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  1. Ping 425 Max with a Distanza shaft.
  2. If cost is not an issue I would go with a full line of XXIO. Check their web site for details and decide for yourself.
  3. If it is currently in vogue wear it, who cares if it matches your equipment and the comments about not being a billboard or being paid for advertising a brand are really funny.
  4. At any given time or year they are all best at marketing,
  5. Well I guess someone will be telling his buddies how he found this great putter, etc. for a few bucks.
  6. Davidv

    XXIO Anyone?

    I am currently gaming the XXIO Eleven Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and a 4 Hybrid. My irons are all Ping 710 regular graphite. I am thinking of moving on to the XXIO Eleven irons, anyone gaming these or have any feedback good or bad besides the cost.
  7. The XXIO hybrid a must try, easy to hit flush, easy to draw, and nice high launch.
  8. I agree with some of the the others, a fitting and a gift card would be a great gift and lets your Dad get what he wants and will work for him.
  9. You gotta try the XXIO irons.
  10. Because I can and it is fun, all part of the game and enjoying your passion for golf.
  11. A new Bettinardi Queen B6 has done wonders for me on the green. I would confidently say an easy 2 strokes per round which is significant.
  12. I agree the 48 hour response time is unacceptable, as for the delivery best bet as mentioned contact fedex yourself. Hopefully when you get the product is is worth the wait and frustration.
  13. Just what I do not need when playing golf a hoodie so many other practical ways to layer up in the cold season.
  14. Take a couple of lessons, then try out some different irons and shafts then hand over the money.
  15. I have to agree with the Pro and policy at Golf Galaxy. You received good basic service free with the setup you requested. Then your request drifted into a fitting session which there is a charge for and in many cases the fee is applied towards your purchase if you choose to do so.
  16. Maybe a dumb question but are there any real draw bias irons. I know you can have them adjusted loft and lie but wondering if any manufacturer actually produces a draw bias iron.
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