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  1. This! If you keep a sharp eye out on PXG's Ebay store, you can pick up a 0211 driver for an exceptional price. Generally, one in good condition sells for less than $175. But, they go fast, so you have to check often. Just saw that you are a lefty. You will be able to find one easily on PXG_express.
  2. I might be interested in trades if you have something I am specifically looking for. I will put my wish list in the ad. Thank you.
  3. 1) New, never hit PXG Gen 4 0341X fairway wood. 15*. Diamana S+ 70 Limited stiff flex. Wrench, and cover included...$185 shipped 2) Diamana RF 60 stiff. Beautiful looking shaft. 43.5" in length. Tip prep area is a tad over 1". Has a TM grip on it. Could also be used for a fairway shaft. Nice shape...SOLD Due to increased rates, please add $10 if you are west of the Mississippi. Thank you. TRADES- Taylormade Hydroblast Del Monte 1 @35", Diamana ZF 60 stiff or regular, PXG Gen4, or 0211 19* hybrid.
  4. Just bought a PXG Gen4 3 wood. But, in true GolfWRX fashion, I am already thinking of selling it. Haven't gotten along with a fairway wood for some time now, so why should this be any different? Might just buy a Cleveland Hywood and call it a day.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that the CMX Ping adapters from Billy Bob's were deeper to help cover prepped areas of the shaft.
  6. I have had them for awhile. Just keep buying different brands to try, and the next thing you know...too many shoes!
  7. 1) PXG Proto X+ driver. 10.5, Diamana s60 limited stiff. Very good condition. Comes with a GolfWRX leather headcover...$175 2) Cobra King F8 fairway wood. 3-4. Aldila NV Blur 70-regular. Top is clean, and sole is prettyclean as well. Face has a ball mark on it. Headcover included...SOLD 3) New Nike Vapor golf shoes. Size 12. Never worn. $55 4) Adidas Adipower Boost 2. Size 12 medium. New, never worn...$55 5) New Oakley Coldfuse sunglasses. Satin toast/Prize Rose Gold. Basically bronze/ clear frame with bronze lenses. These are both metal and plastic. Very lightweight. Lense is perfect for golf in any light conditions. I have a pair that I wear to play in, and by far my favorites. Very cool looking...SOLD Prices are shipped. West of the Mississippi and Florida, please add $10 for the long boxes, $5 for the shoe boxes. No trades unless you have a mint PXG Gen 4 0811x 12* head. Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas!
  8. Thanks for the great pics. Did you happen to notice what shaft Justin Thomas was using in his driver?
  9. I just received a price quote from DD yesterday on a set of Gen 3 0311p irons.
  10. If you can find the club(s) you want on their Ebay site, shipping is free vs paying $30 through the PXG website.
  11. 1) PXG GEN4 0811XF 10.5* driver head. Very nice shape with just faint marks on the face. Sole is limited to a few small scratches. No chips, scratches, or dents anywhere on painted surface. Comes with headcover only...$175 O.B.O shipped 2) Callaway Apex UW. 19*. Custom ordered at - 1/2" with a Tensei Blue 75 regular flex. Factory midsized grip. Headcover included. Hit maybe five balls with this during the course of one round, so it is in excellent shape...SOLD Please allow for extra shipping time as it is the Holiday Season, and things are slower than normal. Thank you for looking.
  12. I ordered a Custom Callaway UW from Discount Dans on 11-26-21. I could not believe that the club was on my front porch this morning. And, they beat everybody's price by quite a bit. Discount Dans...you guys rock!
  13. You did the right thing. I am sorry that the seller felt like dragging you through the mud on this one. I have had packages delivered to the wrong address ( both sending and receiving ), and though you have to jump through a few hoops to straighten things out, it eventually gets resolved somehow. I am thinking the buyer got a little nervous, and overreacted instead of trying to work with you to sort it out.
  14. I just bought a Diamana ZF 60 off of him. Suppossed to be Tour issue. Shaft definitely looks legit.
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