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  1. You do realize that all the substandard components are used for lefthanded clubs, don't you?
  2. The SLDR 430 is not an unforgiving driver, as long as you get the correct loft. Remember the "Loft Up" campaign? I still play a 12º 430, with the adapter set open, weight out on the toe, with a Diamana D+ 62 stiff flex. This set up does not want to go left. Just high, low spin bombs.
  3. There was no 11º loft in the American SLDRs only 10.5º and 12º.
  4. 11º 430 JDM TP head, with a Graphite Design AD-MT 7s. Adapter set open, weight out on toe. This baby does NOT want to go left.
  5. I know Titleist did this with their 990B irons by blending the front of the hosel into where it met the leading edge.
  6. I wasn't talking about counterweights, I was referring to lightweight plastic extensions, LOL.
  7. Yes, extended to the same length as the shaft w/o the extension.
  8. OK, let's change the scenario. You have one driver head, with two shafts with adapters. The first shaft is cut to the proper length, and the second is extended one inch. The driver head weight will remain constant.
  9. Here is the deal: two identical drivers, down to the shaft and grip. One of them is cut to length, the other has a properly installed one inch extension. Do you think you could tell which had the extension, simply by playing the clubs? BTW, swing weight is identical.
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