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  1. Aren't the Ping G400 series ( except the G400 Max ) sub-460?
  2. Items up for sale today... 1) Ping G410 Plus. 10.5. Sold to me as new, and after carefully looking it over, I have no reason to believe it has ever been used. Shafts are: A) Hzrdus Smoke Black RDX. 6.0 flex. Length is 44". Does not have a ferrule on it, but I never had any problem with it in my G425. B) Matrix Red Tie 6Q3.1 regular flex. Measures 44.5". Nice looking shaft. Comes with hc. ( west of Miss., add $10 please ) SOLD! 2) Ping G400 Max. 10.5. Tour 65 regular flex. Headcover inc. Nice condition with very little signs of use...SOLD! Pin 9/16
  3. Actually, they have an ebay store. PXG Express is the name. Gen 4 drivers ranging from $279 to $336 I believe. I just bought one for $311.
  4. PXG Gen4 0811 XF? I have read good things about it on this forum. I have one on the way to see for myself. I have had two Ping G425 Max drivers. One of them had 6 grams of hotmelt, and it still sounded weird to me. Usually, stuff like that doesn't bother me, but in this case it did. I need to just get over it because it is an excellent driver.
  5. 1) Ping G425 Max head. 10.5. 6 grams of hotmelt. Extra 17 gm and 20 gm weights. Wrench included. Robert Marks headcover. Clubhead is in very good condition. Hotmelt is centered (sole). Headcover is a little faded, and has a small cut (pictured) SOLD 2) Ping G400 Max driver. 10.5. Stock Alta CB 55 regular flex. Headcover included. Typical face wear, and sole wear on this one. Still in good shape. SOLD 3) Odyssey White Hot OG 1ws. 35". Stroke Lab shaft. Headcover included. Only two rounds on this. Keeping my 34" version, and selling this one. SOLD 4) Taylormade TP Patina Juno. 36". Used for 1 round. TP headcover included. SOLD No trades, please. Thank you for looking.
  6. Thank you gentlemen. Good idea. I will do thar.
  7. Question for those of you in the know...If I order online, and specify a shorter driver length, will PXG adjust the weight of the head, or do i need to call them and specify. Thank you in advance.
  8. So overall, how did it compare to your Ping G400 Max?
  9. Seems like it would be less messy that way. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. It did come with a plug.
  11. So basically, epoxy on both surfaces is fine. Thanks for the confirmation.
  12. That's what I thought. Thank you for confirming.
  13. Getting ready to put a new adapter on a graphite shift for my driver. The instructions that Ping included with the adapter didn't mention anything about roughing up the inside of the adapter, and it said NOT to put epoxy on the shaft itself. Just apply it to the adapter. Well, I always thought both shift and adapter were to have epoxy applied liberally. Am I wrong?
  14. Every Ping G400 Max that I have had. Buy, sell, trade...buy, sell, trade...etc. It still is the best driver for me.
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