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  1. Yes same groups. So I played one of the fourball opponents and my partner played the other fourball opponent. My fourball partner was on the tee watching me hit. The other two were in the clubhouse getting something from the bar. Thanks everyone for the responses. If I was playing something like an FSGA event I would have waited. This being something very casual I didn't hesitate to get things moving and I stand by that move. I talked to our assistant pro and he didn't have a problem with what I did.
  2. Background: We play an annual Ryder Cup style event with a neighboring club. There is no prize money (you actually have to pay $ for shirts, food, cart), all that the winning team gets is bragging rights along with a $20 trophy displayed in the pro shop. What Happened: Shotgun start. One 9 is played as fourball and other 9 is played as an individual match. We are moving to the other nine after finishing a few of the fourball holes and are starting individual matches. We are a currently a hole and a half behind due to looking for a couple of lost balls on the first few holes. My opponent stops at the bar for refreshments. I wait a minute then say eff it we need to get moving. I tee off. Opponent drives up and asks if we should flip a tee for honor. I said we are behind and I already teed off. He looked like I killed his dog. "Really??? You should have waited for me before you teed off. I mean it's fine, but you shouldn't do that and we were not gone that long. My fourball partner asks opponent if he want's me to re-tee. He says yes. Thoughts? I will fill in the rest of the story later.
  3. 22 for me - I have my comments on what I think of the ranking as well. 1 - Pebble Beach - About right, the best piece of land that a course is on. 2 - Pacific Dunes - Probably a little too high. 6 - Pinehurst #2 - Too high. 7 - Bandon Dunes - About right. 8 - Bethpage Black - Probably too low, should be top 5. 11 - TPC Sawgrass - Too low, for Florida golf it is amazing. 12 - Old Mac - Probably too high. 13 - Bandon Trails - Waaaaay to low. 15 - Sheep Ranch - About right but I need a few more rounds on it and I may move it up. 20 - Streamsong Red - Too high. 23 - Kapalua Plantation - Too low, one of my favorites. 26 - Streamsong Blue - About right. 34 - Streamsong Black - Too low, I would switch this one with Streamsong Red. 39 - Black Diamond Ranch (Quarry) - Waaaay too high. You get 4ish really good holes around the quarry and the rest are average at best. 42 - Torrey Pines (South) - About right. I was not impressed. 49 - Tobacco Road - About right. The more I play it the better I like it. 62 - The Classic at Maddens - About right. 65 - Wolf Creek - About right. If I played it more and knew the lines off of the tee I would like it more. 70 - Cascata - I would have said too low 3 years ago, but I played it again this year and it is not in as good of shape as before. The little extras you used to get are now gone. 73 - Pine Needles - Too low, really awesome course. 76 - Pinehurst #8 - About right, the more I play it the better I like it. 90 - World Woods (Pine Barrens) - Too high. Course isn't that great IMO.
  4. I worked for the same company as Chip Lutz. Didn't know anything about him until I googled is name after a trip to his office. I was amazed with all of the Pine Valley, Augusta National memorabilia
  5. 48 y/o 115mph 1.9 cap Vice Pro Plus (with occasional Left Dash and TP5x)
  6. Update on this. I have had the shaft in play for over a month now without issue. I placed a small amount of masking tape the bottom to monitor if the tip was slipping at all. Nothing so far.
  7. 2015 Scotty Cameron GoLo 6 33" Does not include cover Looking for $200 obo 20 hour price drop to $190 Now $180 $165
  8. I love the course at Hunters Green. It is a sister course to mine (both ClubCorp). The head pro used to be the head pro at my course, really good guy. Plus you would have a hockey hall of fame member as well (Dave Andreychuk).
  9. I carry two different 3 hybrids. One is 19* and one is 21*. I originally was going to do this til I saved up enough $ to buy a proper 4 hybrid. Now I like the way it is because I can hit an effortless straight shot with the 4h and more of a fade with the 3h.
  10. Here is one I am gonna guess nobody has. Paderson Kinetixx Ballistic KGTP75 D40 flex (X) Playing 45.75" in a G425 LST
  11. LOL. That thing is hideous. The only redeeming quality is you can't see it at address. With that said, GLWS!
  12. Thanks all for the info. I just took it to another builder in the area and they are going to do it.
  13. In talking to the guy I brought it to I remember him saying he used a razor blade to remove paint from tip, which would be chamfer, right? That might explain it.
  14. With the paderson shaft I know the graphite is layered differently, wasn't sure that had anything to do with it or not. This is from their site: KGTP75-D is a Mid Balance, Mid kick point advanced composite shaft pre-loaded with a visible fiber structural grid Engineered according to each flex Tip prepping from the site: Please do not Chamfer the tips however light belt abrasion is recommended. *Tip preparation: light belt abrasion or hand sanding recommended prior to final assembly. *To ensure a smooth and clean build, we perform a post-production tip preparation: 1″ Metalwoods, 1.25″ Irons. depending on hosel bore depth, there will in many assemblies be the need to lightly sand beyond the prepared surface delivered. Light belt abrasion is also recommended to insure a full shaft insert and adequate epoxy adhesion. Do not Chamfer tip section or blade prep (scratch) tip to prepare for epoxy.
  15. I bought a Paderson Ballistic TP driver shaft directly from them. Went to have the tip prepped and have a ping adapter installed at a local fitter / club builder. He said that he has done 3 of these and everyone had come back to him because the head flew off. So he refuses to work on them now. He said it had to do with the the way the graphite is on the tip where when he sanded it down you can see the filaments sticking out (like whiskers I guess???). Has anyone else run into this or heard of this happening? TIA
  16. Offering to my fellow leftys first. Looking to get $170 for it.
  17. As a side note re: Canyon Gate. I have played it several times (belong to a CC owned course). Course is decent for what it is. By no means is it a desert course. You could feel like you are anywhere else in the country. Over the years I thought it started going downhill, greens were absolutely terrible at the end of my playing there (like 4 years ago). Hope they dropped $ into it. For CC owned coursed not all are packed with players. It could be just course specific. My course in FL isn't overcrowded at all.
  18. I would call caddymaster now and get them set up. If you tell them exact time is based on how you finish they can figure it out easy enough.
  19. I assume they give you a forecaddy for your round at #2. No need for a caddy at #8. Grint Tour is fun, I have played some of the events here in Tampa area. Hope you have 7:30a times and finsh before afternoon thunderstorms.
  20. Ours is auto 20% on all F&B. There is another line for additional tip too.
  21. Did you know my bonus just him my account or something GLWS!
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