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  1. Tempted by P760 but seems they've been around a while and surely the replacement is in the pipeline? any news?
  2. I have a blank Accra FX370 Shaft I'd like to fit into a 3 wood - how much tip trim I cant find any details on Accra site?
  3. PXG probably is the closest. my reasons for the foam or hollow head is more for the forgiveness over anything else i can miss hit a p790 and still get great results however the club looks too bulky even blade length
  4. In my circle of guys I play with all around 5hcp and below all love the pluses and help shall we say you get from P790, Forgetec etc but we all struggle with the size of the head understand you may sacrifice a lot of the benefits of the tech but having a smaller head, forged but with foam and tungsten tech has to be the next step? id be sure there was a market for this?
  5. We've seen in recent years the emergence of lots of tech in the modern iron - I think PXG probably started it and TM followed suit but most brands now have a mid level iron with the foam filled and tungsten weighted technology.... Is it possible to put some of the technology into a true players iron - I myself love what P790, ForgedTec, MP20 HMB offer but the club head is simply too chunky and toppling heavy - surely there's a demand from low handicappers and pros for a more refined MB or blade with 'some' of this technology in??? Is any brand looking into such a product or offering one?
  6. Found wasn’t going crazy. Any news on release???
  7. Pretty sure when I was at the show I saw a Adicross Bounce 2??? Can’t find anything online but am sure I saw them?? Anyone got pics of the adicros section?? Shoes to bottom left of this pic covered?
  8. Ive bought a set of Seve 25th Anniversary Iron heads but apparently they are 0.335 - what are my options to shaft them? Is it possible to bore a set of irons head that are 0.335 to 0.355? Or how possible is it to find 0.335 iron shafts these days?
  9. Anyone shot or Bead blasted a Taylormade Hi-Toe? Would like to see what looks like - is it silver? Thanks
  10. Im sure in the past ive seen a excel sheet posted with all the release dates and times? this exist or a list for 2018?
  11. Tensei CK Pro Orange - 60 TX The TENSEI™ CK Series Pro Orange profile is a counter balanced low-launch, tip stiff profile. Low Spin, Low Launch - Same shaft as used by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods etc. Pro version not to be confused with stock version. Shaft immaculate no marks. (water drops in photos as was raining at time) Length: 43.5 Long inc Callaway adapter. Grip: Gold Pride Tour Velvet logo down. £185.00 gbp plus postage
  12. Brand New unused Tyson Lamb Limited Bridgeport Chisel neck putter with black shaft purchased from Tablerock! 34.5 inch length. Includes Milled grey head cover. Spec shown on shaft label photo. $POA ​Any questions message and ill try reply ASAP
  13. Refinish a lot of putters which often involves removing the shafts and refitting after the head has been refinished... Im only hobbyist so cant afford to spend a fortune. What is the best option in term of loft lie gauges etc to purchase to assemble Scotty Futuras etc with bend shafts back to correct loft and lie? Putter assembly jig? Handheld gauge? Alignement stand? Or ive been offered this:
  14. I can't get the screws in the back out - Ive tried Imperial and Metric - a 5/64 is too small and a 3/32 is too big too as is a metric 2mm Any help appreciated?
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