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  1. My fitter ordered heads only, 425LST, two max fairways, Feb 5th. They were in monday the 22nd and I'll have them in hand next Monday. I won't speak to his delay, but still 3 wks isn't bad.
  2. Ever got one of the golf multi-tools? So, I'm going to ride around all day basically carrying a large, heavy swiss army knife in my pocket...but it has a spike cleaner, a ballmark tool, a cigar cutter, a tiny pair of scissors, a spike wrench...all the things you could possibly need on the golf course. Perhaps it would be less of a weird gift if I didn't receive 5 of them. All of which have neither seen my golf bag or the light of day. The cigar lighter with the pitch mark tool and a ball marker was useful...well, the lighter. Oh, and to the asshat th
  3. The first set I bought was pinemeadow, bertha knockoffs. They were good. For a poor college kid who wanted to learn. When I upgraded to i10s, I was shocked - well, not really - what I was missing out on. I also had two of the heads just pop off mid round too, but hey...it was like 175 bux for the whole set of irons.
  4. I know you're trying to get rid of stuff, but I have the matching putter for those warbird woods...just sayin'
  5. Yeah...note tongue in cheek humor...but seriously...everyone dislikes you. Nothing really bothers me on the course. It's my own zen...I just don't personally like any of that stuff. If I can't get over something, I just drink until I no longer care....or talk drunken trash about it.
  6. After watching my fitter try to bend Ping putters and clubs...I know why that notch is there. And it wont break..pings are damn near indestructible. But I digress....poker chip ball markers. Seriously. I don't know why it bothers me. Just does. Colored golf balls...hate em. And they clearly don't play as well other than the yellow ones from Titleist or the major brands. And I don't like those either. Plastic tees... Range balls...hell the range. And we have a nice range. s*** balls, but nice range. People who hit it fur
  7. Any updates on current conditions? Wild dunes. Dunes west, rivertowne, snee, natty, all in mtp side? Not venturing over to KI this time...staying wild dunes. And to OP don't miss out on Ocean Course...if you really want to play alot of golf, stay out there. If you want to party and have fun, stay in CHS, set up some tee times other places, play OC in the middle somewhere as a day trip. It's a walk only, so less boozy...lol. you can still party pretty hard in Kiawah, but get a house or condo...stuff closes somewhat early.
  8. In texas....haven't played in the last couple weeks....wtf was all that anyway, keep your s*** weather Wisconsin/MN/MI. But, I've probably got 10-15 rounds in this year anyway. Still currently using same equipment. So, technically still in...but the moment those shiny new clubs hit my doorstep, they're going in the bag.
  9. I even bought new headcovers for the woods....and I don't even have them yet... The horror! Also waiting for the new ping irons...if they are S/iBlade/i500 replacement...I'm in!
  10. I think I made it through 2020...well, survived a crap year, but my golf bag stayed the same. 2021, I already lost. Ordered g425, LST DR, 5wd max and 7 wd max...and refreshed my wedges. Don't even have them yet and I already lost. All same brand, shafts and style...but all new. I'll continue to live vicariously through 2020, which most of us would rather forget.
  11. I have. At a fitting. Crushed it, good numbers and results...but it lacks stability imo. It vibrates when you hit the ball. Can't explain it...not something I've felt in a while. Need a stiffer tip...giggitty...just not firm enough....phrasing. Liked the Ventus more, but the numbers were somgood with motore. Tried f3 50, 60 and 70. In dr, 3w, 7wd, respectively. Fitter claims the SW was heavier on the DR, which exaggerated it, but once I felt it, I couldn't let it go. Got one on the 7wd as a test, so once I get it,.I can add more info. Buuut, I think this was more about th
  12. Other... still rocking the Edels. Just ordered a second set actually.
  13. Don't know anything about the 410+, but 425 LST dropped my spin by about 300-500RPM, giving me a bit more distance. What was more interesting as I wasn't hitting well the day I fitted...."low toe" was the issue, and I was still sub 3000 rpm...I was getting away with it. It was a low bullet, but ball speed stayed up... But I'm pretty good off the tee, consistently hit mid face, it's forgiving 'enough' for good strikers. Imo of course. I think slightly more forgiving than 400 series, however I usually skip an iteration unless it's crazy good...or in the instance of G to G400, the
  14. I heard no i500 replacement, so gotta be iBlade or i210, right? No irons in 2021 other than G series? Say it ain't so... Weak... I'll keep firing what I got then. I'm pretty much the only person on the planet that can't hit i210s... S55? Money bags. 10s? Yup...count it. Hit the S way better though. I500? Artificially two clubs longer but money. All tried with same shafts too... never actually tried the iBlade tbh. Although I got ALL the 425's coming...they better hurry up. Just ordering heads...move move!
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