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  1. Exactly my thoughts. But, I have a backup If that happens.
  2. Another vote for the Ping G400 Max. It was an absolute game-changer for me.
  3. Instead of starting a new thread, I would be interested in knowing if the G425 Max is worth upgrading over the G400 Max from people who played the G400 Max for a period of time.
  4. Ping G425 Max driver. 10.5. Ping Tour 65 regular flex shaft. Bought the club head from a member here who only hit a couple of balls with it. Purchased a new Ping Tour shaft from Maple Hill Golf. Club is perfect. 9.99/10 just because it hit a few balls. I have never hit it. G425 headcover included. $460 shipped UPDATE: I have had some ask if I would separate the head and shaft. Head only $405, shaft only $60. Closing ad. I will just keep it.
  5. Pretty simple... Ping G400 Max head only. 10.5*. No chips, scratches, etc on the top. Very light ball Mark's on the face. Typical turf/tee Mark's on the bottom. Head is in good shape. Headcover included...$190 shipped. Thank you for looking
  6. Dusting off this thread from a few years back to ask this question... is shaft breakage still an issue with the Evenflow Blue?
  7. Lol! It's all good. I was going to buy one despite the lukewarm reviews just to see for myself.
  8. Geez...definitely hope this is a case of " different strokes for different folks ".
  9. Exactly. Couldn't wait to get my hands on the G425 Max, but after everything that I have read here, and some of the reviews I have watched, I think I will save the money, and stick with my G400 Max. That'll free up a little money to experiment with some different shafts. Now, if I could only find a high flight, low spin, good feeling shaft. Probably non-existent, so I will save money on that too.
  10. Puttnforthe8, Thank you for the info. Where do I find this link?
  11. I shipped some items I sold on the BST to a fellow member that has bought alot of my stuff. Sent it out on 11/21/2020. Lafayette, IN to Cleveland OH. Here we are in January 2021, and he still has not received the items. Dreading trying to file a claim.
  12. Forgive my ever-aging brain, but by bizarre launch, are you referring to product launch, or actual ball launch?
  13. Great response. Thank you.
  14. So do you think that a person would benefit lofting up with the new G425 Max, or would the loft adjustments be enough to dial it in flight-wise?
  15. The only way I will replace my G400 Max is if the G425 Max is that much better.
  16. Another vote for the Ping Tour 65.
  17. 1) Callaway Apex iron set. 5-pw. Shaft bands say Callaway uniflex, printing on the shafts indicate that they are Nippon NS Pro 1100 GH. New grips. Clubs are in good shape with no browning, or major dings. SOLD 2) Titleist TS2 16.5 fairway wood. Two shafts. Kuro Kage 55 regular flex, and a Diamana Blue 70 LE regular flex. Great shape with only minor face wear. HC included, but no wrench. SOLD 3) TM TP Mullens putter. 35". Bought new, and used less than one round. $75 shipped 4) TM TP Black Copper Soto. 35". A couple of months use. Great shape. SOLD 5) Pi
  18. 1) Brand new, never hit Ping i210 iron set Green Dot Power Specs Nippon Pro Modus 105 regular flex +1" $565 (less than I paid, and no 4~5 week wait). Might consider a set of Apex 19 irons with regular flex shafts. Great condition, and upright would be ideal. West of the Mississippi please add $10 for the irons, and $5 for the driver head. pin 9/8
  19. That's odd...I ordered mine with Nippon 105 regular flex, and they are on their way to me. Maybe it was the 105 stiffs on backorder?
  20. Update: I ordered my i210s on 8-1-2020, and just received an email from DD's stating that my irons have shipped. So, that puts it at 4 weeks.
  21. I ordered through DD's as well. 6-UW Green Dot Power Specs Nippon Pro Modus 105 (r) +1" From reading all of this, maybe late September?
  22. Yikes! Looks like like it's going to be awhile for me then.
  23. I ordered mine on 08-01-2020. Was told by the forum sponser that I ordered them through that 3~4 weeks was quoted to them from Ping. Being the impatient person that I am, I bought a different set to pacify myself until the Pings get here. Going to be awful tough for the Pings to knock them out of the bag.
  24. Great...after settling in on the Ping G400 Max for the past year, now I have to try one of these. Thanks alot. ?
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