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  1. Funny this thread popped up as I'm contemplating buying a set of irons from these exact three brands! I'm currently between Ben Hogan and New Level primarily. I think the Hogan clubs look absolutely beautiful across the board, but I'm worried they're not going to wear well and feel cheap rather quickly. Also, the New Level irons are all 1020 carbon steel which is going to be the softest heads you'll find on the market. I believe Srixon is the only other major manufacturer using 1020 right now, most others are using 1025 or firmer material. So getting beautiful, classic
  2. What would you rather look at on a leaderboard if you flicked on the TV: Player #1: -5 Player #2: -5 Player #3: -2 Player #4: E or Player #1: 127 Player #2: 127 Player #3: 125 Player #4: 123 The lowest number of strokes is obviously what literally "matters," but golf is a game at the end of the day, and a game without some sort of scoring or point system is boring.
  3. I don't understand why people are calling single length a "gimmick". How is playing your iron set at the same length any different from playing your irons +1" or -1/2", it's just the length of a golf club. What's "gimmicky" about changing a club's length? Also, he just won the US Open with this method. Can't get much better verification than that... I personally don't think anything that enables people to play better golf and shoot lower scores is a gimmick. I don't care if you have a full bag of single-length Square Strike wedges if it made you play good golf lol
  4. USPS Priority. They are usually the cheapest by a wide margin and still provide tracking. I haven't ever had an issue with lost or damaged packages. I used to use UPS a long time ago, but the prices for shipping larger items like golf clubs through UPS and FedEx has skyrocketed.
  5. I've gamed both DG X7 and PX 7.0 with success. Both are very smooth feeling, but also on the heavy side at 130-132g. I'm wondering if there's anything out there that matches that stiffness (or higher) but in like a 110-120g range? Thoughts anyone?
  6. I always ship out clubs in the boxes I receive other clubs in. If I don't have a dedicated golf box lying around, I go to my local fitter or golf store and ask for a spare box. Golf stores almost always have spare golf boxes lying around that they will otherwise throw away and so they're happy to give them to you. I would never ship a golf club in anything other than a dedicate box for golf clubs. It's easier, the dimensions are always correct, sometimes they come with certain protectors or foam pieces in there that hold the club safely in place.
  7. It's too bad TM is back-ordered on all their new stuff into November...
  8. C'mon people - how is it possible that on GolfWRX nobody wants a raw gap wedge with DGTI S400 and TV Cord grip... this is like the prototypical GolfWRX wedge lol
  9. I loved it because DeChambeau won it. He played a phenomenal final round and was the only player in the entire field who shot under par in the final round and the entire tournament. That's some pretty crazy stuff.
  10. Nothing about the game needs to change at all. What Bryson did today at the US Open was spectacular and showed off his talent. Bryson isn't the only long hitter in the game, but he's the only one that executed his game plan flawlessly and shot under par in the final round. There are numerous other "bomb and gouge" players that played horrendously and either missed the cut or finished 10+ strokes behind Bryson. So why do we need to change the game? Because Bryson's talent and flawless execution on Sunday in a Major made it look too "easy"? Well, it wasn't easy. He just played amazin
  11. LOL this thread aged like milk. Bryson is awesome for the game. People need to stop acting like golf needs to be played in such a one dimensional way. All the announcers talked about for years and years was how you have to be a phenomenal putter, then how you have to have a phenomenal short game, now it's how having phenomenal distance helps. The announcers will always jump on the bandwagon of whatever is hot and trending in golf. That's their job... The fact is that Bryson is doing things his own way and finding success. I can't see how it's anything but gr
  12. If you think hitting out of the rough takes the skill out of the game then you're wrong. Rough is one of the "hazards" of golf that requires a lot of skill and course management to know how the ball is going to react. To me, saying you don't want rough is the same as saying get rid of all the fairway bunkers or water hazards or something. It's so unfair someone could hit a perfect drive and get a bad bounce and end up in a fairway bunker with a bad lie, ugh! The beauty of golf is that we get a ton of different courses that all play in drastically different ways and require differen
  13. So funny, I was just about to make a post on this myself. I don't care if others think it's petty, his smacking while on the mic is one of the most irritating things to listen to. I watch golf mostly on my laptop with headphones and it's especially noticeable. Get the man some damn water PLEASE!
  14. He both played terribly and also really didn't seem to be enjoying himself at all.
  15. The Champions Tour was created back when the guys weren't making as much on the PGA Tour. They wanted a place to keep playing so they could stay "famous" and relevant and keep bringing in money. Nowadays, successful Pros will be sitting on tens of millions of dollars by the time they turn 50. There's no incentive really for any of these modern guys to play the Champions Tour unless they really dramatically change something about it.
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