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  1. Maybe, but most likely they'll market the Rev33 in the same way as a P7TW - a "copy" of a Tour player's iron for an extreme upcharge. The equivalent would be Rev33 = P7TW and a new MIM blade = P7MB. Cobra though doesn't sell enough irons I'm sure to justify having two blades in the mix, so maybe we'll just see the Rev33. However, Rickie can't even seem to keep them in the bag more than a few tournaments. That's not exactly the best marketing or sales image for them.
  2. I’m hoping they do a refresh on their MB line but as a MIM blade iron. Cobra is so hush hush on their equipment though. It’s a shame, because even if there was a subtle leak of a new MB I’d hold off for it, but Cobra has a tight lid on any new products.
  3. The toe hang with the long neck is 25*. I can try to take a pic if I remember but on clock it'd be between like 3-4.
  4. Yes it is. It's actually a super nice head cover I have to say, very impressed with TM on this one.
  5. Brand new in plastic all around. Selling only because I couldn't decide between sight dot or sight line when I ordered and, now that I've got it in hand, I think prefer a sight line on top. I'd prefer to get what I paid out of it as this thing isn't used whatsoever. --------------------------------------------------- Taylormade MyTP Long-Neck Juno w/ Sight Dot and black paint fill - 35" - standard loft/lie PRICE: $325 $300 --------------------------------------------------- pin 1/15
  6. This just goes to show how little blades actually change through the years! My wild guess with absolutely zero reasoning: MP4 MP69 MP33
  7. Is it confirmed they are indeed hollow? Would be an odd choice considering what the Apex Pro has been in the past... these are also super slim it seems, so the hollow section would have to be pretty tiny. However, if there are in fact hollow, that would explain why the Tour guys are using a totally different version. Xander and Rahm have irons that look like an altered X Forged.
  8. I would pay an extra subscription fee to watch golf without any of the announcers talking, ever.
  9. Very interested in these irons. Some of the best iron shots I've consistently hit in a long, long time were with the X-Forged 18 (why did I get rid of them again?!). Anyone compare the new X Forged CB and the Cobra MIM King Tour irons? Seems like these two are right in the same bracket of "slightly" oversized players CB irons.
  10. Old thread I know, but I've used the older and newer generation of the shaft optimizer and it spits out the same results every time: #1 is KBS C-Taper 130X, #2 is DG X100, and I forget #3. I've used X100 on and off for a while and always get good results. I've never used C-Taper 130X because it always felt sort of heavy. I did an iron fitting ~6-months ago and my fitter has this tool that dynamically measured the shaft during the swing to see exactly how you're loading and unloading the shaft. It takes all the "feel" out of it and shows which shaft is the most consisten
  11. Interesting... I looked up the photos, and none of those three new Apex irons look anything like the ones spotted in Xander's bag or in the Jon Rahm video... wonder what those irons are then that they're playing?!
  12. To the same point, how many people would play significantly better with a set of GI/SGI irons but also don't ever try those? Whether it's a bad fitter or a golfer's ego, there's a lot that gets in the way of a player using what's truly best for their game, lol.
  13. You can look at whatever small sample size to fit your argument. You're only focusing on the current Top 30 in the world as the basis for your entire argument. I agree, 50/50 split on the absolute cream-of-the-crop players, but if you expand your sample size to a reasonable amount of players, that 50/50 ratio drops significantly. If you're going to go you're route, why even bother with the Top 30? Heck, #1 player in the world uses blades, therefore we should all use blades, right? But in ~2015, Jordan Spieth was #1 in the world using AP2, and Jon Rahm later was #1 in the world usi
  14. I would bet that no more than 25% of the entire PGA Tour, European Tour, and their subsequent "minor league" Tours play blade irons. I love blades, but it's a reality that even the best players in the world don't bother with them anymore. There are those that will say: "25% is a LOT, look how many Pro's still prefer blades!" or "75% of Pro's use something more forgiving, the majority of the best players in the world don't even play blades!" And the eternal argument of blades vs. anything else rages on.
  15. If you’re looking for an iron that has GI profile but with traditional lofts and offset similar to that of most blades or players irons, then you need look no further than the Ben Hogan Edge irons. I haven’t tried them personally, but have read tons of great reviews on them, and on paper they would be exactly what you are looking for.
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