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  1. Exactly my thoughts. But, I have a backup If that happens.
  2. Another vote for the Ping G400 Max. It was an absolute game-changer for me.
  3. Instead of starting a new thread, I would be interested in knowing if the G425 Max is worth upgrading over the G400 Max from people who played the G400 Max for a period of time.
  4. Ping G425 Max driver. 10.5. Ping Tour 65 regular flex shaft. Bought the club head from a member here who only hit a couple of balls with it. Purchased a new Ping Tour shaft from Maple Hill Golf. Club is perfect. 9.99/10 just because it hit a few balls. I have never hit it. G425 headcover included. $460 shipped UPDATE: I have had some ask if I would separate the head and shaft. Head only $405, shaft only $60. Closing ad. I will just keep it.
  5. Pretty simple... Ping G400 Max head only. 10.5*. No chips, scratches, etc on the top. Very light ball Mark's on the face. Typical turf/tee Mark's on the bottom. Head is in good shape. Headcover included...$190 shipped. Thank you for looking
  6. Dusting off this thread from a few years back to ask this question... is shaft breakage still an issue with the Evenflow Blue?
  7. Lol! It's all good. I was going to buy one despite the lukewarm reviews just to see for myself.
  8. Geez...definitely hope this is a case of " different strokes for different folks ".
  9. Exactly. Couldn't wait to get my hands on the G425 Max, but after everything that I have read here, and some of the reviews I have watched, I think I will save the money, and stick with my G400 Max. That'll free up a little money to experiment with some different shafts. Now, if I could only find a high flight, low spin, good feeling shaft. Probably non-existent, so I will save money on that too.
  10. Puttnforthe8, Thank you for the info. Where do I find this link?
  11. I shipped some items I sold on the BST to a fellow member that has bought alot of my stuff. Sent it out on 11/21/2020. Lafayette, IN to Cleveland OH. Here we are in January 2021, and he still has not received the items. Dreading trying to file a claim.
  12. Forgive my ever-aging brain, but by bizarre launch, are you referring to product launch, or actual ball launch?
  13. Great response. Thank you.
  14. So do you think that a person would benefit lofting up with the new G425 Max, or would the loft adjustments be enough to dial it in flight-wise?
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