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  1. are theses two shafts similar as they are both called out to be low launch, low spinning shafts project X green 60 6.5 to the Tensei PO 60 stiff. Also has anyone done an comparrison of the two. thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. I had been playing the 718 MB and 716 prior with PX6.0 and 1 deg. strong switched to the PXG gen2 T's in May. It Took me a month or so to get used to the thick top line but they look normal to me now. I loved my blades but I now love my PXG's a bit better. they have a great feel and are very consistent, great performer. I hung on to my blades thinking there was going to be a honeymoon period, but they will be on the BST soon as the honeymoon never ended. I have never regretted my purchase just know you will get unsolicited opinions of the product good and bad. Hope this helps
  3. Has anyone else heard the that rumor Big John is now part of the PXG troop. If this is true does anyone know what clubs / specs he is playing ?
  4. Have you givin the PXG woods a try ? your thoughts if you have please
  5. I finally got around to putting a tip and grip on my Synergy 75TX yesterday. put it in a 10.5* M4 , shaft playing at 44.5" [email protected] D4, tipped 1/2" took it out to the course today and put it in play. murdered it, what a smooth feeling shaft great, long penetrating ball flight, got some great roll out. couldn't be happier. i believe i,ve found a keeper. i'll update with some numbers from my GC when i get time to take it to the range. but definitely the real deal. Thanks Toll.
  6. Considering buying a swing weight scale. what are the most accurate mechanical and digital scales out there? where is the best place to purchase? Thanks in advance.
  7. if i were to shorten my iron shafts 1/2" to maintain the same lie angle would i have to adjust up or down? also by adding lead tape to head to heads to get swing weight back how will this effect flex?
  8. were they built by titleist ? whats the swing weight on these ?
  9. are those std. lofts or strong, what lie angle is brown. kbs x what weight are those serial numbers match?
  10. is anyone gaming I Blades with steel Fiber shafts ? if so how do you like them?
  11. 48 years young and last half of 2017 began getting tendonitis in left elbow area very painful. i play 716 mbs with px 6.0 I have been thinking of reshafting or replacing with mb18 or mp 18 with steel fiber i95 or i110 is anyone playing either with graphite ? did you go the same swing weight as steel ? any other comments or comparisons are appreciated. thanks in advance
  12. I've read in a few articles that Rickie Fowler plays his iron -1/2"
  13. mr cool

    917 D3

    i just picked up 917 D3 9.5, going to tip and grip my Synergy proto 75TX and weather permiting take it on a test drive this weekend i will be playing it at 44.5" hope the combo works well
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