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  1. Does anyone know who the maker is for the Team USA covers?
  2. How does the TBC mallet fit...loose or snug? I was looking at one myself as an alternative to the SC Velcro cover. andy
  3. Mine has been in Tenn. for almost two days. Hopefully, it shows up in the next day or two.
  4. Anyone who ordered a custom Juno/Soto receive tracking info yet?
  5. Cancel your order with Fairway Golf. I did, then ordered through Golfdom. Balls have shipped and I will have them by Friday. You cannot beat the customer service from Golfdom. Dan will get in touch and keep you updated through the ordering/shipping process. Top notch golf store in my opinion. For what it’s worth, Fairway was telling me 3-4 weeks until they would get a shipment.
  6. Does anyone know if Titleist is restocking with future shipments or is there only one shipment (limited release) to each account?
  7. Will these ship direct from Titleist? I ordered a few dozen last night from Fairway Golf.
  8. Received the same email and I put my order in 3/3. 5-7 Days to 3-4 Weeks is a big gap in my opinion.
  9. Wouldn’t it be 30 year anniversary? The 20 year anniversary putters were talked about in late 2008 per PutterTalk. Plus, they would be done for 2019 since DH89 started in 1989.
  10. I agree, but waiting another two months or more for a new putter isn’t what I really want to do. I was planning on having the putter used for my son’s newborn photo shoot, who is due any day now, since it has his and my first born’s initials stamped on the bumpers.
  11. Stamped a K when it should have been an A. Debated on keeping it as is, but started to bother me the more I thought I about it.
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