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  1. Out again...put the old i500 4iron back in the bag and considering the 7wd coming back as well... And I'm going to buy the i525...I know I will. And thanks @Fujikura Golf for releasing a new ventus TR, which I now also want...because the blue was close but not as good as what I have so I held off. Just go ahead and take my money. Ugh..."2022 is the bag is completely being redone challenge"...and I'm in. And winning....stupid WRX.
  2. I think cougar and osprey are worth it...but it's also worth it to play OC more than once. Stono pretty unique in the area...and you get discounted rates for staying and booking through Kiawah the condos aren't too bad priced and pretty well renovated. The replay rate I found to be really good, and you can get 36 in a day...hard to do when playing OC but doable... In May 2019 I played early AM cougar and got turtle in the afternoon. Think I paid maybe $75 for replay? Been a couple years....cassique would be a hookup but for 12? No...they quoted me nearly $700 all in as a single after paying caddie, unaccompanied guest rate AND for a pro to play with...they are pretty full from what I hear as well. COVID and reopening travel is going to drive costs up...but OC is worth it twice...such an amazing track . Play the others with replays and use that saved cash for round #2....
  3. Not sure I'd fully agree...more folks adding them to bags this season, still early yet. I love them...best irons since my S55. Reading reports of 7-14 day turns on i59. Got a buddy on week 15 for t300....shaft backorder. His fitter finally ate the cost of an upgrade to make it right and get a 2 week eta... Might have hit ping harder...but certainly didn't leave anyone else unscathed. Now to avoid the temptation of a whole set of i525...as I still have my i500 too! The blend of these two will be $$!!!! But can't just buy a couple, need the whole set, right amirite?
  4. 100% true now. Knits for summer x2, two pairs or majors, but the 2021 purchase and my now new faves....Lux Pro...wow. Just so comfortable, we easy to clean, etc...
  5. Probably got 10 rounds on them...I mostly wall. Faces are showing where I hit the ball most often, the rest of the clubs look great, only marks are from some lie adjustments. I never saw an issue with the i500 hydropearl, but some didn't like it. Still have those too, still look great.
  6. Out...put the new "duplicate" putter in play today. Took one day of rolling putts on my office practice green and I couldn't resist...translated to course too. Welp...might as well start.lookong at other stuff, nothing holding me back now!
  7. Nothing official, i.e. trackman numbers or anything but I have both. Same shafts...i59 are power spec though so, about a club "number" different. I59 might feel a bit better or muted sound wise? Spin seems pretty close, i59 I think slightly more forgiving. The forgiveness is really personal, depending on the kind of ballstriker you are IMO. Hit either poorly, the shot is a waste...they aren't really good for all over the face strikes but I feel like i59 you can wander a bit more, especially in longer irons. Similar bounce and sole profile, similar size. Ultimately, S55 is a unicorn and the i59 may be...but so expensive people aren't really checking them out as much. If I recall, the S55 were pretty high vs other offerings from ping...not anser level but up there.
  8. PING G425 LST 10* Fuji XLR8 51 PING G425 Max 5Wd 16.5* Fuji XLR8 61 PING G425 Max 7Wd 20* Fuji Motore F3 70 PING i500 3i KBS CTaper Lite 110 Stiff PING i59 4-PW KBS CTaper Lite 110 Stiff Edel 47* DVR/54* DVR/58* DVR KBS CTaper Lite 110 Stiff PING Vault Anser 2 I'm in. But will be out the day the i525 comes out, or when I put this 'exact duplicate' putter I got last week goes into play...because my other putter was thought lost on NYD...so I got a new one. They are the same and yet, somehow I want to play the new one anyway...it's like a major psych out... No chance for me this year, but with shipping delays and release delays, I might get into mid year or longer...
  9. Thanks for the info! Probably the right idea. I'll be walking until it gets hot...and that won't be too much longer. Can't do 90*+ and 75% humidity. Need an IV adapter for my push cart!
  10. Dang....that isn't ideal at all. No attempt to fix by stitch? Outside of warranty but never know. Wondering if I'll need a strap pad for when I ride, thought that was a great accessory that vessel was throwing out there. Might test before diving in...
  11. This. This is why I used a CC, but more importantly the fitter that I trusted from there. Didn't have that chance with a new set, I know my data so I just had them built at a local fitter...I had all the stuff, just paid them the build...already had a head turn. Took it in...yep. They are charging me again. Had to get them adjusted, loft/lie wasn't quite right...yep, they charge me. I expected that...because I didn't pay the fitter for the equipment and the build...not complaining, is what it is. I snapped a shaft in a wedge, dropped it off at CC, they called me when it was fixed...had a lie issue, they got me in, adjusted, moved on...sometimes you have to pay extra for the superior service. Sad that's the case in some instances, but I'm willing to pay up, to not have to deal with BS... Sad my fitter is now 1600 miles away, and I'm still thinking of taking my entire bag to him to redo everything so I KNOW it's right. Local shop is good, trusted etc...but this guy had built 3 sets for me, done three wedge sets, and for every driver I've had since 2016. Takes time to build that relationship. Glad you are enjoying your new sticks...keep us posted of that hncp drop...it's coming!
  12. Care to elaborate? I take pretty good care of my stuff. Actually just use a push cart and leave them at my club. Haven't had a bag for more than about 3 years anyway due to fading from sun and something always breaks. Seems like a good deal, couple hundy for 3+ yrs at a time.
  13. 40% off was def too much to pass up. Even if just a spare carry bag for travel/caddies/etc. We'll see if I can handle the lessened space. I was all excited about the cart bag...then it was really just a staff bag, that's too large. I've been happy with all gear I've gotten from them...hope this bag is as good as it looks....rare you get 40% off something unless a new model is coming out or there's just excess stock...oh well.
  14. I500 have done me well, but definitely require a good strike. More forgiving than I59, but workable like a players iron. Distance wise, loft for loft...about the same, get a little extra distance higher on the face when teed up. Spring effect...less spin, higher, further. Raised descent angle helps hold greens but don't think you'll be backing anything up... Never played the g425 truthfully, but most GI irons just fly high and straight. Not built for the high, low, cut, draw play most lower cappers tend to have in the bag. Whether used or not will be a long, uneccessary debate.
  15. So....how is everyone loading this bag? Thinking of getting 14 way (I'm very OCD) I walk alot with a pushcart, but do ride when it's hot...and it gets hot down here. Coming from pioneer for years...(unwalkable courses) I like woods on back row (farthest from the pockets up front),. Then irons, then wedges, then putter in the middle front well...all in descending order right to left... Judging by the looks of the dividers, this would work. But every picture I see is is the opposite. Woods up front with putter, irons/wedges filling out the back. Is this just standard how people who carry set it up? Or am literally the only person who sets it up like I do, and I've been missing something for all these years?
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