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  1. I have run a 12* Bertha Mini followed by a x2Hot 19* Hybrid for 3 years. It has been a very accurate setup. As much as a I tried to put other clubs in out and around this has been the consistent foundation at the top of my bag. My fitter would keep telling me, you have a setup that works stop trying to "fix" it. When going to the local PGA stop (Travelers), I noticed a lesser known pro was running Driver/Hybrid at the top of his bag; River highlands is 6800 from the tips. I would imagine distance was not the issue of the day, just accuracy. I think if this is your most effective setup, go with it. It won't be as fun, but your scores will come down...but what's the fun in that!
  2. Hey gang, does anyone know where Nike's VPCs are forged? I've been thinking about putting them back in the bag until the other day I hit the new Cally X forged —which I heard are Endo forged— which feel amazing. I also remember the VPCs feeling better than any club I hit before I went to my Apex's. So was just wondering what light folks might be able to shed on this! Thanks!
  3. I play a Nippon 950FW X in my 12* BB Mini 1.5, it's a very controllable powerful shaft (you do loose a little feel when you ease up powerwise, but still excellent in many ways). I think it's fairly close to your criteria to warrant a look. Cheers!
  4. So...why are you selling your all time favorite lob wedge? (Sorry, I had to, lol)
  5. OBRO No trades please. Please PM for Paypal, info and details. Thanks! Callaway Apex 18* Aldila Tour Green ATX75H - 3.3 - S — $125 $100 (plus $5 if shipping to timbuk2) Got head from another WRXer, shaft professionally installed by a top notch fitter. Adams Pro Mini 16* Aldila Tour Green ATX85H - 2.5 - X — $SOLD BRAND NEW (removed shrink wrap, never hit)
  6. OBRO Please PM for Paypal, info and details. Thanks! Taylormade Tour Preferred EF 54* ATV Grind Wedge - $60 Shipped $50 (can bend if need be) KBS Wedge - Wedge Flex Shaft
  7. OBRO (add $5 west of Mississippi) ONLY TRADE: Cobra King Utility Please PM for Paypal info and details. Thanks! $SOLD Head & Shaft Combo Nike Vapor Flex 440 - $SOLD (comes w/ Original Head Cover & Tool) Acquired end of last year from another WRXer. Aside from a range ball which decided to leaveit's mark, club is an excellent shape. Shaft: Speeder PRO XLR8 71 X Flex - $SOLD Shaft measures: 43 7/8" Grip to Tip (Plays at Stock length 45.5") Nike Tip of course
  8. Boxed and Ready to Ship! OBO add $5 West of Mississippi Nippon Modus3 Tour120 TX, Z Cord Grips - $SOLD 4-Gap, Tips cleaned and prepped by a professional fitter. Mizuno STD length. 4iron shaft is X flex.
  9. Alright, gang. Callaway's are heading to Oklahoma, thx U! I'm pending on the UDIs. Interest in Srixons, but would like to send them off as a pair. I'm out of town tomorrow. I will followup with PMs on Friday. Gnight and cheers! and thxs for all the interest hopefully some new homes on Friday!
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