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  1. Maybe a dumb question but are there any real draw bias irons. I know you can have them adjusted loft and lie but wondering if any manufacturer actually produces a draw bias iron.
  2. Walter Hagen, Puma and Greg Norman all offer slim fit 5 pocket golf pants. Have all 3 good fit, nice material no complaints.
  3. If you want a draw driver with good distance then the Ping 425 SFT is the one. I had it and it definitely has a draw bias almost impossible to hit a slice or cut shot.
  4. Gotta pound that driver unless there is big trouble within my driver distance.
  5. Champagne or gold love the look of my Bettinardi Queen B6 putter.
  6. Really not a bad look, kind of simple with a touch of class.
  7. I always tell myself man there is no way I am paying that for a club, but in the end if it looks good and performs it ends up in my bag. Paid $400.00 for a Bettinardi Queens B6 putter no regrets. In the process of moving from Ping 710 irons, 410 hybrids, woods and 425 driver to XXIO. Have the XXIO driver, 3 and 5 wood plus a 4h. Now the big think on the irons that run 200 each. Always a cost for chasing the perfect setup, pricey but fun.
  8. Ridiculous solution for a shortcoming in the skill department.
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