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  1. Does anyone know if you can custom order one from Wedgeworks? thanks
  2. Anyone know when these will hit a PGA Superstore? Some are saying Tuesday, but anyone have the actual details?
  3. Just wondering what everyone is shafting these clubs up with. I have an OG Blueboard 90X that goes maybe a tad too high in my 3HL. Love to hear what everyone else is doing.
  4. Hey there, just curious what everyone’s experiences have been with these? Looks like there standard setting is flatter than other OEM’s. What was performance like, favorite model etc?
  5. Hey all, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. I have played the 54 M grind since the first Vokey TVD came out and loved them! With this years SM 8 that option is unfortunately not available. I use this wedge primarily for chip, pitch, and full shots. I live in TX and play on mostly firm conditions. I realize that I could stockpile older SM 6's or SM7's , but like the look of the SM8's. Just curious those that have ran into this what grind did you end up going with ,and were there any limitations coming from the M grind? Big Thanks
  6. Title says it all. Love the club, but it’s a tad too loud. Anyone had this done, or is it possible?
  7. In the market for a new Bushnell. Have an old V2 that finally gave out. Not really looking for one with Slope, just want something that is more up to date and doesnt break the bank. Thanks in advance
  8. Combo set looks like what I’m leaning towards! Thanks for all the input
  9. What’s everyone’s thought on these in terms of forgiveness? Is there that much of a difference?
  10. Hello all, looking at picking up a set of PXG’s 0311t or 0311p. I have been playing both 765’s/785’s the last few years. Just curious if anyone has come from those to move into PXG and what model?
  11. Yes, I guess that is the easy part
  12. Never done this before..... what are the pros and cons? What should I look for in an online instructor? What do I need to have to make this work. Anyone taken them from George Gankas or Dana Dahlquist? Thanks
  13. So I assume you need to send this into Taylormade to have this done?
  14. Just curious if anyone has tried this or is this even possible? Thanks
  15. Can you bend them from 3 degrees upright to 2 degree flat?
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