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  1. Old Wayne yesterday; Trump Ferry Point and Bethpage Black on Thursday; Fiddler’s Elbow on Friday.
  2. Bounce decreases 1* for every 1* that club loft is strengthened (decreased).
  3. 150* F, duration unknown. Can likely call 3M and speak to their engineers to find out.
  4. I want to order a single iron just to see if I can develop the issue and then fix it.
  5. I have a boatload of new stock Ping G400/G410 shafts in varying flexes I will sell for cheaper than that! PM me.
  6. My i210s are being delivered 12/17/2020. 12 weeks exactly from order to delivery.
  7. Ping has this capability for a number of their iron models e.g. if when you lose an iron.
  8. I have some 1* all metal tour issue ones if you want
  9. No. I carry a 3-Wood and oftentimes a 5-Wood. Allows for eagle opportunities on 550y+ par 5s.
  10. I placed an order for my fourth set of i210s on 9/17 and I am still waiting on them (4-W; Project X Rifle 6.0). Expected ship date was 10/29/2020. PING’s current delay issues are both supply chain and workforce. At the onset of the pandemic, their AZ factory was shut down entirely. Shortly thereafter, they brought in a limited skeleton crew to handle club work (for clubs shipped to them for such), but not build new orders. Then more personnel returned and they got back to building new orders. Not certain where they are at right now, but I doubt operating at full capacity. The preceding is fact, not speculation.
  11. For the record no PING lawyers chased me down as respects the one PLD purchase that they thwarted and the other two that were successful.
  12. My non-all black Hoofers (just scored the NOS Vantage Michigan model off eBay):
  13. Yes, varies between Mid Slim 2.0, PP58, and PP58 Midsize.
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