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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Cannot seem to decide which way to go, and wanted to hear the peoples feedback. Big Thanks
  2. Does anyone know if this sleeve works the same way as Titleist or TM when you loft down will it change the lie angle?
  3. Hello all, when changing the lofts using the cobra sleeve, does it flatten the lie when lofting down? Cannot seem to find that answer Big Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have 2 of the HL Tour Issue M2 16’s but wondering what difference there really is with the retail 2017 M2 your heads. Anyone have feedback or experience on both? TIA
  5. Anyone know if they are doing heroes pricing on gen4?
  6. Bump.....Anyone able to assist with this question?
  7. Question is in the subject.....stumbled upon one of these for sale. Is this the “small” version of the original SIM?
  8. Went to local PGA Superstore today and all they had were the demos. Is this true for others?
  9. Taylormade 2016 M2 Deepface. From the tee and fairway this thing is a beast!
  10. Ok so I need some help here. I guess all pxg irons use 370 tip? Can you use their special tip and get a 355 shaft to work too? I have the S Taper that was factory installed by them in my other pxg irons,and bought a single iron that has a different shaft. I can’t find and S taper that is 370 Thanks
  11. Does anyone know if you can custom order one from Wedgeworks? thanks
  12. Anyone know when these will hit a PGA Superstore? Some are saying Tuesday, but anyone have the actual details?
  13. Just wondering what everyone is shafting these clubs up with. I have an OG Blueboard 90X that goes maybe a tad too high in my 3HL. Love to hear what everyone else is doing.
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