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  1. Davidv


    I thrive on post like these.
  2. Great idea and priced below $90.00 or so you would have a winner but I doubt the technology is there to find a golfball without utilizing a chipped ball or one with some special coating on the cover. .
  3. Such confusion my head hurts back to looking for a regular flex ball retriever.
  4. Both are as expected playing on their brand name, in reality neither is anything special quality wise and certaintly not style wise and lastly way over priced.
  5. Spring is in the air it has to be as it is Hammer Time!
  6. I would assume they are allowed since you see the Pros getting massages, etc. for leg cramps, stiff necks on the course during play.
  7. Yes they are acceptable at clubs both private and otherwise.
  8. They are fine for walking but certainly not as light and comfortable as some of the new spikeless knit type shoes offered by most manufacturers.
  9. Take your 2 adult kids with you and let them spend $250.00 each on whatever they want.
  10. Nothing like a big head and a long shaft.
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