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  1. I prefer the Apex for feel but the launch angle and spin rates are just right for me. The only reason why I didn’t go to Mizuno was I wanted break the Mizzy streak and do something radically different. I wouldn’t have a problem playing the MMC or 919T. It came down to the 919T vs i210 (very surprised to me because I don’t even like the looks of Pings but they work). The i210 has the tightest shot dispersion pattern and the Px LZ was a free custom shaft choice. My Apex came with the Px Rifles which is cool to hit both and get two different trajectorie
  2. Either of these two works for me.
  3. I demo the Cleveland and Srixon when I concluded with my Ping G410 Crossover. Srixon won on feel. Ping had the most iron gearing effect which is what I was looking for at the sacrifice of feel. Cleveland was behind on feel and distance but the cheapest of the bunch.
  4. The two manufacturing processes itself produces two uniquely physical characteristics under a microscope and NDE. I’m not going to get involved with the physical characteristics that you cannot see with the naked eye such as grain structures, porosity , hardness rating, fatigue and wear etc. My engineering degree qualifies my expert opinion. I play both cast and forged for different reasons.
  5. So if you design a wooden head with the same design profile as the forged wedge, do they both feel the same?
  6. I use to think anything less than 48* is not a PW. My Ping i210 [email protected]* does everything my Cally Apex [email protected]* can do. They both get to the same yardages in different ways via trajectory, spin rates, carry and roll out.
  7. I sorted thru this scenario recently with my Ping i210 and it’s frustrating when a modern 3 iron is now lofted at 19* which in my books is a 2 iron in disguised. I went with the set 3 iron to gap off the 4 iron on par 3s and it worked out well because the trajectory and yardage transitions seamlessly but, it’s my hardest club ironically because the 2 UDI has more technology and hence easier to hit. My UDI is 17* so no 5 wood for me. I understand a 2 UDI is a 5 wood replacement per the Pings website. Somebody asked about how often do you hit the 2 iron off the dec
  8. I like both the SW and LW for different reasons. I play a higher bounce SW with a sharp leading edge and a round leading edge in the LW which allows me to do many things from low spinners, pitches and super flops around the greens. Personally, I think 14 clubs is plenty so I carry the allowable in case I do need that one shot.
  9. I have never experienced a “flier” in my 20 years of playing, however, I have pured or nuked an iron shot that went 10 yards too far; to me that’s just bad luck because I don’t expect to hit the sweet spot or straight. The whole “distance” iron thing I don’t buy into because my forged irons are farther than my cast irons. How they get to the yardage are at different trajectories, spin rates, curvature and roll out.
  10. I use to be OCD on loft numbers but now disregard the whole numbering system because yardage gapping works for me. I rarely hit a a SW 54* and LW 54* full out; primarily for around the greens. I work my game from the green outward. I came from blades @49* for a PW and now on CB @45* PW, but both get to the same yardages in different ways albeit via different trajectories and spin rates regardless it’s a 3/4, 1/2 swing or pitch.
  11. Chuck905

    Srixon Z785 Irons

    It’s all personal. The Srixon has the v-sole design that can help some. Im currently on the Apex MB and i210. The Cally was the most satisfying feeling to me. Have played Mizzy 18MB and 900T.
  12. I jump back and forth with my i210 (LZ 6.0) and Apex MB (Rifles 6.0) both have different shafts which gives me a different visual and feel. I have no issues hitting either one. LZ compared to the DG120 S300 is a big difference to me. The LZ will have more ball speed, less spin, flatter trajectory mad half club longer vs the 120 S300. My personal experience.
  13. I jump back and forth with my ping i210 (2-PW) vs 2018 Callaway Apex MB (2-PW) and I shoot the same score. Both physical profiles fits what the OP assumes to be players irons with respects to size, sole width and offset for a CB vs blade debate, honestly, I like both iron sets for different reasons which is why I keep both sets. I like both because they have their merits and place. A lot of the assumptions are muted points when you strike ball first and have control.
  14. I’d recommend the Srixon if you can get pass the looks and take on the forgiveness. Im currently on the ping G410 crossover; I like the stinger flight but it’s not as good feeling nor forgiving as my Srixon.
  15. I think club selection and shot shape is the answer at that point. I’m sure you have stock yardages but how about stingers, punch shots etc? Shots that you can draw and knock spin off etc.... Blueprints are an ace irons by Ping. They are so true and surprisingly forgiving for the size.
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