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  1. Tee it low and let it go, nice smooth iron swing and all good.
  2. Definitely a bit of a unique style that I will have to pass on. Do not like the look or the price.
  3. Definitely need a pair of black shoes to wear with a nice color coordinated pair of golf slacks. I would not wear black shoes with blue shorts.
  4. I hate the sound/feel of my new Ping425 sft but the performance is there so in time I am confident the sound/feel concern will be a non issue as long as it performs.
  5. The XXIO product line does exactly as advertised. The driver will give you a slight increase in swing speed, they are easy to launch and pretty forgiving. The irons basically the same although I got rid of mine as I did not care for the look, really can not say that was a smart move on my part. But if you go XXIO you will not be disappointed.
  6. Nice souvenir of days gone by, I would keep it.
  7. Not a fan of UA clothing, but I think the style fits Jordans image not flashy, but neat and proper.
  8. Cobra Fly Z XL for that price and for what you are looking for is a great deal. Very forgiving driver you do not need all the adjustments, buy it and you will not be disappointed.
  9. Bottom line the oversized irons do what they are advertised to do. Long, high launching and forgiving.
  10. The MAX will be more forgiving, and higher spin numbers than the LS model. As for distance kind of depends on your swing speed, contact, etc.
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