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  1. Color me intrigued now. Weird timing for the post because I took my girlfriend to the range last week and decided to try her 5 hybrid because she loves it so much. I’ll can’t tell you how surprised I was to love it. The mix of the less intimidating length and more friendly upright lie angle was dope (coming from someone that hates fairways off the ground for the opposite reason). I’m definitely curious to at least try some one length for the top of the bag now. I get along with my stuff, but if one length can make things stress free and easier, as a gear head I’ll check it out.
  2. Sorry, the photos didn’t show for some reason. I just updated and they should be visible.
  3. X Forged might be a good option. Pretty forgiving considering the overall size. The blade length is a bit larger than blades, but look great. I have the 2018 version and I think in 2020 they refunded the wedges to be smaller. the other one might be the Srixon zx7. That’s a little more compact for blade length, like the p770 or mc.
  4. Most likely the same. I think this was always pretty much a feature reserved for the tour (without fact checking myself). It’s not outrageously pronounced. The first image probably shows it the best. Subtle but works.
  5. No idea what that means, but the tri sole is for address setup. A flat part in the middle of the sole and the two edges bevel up slightly. Sorry if that was a joke that just sailed way over my head.
  6. [sold] Bettinardi ss17 with Trisole and true roll. $650 shipped to US. [sold] SIM Max D 3 wood with Ventus Red Velocore $325 shipped to US. - 43" - Spine aligned install - Golf Pride 360 Arccos grip. pin 1/6
  7. Amen! Same here. Sometimes it’s just not worth it. Also, on a somewhat related note. After I ditched the fairway, a friend made my foursome play a round with 1 club. And it’s crazy that scores aren’t all that different. That kind of validated the decision in a way, because I learned that there’s value to getting around the course. And any regular shot is better than a chunk or slice into the water.
  8. They’ll have two versions, I didn’t get details but one will be more for players and one not. I just really wish I knew how players and how game improvement. I’d be down for a regular version and a version even slightly larger than the current sim, but I doubt it.
  9. Did you find the forged felt better than the regular D7? For some reason I was into the feel of the regular one more.
  10. 3 hybrid works great, especially if you’re confident in your driver. For me there are very few holes that require the distance of a 3 wood specifically driver or hybrid get it done. I tried to carry a driver, fairway, hybrid but there wasn’t a need for all three. Tight dog legs are more 3 hybrid or 5 iron length for me.... not to mention that I buried the lead, I can’t hit a fairway off the turf to save my life
  11. Always around/ after the PGA show which is late Jan.
  12. Where did you find them for $20? I’m in at that price!
  13. I emailed them the other day and they said they don’t have plans for a red one. Based on that and my convo with a taylormade rep, it sounds solidified. So I’m guessing there would have to be some intense demand for it in the future for them to start working on one.
  14. I love the feel of the Red Ventus (velocore) in my fairway. I tested the Sim hybrid last night with the Blue Ventus hybrid (TM stock version) and it’s not close to the same feel. Boy does the Sim head launch!! But the feel of the blue shaft in the hybrid is much harder to get to kick compared to the red in the fairway. The red fairway was much smoother for my swing as it just gradually get weaker as the shaft goes on, according to the website. I even tried the regular flex blue hybrid too, which was easier to fling through, but the only kick I felt is the tip and that can b
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