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  1. Didn't this come up years ago in Myrtle Beach? The issue then was not collecting payroll and other taxes, IIRC.
  2. A lack of puttable hole locations was always a problem on a lot of greens there.
  3. I always remember smooth, fast greens. Are they still that way?
  4. Maybe, but your golf pro Mike is a riot.
  5. Left handed Callaway adapters have the settings underlined; is one of them underlined?
  6. People, These are all good ideas why the shafts might be differing face angles. However, the OP should make certain that there is in fact a difference. Remember, the mind can play tricks on you.
  7. Using a golf club gauge, measure the face angles of the club with each of the shafts installed. Is there an actual difference?
  8. What are the exact face angle numbers of the two shafts?
  9. Yea, those minute traces of boron can be a problem.
  10. Ping G series LS Tec has a very deep face.
  11. Green Spring Valley Hunt Club outside Baltimore has threes at one and eighteen.
  12. Yes, they had 27 holes, and now they are down to 18 or 19.
  13. The pro from the old Towson GG explained the layout to me, but it didn't make sense.
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