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  1. [MOD EDIT] Has not provided shipping status to @Ryanj8 after alomost 2 weeks. *refunded Thanks for taking a look. These clubs didn’t work for me and need a new home. G410 + 9* head w/ head over. Slight scratch on the topline but it is faint. I also have an adapter if needed. $300 917 F2 16.5 head. No head over. $60
  2. These clubs need a new home! Prices include shipping via USPS w/ tracking 1) Vapor Fly Pro 3i - PXI 6.5 & Tor Velvet Cord grip. $250 2) Raw P730 3-P - DG X7 +.5” & NDMC grips $old 3) Spider Tour T line - 36” Headcover included $150
  3. Finally got my zx7’s and had my best ball striking round in a few years. I still need to dial in my distances as the spin seems low but happy so far.
  4. I apologize if this has been covered already. Has anyone found success bending the Zx7’s by a degree or 2 to get more spin? I have gotten a few “heaters” that flew abnormally far
  5. Thanks for taking a look. Prices are including shipping and I can bundle the shaft and head if interested. 1) TM M6 9* Head w/ headcover. Played a handful of rounds and wasn’t for me. Clean face minus a few tee marks but otherwise mint. $old 2) Fubuki J 60XX. TM 2* tip and Lamkin grip with 3 rounds on it. Just over 44” Unsure of tipping. $80
  6. Thanks for checking out my post. shipping will be USPS Priority and prices include shipping costs. #1 Taylormade Spider Tour with the T sight line. Plays 35” and is in great shape. 5 rounds on it. $150 #2 Odyssey WHP #1. Mint condition. 34” Super stroke slim 3.0 with 2 rounds on it. $100
  7. I do X100 for my gap wedge and it works well
  8. All prices are PayPal’d and shipped 1) Graphite Design IZ 8x w/ Titleist Fairway adapter. Just under 42” tip to grip and tipped 1”. BCT core grip with 5 rounds on it.$150 2) TaylorMade M3 8.5 head only. Good condition with a few faint marks on the top line shown. $110 3) Odyssey Armlock putter 46”. JumboMax grip that has been used but is clean and still tacky. Great putter if you’re looking to dip your toes into armlock. $125
  9. It is small but makes the p 750/770 so clean looking
  10. It peels right off and is the same underneath. Here is my 750 3i stripped raw
  11. Price is shipped via USPS Priority Bought these from a fellow member for $26/dozen and they didn’t work for my game so I’m passing these classics along for the same price. 1) NIB Tour Platinum 5Dzn $old
  12. I’ve been using the 915f 7w and it was in your price range off eBay. It’s become one of my favorite clubs in the bag
  13. Are you available January 16th-18th for this event? YESCurrent driver setup? M3 Tensei PO 70TX / F8+ Diamana D+ 70xWhat excites you about the new TaylorMade SIM woods? The new tech is very interesting and driver is typically my weakest club in the bag so I’m always looking for something betterAre you willing to document your experience in the GolfWRX forum as well as on social media? Yes!
  14. Not sure why the pics are weird. If you need more, pm me your email and I can shoot some over. Thank you for looking
  15. I hope everyone had a happy new year! I had over 30 feedback on the old format, all positive. Price is Paypal’d and shipped via USPS Priority. 1) Tensei Pro Orange 70TX w/ TM 2* tip. Length shown in pics. Tipped .5” but is long enough to tip more if needed. $old
  16. Aldila Tour Blue 95 tx would be a great option and can be had on EBay for very cheap. I had one in my hybrid for a few years and loved it
  17. I’ve been using a 915 7w for 4 months now and am enjoying it a lot. It gets swapped in and out with a driving iron depending on how I’m feeling that day but lately it’s been a mainstay. I’ve found it a little more workable for me and it’s great for dogleg par 4’s where 3w or driver could go through
  18. Just a few shafts up this evening that need new homes. Shipped via usps within 48 hrs of payment. 1) Tensei Pro Orange 70TX with TM 2* tip and Lamkin REL grip. Tipped .5” and long enough for room to cut more if needed. $180 2) Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 8x. Tipped 1” $140
  19. Leather grips like best grips or gripmaster are great. Other than that, get a rosin bag from a sporting goods store and that helps a ton
  20. Don’t play there. If you want views of the city, Highland Park is short but great views and in good shape. Oxmoor Valley has 2 courses in good shape and Ross Bridge is as well but pricey. The best public track around is Ballantrae which is about 20 minutes outside the city and always in great shape
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