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  1. Haven't hit a 3wd well since that 2007 burner actually. Switched to 4wd, helped, but still...been through about 5 since that one. Only 3wd I could smoke off the deck. To this day can't hit even a 4wd off the deck as consistently, hell, my 6wd even...if it fits a gap and is consistent, stick with it.
  2. Hit the 7i fitting head with the Nippon 105s today. I like...alot. Would have to power spec or get a lower spin/launch shaft, but they feel amazing, and are pretty forgiving. Ball jumps off the face, feels exactly like BP or S55 to me...could feel much less "vibration" coming from i500 to these. Put i500 8i (not power spec) against the 7i (also not power spec. Flight really consistent, dispersion was great. High on the face is penal. Everything else, all good. I tend to hit just slightly out towards the toe and low on the face (negative angle of attack). Will get some #'s and decide. Won't be able to try them in my ctapers, but Nippon is close in launch/weight. Biggest question for me is to power spec or not...need to keep that clean gap at the top of my bag, plus need to bring them down. Few hundred RPM of spin loss+extra distance should make them really good. But how bad will the offset be? Offset is slightly noticable, and the blade looks smaller but side by side with the i500 8, really wasn't smaller...thinner top line, and looks smaller behind the ball? Sure... Told my pro today, they bring this alumicore to the I500 then it's a game changer. I will probably wait to see but these are beautiful.
  3. GP MCC +4, Midsize, two wraps. Easy to clean, glove hand has corded area, trail hand more soft rubber. The lowered taper makes me happy. On my second set of clubs with them. Replace less than I'd like to admit (not quite yearly) but, once every so often I'll clean them well. Also not as often as I'd like to admit, but again, they seem to hold up. I play close to 90 rounds a year.
  4. Cool story bro.. don't listen to these jerks....do what you need, want and like....we don't all need new clubs every week and we don't all hit it 320. With our 2i. Pings did used to be 'more' indestructible, i200 included. My s55 look better than my i500, probably same # of rounds, but they both still look good. I'm gonna take a look, but I no longer have access to all the shafts and combos...going to need to head back to my fitter. Locally, they just won't have the options I'm looking for. Would like to switch to graphite (c'mon kbs let me win one freaking contest), or just rebuild with my ctapers (without paying the upcharge again) both of which will require expertise I don't have with clubs this expensive. With all the tech and the weights and such, ping needs to build these for me, or my master fitter, who can order correct weight to build properly. Very sensitive to SW. But dayum, these are sexy. I think I have the game for them and miss the (like poster above) the more blade style short irons penetrating flight.
  5. I mean.... I did get some looks plying by myself one day, walking, listening to Slayer, but it was a to a reasonable volume. At the turn the midway ladies thought it was hilarious. Of course when they brought out my ordered items, I was listening to dead pres, also got some looks. This point is moot... honestly it's a culture thing. You club and membership is cool with it, or not. Your playing partners are cool with it, or not. Public's, you get what you pay for, it'll be a crap shoot. I find it to be enjoyable when I'm in the cart, around the cart but can usually not really hear it when I'm playing. Some of these folks here sound like they'd stop their swing if they heard a bird chirp, or a leave fall, or the wind blow. Golf is fun, and I listen to music sometimes when I play, sometimes in tourneys too. If I don't, I don't really mind it either. I also have some adult beverages...yep, in tourneys too. Not getting paid for golf...thus, I play for fun. Interesting how many pros practice with earbuds in...or how they ride in carts and play for fun sometimes.... Music or not...who cares, just don't be a ****head about it. Or play country music...or pop music...or sweet home alabammer. Oh, freebird also sucks. Most overplayed song in history. Other than stairway ...other Skynyrd is fine...other zeppelin is fine. And bama ruined sweet home for everyone, well excepting themselves. War eagle.. .stay thirsty my friends.
  6. 1. City and State? Mount pleasant, SC 2. Handicap? 4.3 3. Current irons? Ping I500 4. Current Iron Shafts? KBS Ctaper lite 110 stiff 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). 90G ? Open to suggestions? 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yep.
  7. I do nuke the i500 long irons. I can always be patient and see what the early spring offerings are and combo something. I'd the 525 rumors are true...other than S55 never hit a ping iron better than i500. Can't hit range balls with them, but on the course, feel good unless you miss.
  8. Sadly what I thought. Thanks for confirming. Not as excited now...that's pretty noticeable...hoping it's very progressive from wedge on up...
  9. Alot of offset there...assuming it's progressive... Would power spec increase offset even more? Do they just bend them to power spec? Asking for a friend....
  10. I searched this for a while. Loved the tour knit 360 but don't like spikes. I just took them out. I had hoped to find a little "nub" type spike or a flat one to at least fill the hole, but...no. Old school screw in soccer cleats had all different kinds including smaller flat ones. There were some smaller track cleats that would fit, but impossible to find in stock, etc etc. Easier to just buy spikeless. Tour 360 spikeless grip great if you like those. Gallivanters have a great "spikeless" tread. Trues are money...great grip and super comfortable. I no longer own a single pair of spikes.
  11. I have regular spec i500. Got the spin, for me at least, down slightly below "normal" but still reasonable. Higher peak height helps. I found the iblade to spin too much..so i59 probably my ticket... Or I just want new irons after 3 yrs!
  12. I repeat... .I hope my fitter gets these soon and/or my club gets one in the fitting cart. 3-PW please. My only issue is I want to move to graphite, so I can't just throw these ctapers in there. Also, I would like to check spin and launch. So gotta fit... Wonder if they will power spec them? Might help keep spin and launch in line for me. Iblades spun too much, i500 slightly low spin, but higher launch...i210 I just couldn't hit at all. S55 I could spin back a 5i on a good day...but they went so high.
  13. I59 not out yet. So...other than putter, I "will" have replaced every club but the putter... although it is the worst.club in my bag...so, not sure if I have a problem or some sort of other sick twisted problem in the mental arena...also considering going back to S55 before I get i59...so... Out for the 3rd or 4th time...
  14. I've waited long enough. Just started year 3 of i500....
  15. 5wd lofted down 1* in the flat setting. 3wd length shaft. Best of both worlds. The new ping max fairways are bombers...got the 7wd in flat, not delofted. Love it as well.
  16. If these bridge the gap between my S55 and my i500, I'm going to be giddy... Now the real wait begins....not the wait for delivery, the wait for availability to try...oh who am I kidding? I'm buying sight unseen.
  17. Once you get current, changing often isn't that essential. Usually 2 cycles for drivers and irons for me...but ping can sometimes make you wait much longer as their cycles are already long, plus recent sets they just didn't improve or haven't gotten around to replacing (S55/iBlade). Fittings and more specifically fiters are hit or miss. Now that I've learned about trackman, what the numbers mean, know what I feel and what that means...I can be confident a fit set will work. Also found a great fitter and have followed him around. He moved an hour and a half away and I still go to him. I also will be moving and I'll come back to him...free fittings make me happy. And he knows what I need. So, take time, don't buy on first take when you're new to it. Get a full bag fitting and split it over a two days. See if you are consistent between the days. I do believe anyone can benefit from a fitting, but new players or high cappers should find loft/lie/length first then find something that's fairly "stock" if possible. Imo of course. A newbie hitting exotic shafts makes me cringe. Maybe it works, maybe money isn't an issue. I've used the same shafts for 3 turns of drivers, 2 turns of woods and two full sets of irons plus wedges. Once you find the good ones, in my experience, hard to find another that outperforms unless you have significant swing changes. Which I avoid...I'm the opposite on the lessons debate. Wasn't ever a thing for me.
  18. I haven't found the wear to be bad. Initially they kind of start showing marks, then it blends and they look great. They are golf clubs, so hitting the ground is required...lol. This is 2.5 full seasons...or something. I got them the week they came out. I still dislike the range ball sound. But no issue with the prov on the course. Hit them solid, they feel good, sound good and perform beautifully. I don't get fliers. I've gotten away with some thin, or toe shots. But wear marks on face are pretty consistent to the middle. Still love...will buy the s**t out of the replacement.
  19. Me against the course and my own head. Quiet. If you don't want to talk/listen to music/etc., Don't. And while not "nature" per se...it is in my mind. Outside, fresh air, and the most meticulous grounds you'll find. Thinking man's game with peace and quiet. Any parent and/or hard worker can appreciate 3.5 hrs of peace with only one thing to focus on. Missing that next putt...
  20. I think Kiawah has what you are looking for. You can always do a night in Charleston, but will need a black car service. You can, stay in Charleston (not cheap) and venture out for golf at public's and take a day trip out to ocean. Might even squeeze in 36 if you get early time. I enjoyed my trips to KI. Drinks in the evenings at the clubhouses, can go out to some of the restaurants nearby. If golf is the goal...then 5 great courses nearby. Plus 3 privates if you can swing them, in Briars, cassique, River. You have stono (public)nearby as well. Hilton and MB aren't on the same planet as far as I'm concerned, after living in CHS for so long. Haven't been to pinehurst but I hear the same from those who go. These are golf meccas...nightlife is what you make of it, considering playing OC or #2 hungover isn't my idea of a good time. If you want to party...go to Vegas.
  21. Changed my putter grip. Does that count? If so I'm out for a 3rd time.
  22. Still crushing the i500. Hit them solid. Can flight. Can shape. Not too forgiving...but enough. Hit the center - solid. Only fliers is if you hit a high toe knuckler. That is kind of your fault if you do. Solid downward strikes, longer, straighter and higher than my S55. Feel is somewhat negligible with same shaft, and I notice. Hard to really explain it. Higher pitched thud...
  23. Glad I just replaced three with the old version...lol. But I haven't found a better set of wedges for my game ,TRP and DVR grinds...so flexible, so consistent.
  24. Great for full shots. All of mine, 47/54/58. Although I admit hitting a full 58 isn't usual for me. I prefer the lower knockdown 54 pitch. I will say I don't have wedge flex shafts, I use same as my irons. That immediately made me a better full shot player with my wedges.
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