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  1. Clearing out the closet. $30 each. All have been worn 2-3 times MAX. No stains, smells or imperfections. 1st photo - SOLD 2nd photo - SOLD 3rd photo - zonal cooling sz Large I have a bunch more that I will post once these sell. Feel free to reach out with questions or if you want to see more photos. Thanks! Jeremy
  2. 4 iron is the 919 forged Tour AD95X driving iron shaft 5-PW 919 tour, 5 iron one degree strong, c taper 120 hard stepped x1. Please refer to pics for condition. Have Ctaper shaft for 4 iron if preferred, would take $50 off of asking price without AD shaft in 4i. $700 OBO! Shipped! [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/lc/20c55gxqkxks.jpg "")
  3. Up for sale today, some extras that haven’t made it into my rotation in a while or ever. Shirts $30 each + shipping Half Zips $35 each Nike flex woven Cargo Khaki pants (last season) Sold Nike Flex Slim Pants clay green (current season) Sold Nike Dri-fit knit polos - Palm green - Sold - Max orange - Sold Nike Dri-Fit Knit half zips - Palm Green Sold - Max orange Sold - Black M Nike Woven Half zip Photo Blue Sold Nike Aeroreact half zip Black Sold
  4. Had to remove hats since I was over the 10 item limit. Whoops! They’ll have to wait for another time. Have some LCV2’s to go when this ad is done too.
  5. Up for sale today, some extras that haven’t made it into my rotation in a while or ever. Willing to make a sweet deal for everything! Hats $10 each + shipping Shirts $30 each + shipping Half Zips $35 each Pants $40 each Aerobill adjustable hat - blue NWOT “Nike Golf” Flat bill adjustable strap back - NWOT Nike flex woven Cargo Khaki pants (last season) 32x32 NWT Nike Flex Slim Pants clay green (current season) 32x32 worn once Nike Dri-fit knit polos - Palm green - modern fit M N w/o tags - Max orange - Standard fit L Nike Dri-Fit Knit half zips - Palm Green Medium - Ma
  6. According to google, top is high trajectory, bottom says low trajectory. Left side is draw, right side is fade. Launch and spin rates. Bottom right with be low/low and top left will be high/high.
  7. One item Up for sale today. These are prior generation before the flex was added to the silkscreen label. Silk screens are in mint condition. Shafts are in great shape, straight as an arrow, no blemishes. 5 iron played to 38.5 in a set of VR Pro Blades. Please ask if there are any questions. $100 shipped
  8. So you’re talking about butt trimming, yeah? With the intent and end result being shorter finished lengths in the longer clubs will make it so I won’t need the extensions? What do you think contributes to making irons easier to play?
  9. I'm a bit confused on why shafts that were softstepped had shaft extensions in the butt end. In softstepping, you would put a 3i shaft into a 4i, and a 4i shaft into a 5i. Then, you butt-trim to length. You put the longer iron shaft into the shorter numbered iron head, thus increasing the length of the flexible tip area of shaft. This softens the shaft by 1/3 flex and increases the launch angle of that club. Yeah, it was definitely a strange discovery. First clue was when I noticed the steps weren’t consistent transitioning from 6i to the 5. The extensions were a head scratcher, usually I
  10. Yeah, I’m positive. Only the 4 and 5 iron are stepped. Nippon prints the shaft info on the butt end including the uncut length and production date. It’s not an uncommon thing to do with this particular shaft, as some guys have trouble getting the long irons airborne. Anyway, sending back is too much of a hassle, price wasn’t bad either.
  11. Okay, so long story short. I bought a set of pulls, cut old grips off and the 4 & 5 iron shafts were soft stepped with extensions, rest of the set is std, no extensions or anything. The shafts are modus 130’s My question is, if I tip trim 1/2” and add new butt extensions will they play close to the standard flex? I’ve mached them up and the steps match perfectly with a std 4 & 5 iron shaft I have in another set. All signs point to yes, but before I do the work I wanted to get some input. Thank you in advance!
  12. There’s some new color ways in the momentum bc at golfposer...at least I think I recall seeing a rush pink over there a few days ago. As of today I saw a couple TW blade collars coming. Very happy to see them to say the least.
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