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  1. Bringing this back...I really hope this is happening. I'm completely down to redo the whole bag next year. 425, combo i501 (no idea the name) i59 or BP (maybe all three), sorry ping I like my wedges, new putter.
  2. Ping...wedge, especially lob. Mizuno....irons. Never found a set I like. But I don't think they make putters, but I suck at putting anyway. Callaway...woods. Crush them - into everything but the fairway. Taylormade...just not a fan. So, maybe driver. Although I loved my R9 and burner stuff. The white is what took me away. Titleist....any vokey. Hate. With passion. But, considering I would have had to have made this decision in a split second with a gun to my head, I would have cried, wet myself and said "I don't play gol
  3. Tour 360 SL has great grip. That diamond/X pattern really gets good grip. Also find Trues grip patter really good. My feet slide on occasion. It's my swing/follow through though not the grip. Rarely slip maybe 1 time every few rounds. Not related to wet/dry either. Usually it's more hard dry ground than wet. Although admittedly it doesn't rain much in N texas. Two months of deluge, then not a drop rest of the year.
  4. I suppose we'd get more 10yd claims if we HAD THE DRIVER HERE. Ping, you jerks. No, I'm sorry ping don't be mad. Just release my i59 and G420 (I'm getting mine custom renamed) and I'll buy. I promise. But if you could find it in your heart to HURRY THE EFF UP. I'm sorry, I didn't mean that either, just very emotional right now with COVID, other things AND THE FACT THAY EVERY OTHER MANUFACTURER HAS AT LEAST ONE RELEASE THIS YEAR (some more than one - looking at you Callaway). So..is it here yet? I just stepped away for a few minutes.
  5. Cobra, only major player. Edel, wishon small guys. Only ones I've heard of.
  6. Both pairs I have are true to size with my Adidas... although there are a couple styles of Adidas I wear a half size smaller - but both Trues have been identical in size (Major and Knit).
  7. My i500. The extra distance and bit of forgiveness (not much) made long irons a strength. Closed the gaps at the top of the bag, opened up more scoring clubs at the bottom.
  8. Don't think there now a shelf life per se. I would say it's more likely that our swings change a bit, or perhaps there is a degradation of strength of the shaft at the tip. Maybe. I don't have a scientific definition here, but I feel like after a certain # of years might make sense to get a new one. Or I just want to buy something new. If I get to fitting and there's nothing better than what I have - change the adapter and let's move. If there is, I'll keep the G400 as backup with current shaft and game the new one. So often I see people trot out a new driver and shaft combo t
  9. I liked the G400 LST's sound and feel better. I don't hit it any further than my G LST (so ungodly loud even with hot melt). Had the G400 for the full cycle, need to replace the shaft after 3 yrs anyway - I'm all for it, if it sounds good, looks good and gives me what I get today, take my money. Any improvement beyond and it's a huge victory. I'm no WRX'er, but when a product cycle is longer, AKA ping - you can play the life of the club (I play 100 rds a year, ish. After 2-3 yrs, I'll buy the new one. The new one every year/release, well is an addiction, so many have. ?
  10. Sea Island GA. Kiawah Island SC. Great weather. Lots of courses. Food - oh yeah. Hotties, plenty.
  11. Three pairs with the split of boost outside lead foot. 5 pairs before no issue. Been wearing boost for years. Hoping this year's model doesn't have the same issue. So comfortable though. All of them.
  12. I still don't see the feel issue. I10 to S55 to I500. S are softer, but a pure I500 sounds like a blade/feels like the S. Deep thud, slightly higher in pitch but good. Omg one thing though, I hate range balls. Sound and feel is horrid. So I get it, but for a non range rat, huge fan love the long irons especially. Will be waiting for these and blending a set for ( long irons only at worst) with BPs.
  13. You didn't change the ball...perhaps that's the issue causing all the club changes? ?
  14. Not to hijack - but I no longer have the signature option...can't redo it at all. Am I just straight missing it in the profile editor? ***NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT*** I'm a moron...but I also figured out the signature thing.
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