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  1. Graphite Design Tour AD DI 95X Shaft w/ Titleist Adapter Tipped 0.5" per manufacturer recommendation Standard Titleist length (40.5") Grip: MCC+4 Align Grey Standard Price: *SOLD* --------------------
  2. Added photos of the head cover. With the A7 (7g) weight the putter head weighs right around 350-352g.
  3. Brand new Toulon Garage San Diego customized in a likeness of TW’s flat stick. Never used, will ship in Toulon box with the ball marker, repair tool, and plaque that it comes with. Length: 36” Lie: 68* Loft: Standard Finish: Tour Satin with Black and Dark Red paint fill Shaft: All black steel shaft Grip: Dark Red Larkin Deep Etch PRICE: $600 shipped OBO ———————————————— pin 6/12
  4. They're officially on the Odyssey website now to look at, not sure when purchasing will be available.
  5. This definitely seems bizarre but PING will fix it no problem. I still would be skeptical that this happened on the range and not from some other incident, lol. Sure he wasn't try to see how far he could hit that rock instead of a golf ball?
  6. The best golf I ever played in my life was before I knew a single thing about equipment. I can definitively say that my game has not improved whatsoever since I started club ho'ing... can't say my enjoyment for the game improved since then either.
  7. I was looking at the ZX7/ZX5 as well but Srixon irons are always so low spin for me for some reason. Makes me hesitant to play them.
  8. See I would describe that as a “soft” feeling iron, which is why I asked for clarification. Everyone has different perceptions of feel and what they like.
  9. I have never heard of anyone talk about toe hang on irons and wedges. That’s a new one for me.
  10. Lee Westwood plays i210 with two UW, one at 50* and the other at 53/54* and then has a specialist 60*. If it works for him then why couldn’t it work for you? It all depends on how you use your wedges. For me, I tend to only manipulate a lob wedge and the others are for square faced chips, pitches, and longer shots. So since that’s the case, I would pick up the UW and SW in the G425. I may manipulate the SW if I have a long bunker shot, but that’s such a rarity. The LW is where I might struggle because I’m not sure how the G425 handles the sole width and if there’s any grind to it.
  11. Does anyone know if PING actually bends them or casts the heads in a 2* weaker loft? Callaway, for instance, actually has separate heads that are cast/forged at 2* upright or flat and then they bend them further from there. Curious if PING does a similar thing so that offset or bounce doesn’t change with the loft change.
  12. When you say “dead”, what do you normally like in feel? Dead can mean different things to different people.
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