high. 23 - Kapalua Plantation - Too low, one of my favorites. 26 - Streamsong Blue - About right. 34 - Streamsong Black - Too low, I would switch this one with Streamsong Red. 39 - Black Diamond Ranch (Quarry) - Waaaay too high. You get 4ish really good holes around the quarry and the rest are average at best. 42 - Torrey Pines (South) - About right. I was not impressed. 49 - Tobacco Road - About right. The more I play it the better I like it. 62 - The Classic at Maddens - About right. 65 - Wolf Creek - About right. If I played it more and knew the lines off of the tee I would like it more. 70 - Cascata - I would have said too low 3 years ago, but I played it again this year and it is not in as good of shape as before. The little extras you used to get are now gone. 73 - Pine Needles - Too low, really awesome course. 76 - Pinehurst #8 - About right, the more I play it the better I like it. 90 - World Woods (Pine Barrens) - Too high. Course isn't that great IMO.
  2. I worked for the same company as Chip Lutz. Didn't know anything about him until I googled is name after a trip to his office. I was amazed with all of the Pine Valley, Augusta National memorabilia
  3. 48 y/o 115mph 1.9 cap Vice Pro Plus (with occasional Left Dash and TP5x)
  4. Update on this. I have had the shaft in play for over a month now without issue. I placed a small amount of masking tape the bottom to monitor if the tip was slipping at all. Nothing so far.
  5. 2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo 6 33" Does not include cover Looking for $200 obo 20 hour price drop to $190 Now $180 $165
  6. I love the course at Hunters Green. It is a sister course to mine (both ClubCorp). The head pro used to be the head pro at my course, really good guy. Plus you would have a hockey hall of fame member as well (Dave Andreychuk).
  7. I carry two different 3 hybrids. One is 19* and one is 21*. I originally was going to do this til I saved up enough $ to buy a proper 4 hybrid. Now I like the way it is because I can hit an effortless straight shot with the 4h and more of a fade with the 3h.
  8. Here is one I am gonna guess nobody has. Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic KGTP75 D40 flex (X) Playing 45.75" in a G425 LST
  9. LOL. That thing is hideous. The only redeeming quality is you can't see it at address. With that said, GLWS!
  10. Thanks all for the info. I just took it to another builder in the area and they are going to do it.
  11. In talking to the guy I brought it to I remember him saying he used a razor blade to remove paint from tip, which would be chamfer, right? That might explain it.
  12. With the paderson shaft I know the graphite is layered differently, wasn't sure that had anything to do with it or not. This is from their site: KGTP75-D is a Mid Balance, Mid kick point advanced composite shaft pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid Engineered according to each flex Tip prepping from the site: Please do not Chamfer the tips however light belt abrasion is recommended. *Tip preparation: light belt abrasion or hand sanding recommended prior to final assembly. *To ensure a smooth and clean build, we perform a post-production tip preparation: 1″ Metalwoods, 1.25″ Irons. depending on hosel bore depth, there will in many assemblies be the need to lightly sand beyond the prepared surface delivered. Light belt abrasion is also recommended to insure a full shaft insert and adequate epoxy adhesion. Do not Chamfer tip section or blade prep (scratch) tip to prepare for epoxy.
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