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  1. Patrick Cantlay swapped putters to the 2-Ball with a SuperStroke grip... curious!
  2. I thought this was a fantastic Masters and an awesome winner. It cannot be stressed enough how much pressure Hideki must have had on him as he quite literally carried his world on his shoulders. There are over 126 million people who live in Japan alone, and I can guarantee almost every single one of them was glued to their television sets watching Hideki win. The pressure to become the first ever Japanese male Major champion, and at AGNC to boot, must have been absolutely enormous.
  3. Is there even an available jacket small enough for Zalatoris?
  4. Just as an FYI to everyone -- if you are not utilizing Masters.com or the Masters phone app to watch coverage, you are missing out on some incredible free content every year.
  5. I think with the distance discussion they just need to decide exactly what they want to do. Are they trying to make everyone hit it shorter for the sake of hitting it shorter, or are they trying to preserve golf courses? No matter what they do, the longest players will still be the longest players. Physical speed is speed no matter what club you’re swinging. But if they want to preserve golf courses, then we are strictly talking about distance off the tee. If that’s the case, the easiest solution is to impose some sort of new maximum length and loft rule. Bryson’s 340y drives would
  6. So far I thought Day 1 was a great round to watch. Super tough greens out there that embarrassed more than a few of the Pro’s but, hey, it’s a Major. I’m sure they vowed it would not feel like a November repeat and it certainly feels like a different tournament altogether. This is the first Masters I’ve seen in a while that doesn’t quite feel like iconic Augusta National. It’s like a Masters with a bit of a temper and a chip on its shoulder.
  7. Yikes, that’s incredibly harsh. This is by no means a Patrick Reed situation yet he still get a 2 stroke penalty...
  8. I've noticed the incredibly bare Toulon inventory as of late and, in my opinion, one of two things is happening. Either Toulon is getting ready to release their 3rd-generation style of putters or Odyssey is getting ready to discontinue the Toulon line altogether. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter either. It seems to me that a lot more of even their Tour staff play other Odyssey models outside of the Toulon range.
  9. Been watching Live From the Masters today and I really like hearing what David Duval has to say about the players and the game. He seems to really cut through a lot of the crap and fluff that Aaron Oberholser and other announcers get on about. Not saying those other guys don't say some good stuff (although Aaron really likes to talk about his golfing career), but I'm starting to wish Duval got more airtime compared to these other guys.
  10. JT has already won 14 times on Tour?! Dang... I feel like JT is both in the spotlight and flies under the radar at the same time... It all depends on whether or not Spieth has another 4-year hiatus from winning. Think about it, it took 4 years of Spieth not winning anything for JT to catch up enough to even have this conversation. I think Spieth is less "mechanically sound" in his swing, but man he finds a way to get it done on the biggest stages. If Spieth can straighten his driving out a little bit he'll be back to winning multiple times a year no doubt.
  11. One reason I like my new Apex MB 21’s, they made this rendition of the iron super boxy.
  12. Not so sure about that, if you look in Phil's bag photos these Tour models look chunkier to my eye with an incredibly wide sole. Also, the retail utilities have right around 2mm of offset which is less than even their Apex MB. Not sure how much less offset you can get.
  13. I have mine on order with a Ventus 10TX, can't wait. I personally think the retail model looks way better than this Tour model, which is also why it's surprising to see it in the bag. It obviously achieves something that these Tour guys want.
  14. So bizarre... like I said, it's normal by now that we see clubs with slight modifications, but rare that a club all the Pro's use is a completely different club from retail...
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