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  1. The Ping 710 irons are definitely more forgiving, higher launching and good solid distance. As for the driver Ping 425 Max. Or used a great driver is the Ping 400 Max.
  2. Oh memories of days gone bye, well those days are gone. Despite many on this forum stating they will not pay the prices, they will wait for year end sales or play what has been working for them, guess what. The new models will yield another successful year in sales for the major players this being Callaway, Taylormade, etc. People are already preordering the new Stealth, just can not wait to get that red face carbon fiber driver in their hands.
  3. Get a set of Callaway Big Bertha irons good looking, and forgiving. Nothing like a new set of irons to make you feel good and anxious to get out there and enjoy some golf.
  4. G Tech is the way to go a bit pricey but well worth it.
  5. 40 Years now that is really something.
  6. For whatever reason I never got along with any Taylor Made driver and I have tried a few over the years.
  7. Mostly all of the major golf equipment companies raise their prices each year. They will continue this wonderful profit making trend as long as sales continue to rise.
  8. Irons may stay in my bag for up to 2 years at most, drivers, woods, gotta change every year. Does it make a big difference heck no but I sure love the feeling of getting new equipment when I want it..
  9. Davidv

    Iron Dilemma

    If money is not an issue I would go with XXIO, otherwise Ping G710 and finally very budget friendly and ticks the boxes you are looking for Tour Edge C522 irons.
  10. I would first try a senior shaft, then a higher loft, say 12 degrees and finally a shorter driver length. If you have ticked all these boxes and are still struggling, you may want to demo drivers that are specifically targeted to senior players with a slower swing speeds that will help with a slice or launch issues. Without knowing exactly what your problems are it is a bit difficult to offer good solid advice other than the standby take a lesson.
  11. I love the marketing for both brands more than the products.
  12. Quite a story never even mentioned golf once in sharing your life learned lessons even skewed as they are.
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