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  1. thanks but only looking for x-stiff 65g range with callaway tip right now
  2. callaway tip, length is 44.25" " so it will play around 45.5" sorry for those beginners omission, more of a buyer than seller haha
  3. Mitsubishi Tensei Blue AV 65 stiff for sale 100$ shipped OBO. MCC Align grip. callaway tip, length is 44.25" " so it will play around 45.5". Thanks!
  4. seller contacted me through the email attached to my paypal account, maybe its the same for you guys
  5. What you mean by "used cutting wheel" ? Like the tool to cut steel tubes/shafts?
  6. Same question here, anyone found a good deal somehwere?
  7. I will take it! PM for paypal and shipping adress.
  8. The K looks thinner, and the edges looks sharper, less rounded and smooth.
  9. Whats the practical difference between a real voley wedge made in china and a counterfeit wedge with same shape, weight and mass distribution of a vokey also made in china? )grooves tolerances maybe!?) Graphite shafts are anotehr story but shaped pieces of metal.. Not trying to defend counterfeit products here of course, just pointing at that marketing s*** that leads us to want to buy a vokey over any other wedge manufacturer. I say buy it, have faith in it, pretend its the real overpriced thing that you got for a deal and chip like you never before with it!
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