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  1. Looking at a new bag for 2021, looking at the above 3 mentioned bags. Don't know if anyone's compared or has any info. Or a diff reco? My list of desires are: I want a 15 way top, durable, good storage, a large cooler pocket on the front of my bag. A good ball pocket and range finder pocket on the front is huge (magnetic is a bonus) From my research these 3 seem to be the best. Thoughts? Currently have an older Sunmountain C130. I do love it however the cooler pocket being on the side is meh and small. Otherwise it'd great.
  2. T100 look so good I'd prob go t100 all the way through to 9i or pw.
  3. Thanks but you missed the entire part where I said I'm going for a fitting...and have recently been to one As for shafts it's likely going to be X100, Dg 120 x100 or Amt Tour White X100s. Currently game modus 125x.
  4. Do you find the mid grind versatile etc? If i went vokey I'd go 52F 56D 60M. In RTX I'd go 52Full 56? 60Low
  5. Topline and size I can get used too. Offset I cant. Makes me hook the ever living crap out of the ball.
  6. Chunky tons of offset not for me. I'm sure they're great but I don't seem to get along with ping stuff
  7. Thanks excellent advice. Kibda what I figured but suprised on the 921T comment. I found the p7mc not too bad and I did hit the 770 and was pleasantly suprised with them. I'd consider a blended set of 770 and 7mc and or even a 770 7mc 7mb combo. The t100 were just things of beauty to be honest too. Your srixon comments is what worries me. Always loved their irons but too much offset for my liking. Sorta suprised but not suprised on the 921T. I was never a huge fan of the 919t and 900t. Great irons but I never found them much more f
  8. I currently have TM wedges love em. Just wish they had better grinds. The standard grind is meh for a 56* and I don't need a LB when my 60 is a LB
  9. So I'm in the market for some new irons, I have a fitting coming up for the when fitters are allowed to re-open. I am currently a 9.7 index and was as low as 7.8 last season. I currently game Mizuno MP4s but am looking for something a touch more forgiving. I had a chance to hit a few irons pre lockdown at a fitting(fittings not allowed here in Canada atm) back in October but not everything was released. The front runners then were the T100 and P7MC. Obviously I am going to go with what fits me best but if anyone has had the opportunity to somehow try some of these etc and compare them
  10. Ok so 4 layers of buildup tape i should be able to? I don't use double sided as I blow these on.
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