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  1. [quote name='Todd Bridges' timestamp='1422305035' post='10822505'] The Scotty does include the putter cover [/quote] I will take the Scotty; tried to send a PM but you're in box is full. Let me know your paypal address. best, Ian
  2. [quote name='Ohiosurf21' timestamp='1420419684' post='10686377'] How many grams is that shaft [/quote] 73 grams
  3. SLDR 430 with Matrix Black Tie 7M3 X-stiff. Has an R1 tip, compatible with SLDRs. Head is in great shape. $190 shipped in the US.
  4. Would love to play these wedges, I have been a Cleveland wedge guy my whole life: they are awesome!
  5. [b]ALUMINUM/RUNNING WHITE/LIGHT SCARLET size 9.5[/b] [b]Thanks![/b]
  6. I'd love to work on my impact position by using the Swingshot to frame it at impact.
  7. [list] [*]Handicap: 2 [*]Location:Seattle, WA [*]Reason why you should attend: I just don't believe that the pros are really lofting up to 12* - are they just using the 12* and cranking open the face to have an effective loft close to 10*? I would love to be proven wrong and smoke my R1 out of the bag! [*]Current driver set-up: R1 9* standard set up, Matrix Ozik Black Tie 7 x-flex [/list]
  8. i will take the kai'li with the r11 tip, pm sent. ian
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