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  1. Ping replaced my bag with the new “fixed” bag. My issue was the inner stand mechanism not deploying the legs properly. Since I’ve got the new bag I haven’t had any issues. I really like the bag.
  2. If anyone here is a golf instructor or happens to know a golf instructor looking for a place to teach in the Detroit area shoot me a PM. I work at a golf course and we are in the process of finding an instructor. I will provide more details over PM.
  3. Size might be helpful. They are 9.5. I am not looking for trades right now.
  4. First up are a set of Scratch AR-1 zero offset irons. The 5-PW are shafted with Nippon Modus 120X. The 3 and 4 iron heads are not shafted. These are 1* flat and 1* strong of stock specs. The head show their age and have quite a bit of bag chatter. I am asking for $325 shipped and PayPal. SOLD Next up are two Cleveland RTX4 wedges. They are 56* and 60* and both are the mid bounce option. They have the raw finish and are shafted with Nippon Modus 125 wedge shafts. Standard lie and loft. Asking $80 shipped and PayPal for the pair. Finally I have 2 pair of Nike Janoski spi
  5. Thanks for the feedback my spin comments are strictly based off of optimal number charts. I don't tend to have a problem holding greens but a little more spin also wouldn't hurt if I don't sacrifice to much distance. I've played the Modus for years and I don't feel like I'm missing out performance wise. But the benefits of graphite are intriguing.
  6. Like many others on this thread I'm trying to decide which shaft to go with. Here are some numbers with my current clubs. Srixon 785 with Modis 120x. I am consistently 1/2 -1 club shorter inside than I am out. Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking 105s. Clearly I could use more spin.
  7. Anyone who has done a custom bag instead of the build your bag on the website, how much more expensive is it to go with custom colors over what is available on the website?
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