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  1. I just have a quick question. Maybe someone out there has some older trimming instructions for Grafalloy graphite iron shafts. I picked up a Grafalloy Lady Classic graphite shaft. Tip is .370. I do not have tip trimming instructions for this shaft. I need to put it into a client's 6 iron. Does anyone out there have this information?! Ball park tip trimming instructions would be helpful. I have tried to contact Grafalloy, but have not heard back yet. I need to get this little project done sooner, rather than later. I await your responses, or direction to this information on
  2. Reshafted a TaylorMade M4 Fairway for a client. Original shaft was an Atmos Red 6 S (stock TM) and I was able to only find an Atmos Orange 6 S (also stock TM). My question is, this client sheared the first head off at the neck, between the hosel and the ferrule for the first one. I bored it out, and installed the Atmos Orange shaft in its place. My client took out the club and played two rounds with it and it snapped again in the exact same place. So, my question is.... What is going on here? I prepped the shaft correctly, I cleaned out the hosel correctly, and I didn't use a lot of epo
  3. Hello- I am looking for information.... What is the BEST online tee time reservation/payment software, or program, out there available today? Our course has been pencil and paper for years, and with COVID-19, the time has come to move into the 21st century. I know of TeeWire and TeeSnap, but are there any others out there? Are there any Golf Professionals, or GM's out there on this site who can help with figuring out, or getting information on which one works the best with a PUBLIC facility? (We have memberships, as well as green fee play.) If there is a program out there for Private fa
  4. All- I am curious to know if anyone could tell me which States in the USA are currently open to play golf, and which ones are closed, due to Governor's Executive Orders, or WERE previously open and are now closed? Currently, Minnesota is closed to play, although our governing golf associations are working very hard to try to get our courses open to play, with best practices being used to make sure things are done correctly. That being said, I have heard through the grapevine that some States, which were previously open to allowing golf to be played, have now CLOSED their courses, because o
  5. Well, I don't know where that note might have come from, since I think our MN Section Board and Staff would have told us so. So far, no new news that I know of.
  6. Kev- Unless I am completely off-base, Emergency Executive Order 20-04 from our MN State Governor in a sense did. (Section 1, paragraph g.) Anyway, the MN Section, MGA, GCSAA, Owners Association, and the like, are working hard to get clarification on this, since line g states.... "Country Clubs, golf clubs, boating or yacht clubs, sports or athletic clubs, and dining clubs." This runs through March 27th at 5:00pm. So far, no new news on movement to get it clarified. I believe some are still trying to remain open, if they were already open. That being said, the weather for the next couple
  7. Anyone (more-so golf professionals and/or owners) out there who have a Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy set of Rules they have posted, or will have posted, once the courses get open again? I have one started, but I would like to make sure I am not missing anything, or can have some ideas I may not be thinking of once we can play again. You can PM me. Thanks in advance!! Stay prudent. Stay safe! Wash your hands!!
  8. I have no snow. (South East corner) Basically my area is "The Miami of MN". LOL!! I could've been open already, if not for this.
  9. Thanks for the replies and keep them coming. In Minnesota, our Governor put forth an Exec. Order that in part closed our golf courses in the state, basically keeping those who did not open closed, and supposed to close the ones who have already opened. There are some who are defying the Exec Order, and others who are allowing play with minimal contact, perhaps one cart per person instead of two riders, having patrons swipe their own cards, having online paying of green fees and having someone meet them outside with a receipt, lots of different things. Problem is, there are 1000 points of co
  10. [MOD EDIT] Keep responses golf related and on topic. No politics, Coronavirus discussions, ... Otherwise, we will be force to shut this down. Hey all in WRX land! I am a PGA Professional at a 9-Hole municipal golf course in MN. With everything that has been developing, basically at light speed, for this COVID-19 pandemic, it is very difficult to get any good/real information. Since a lot of you are probably self isolating due to the pandemic, you probably have some time to help me out! I am doing some very informal research for my Board of Directors on what is going on out in the world
  11. One swing, with that tiny image, is a bit hard to catch some things, but from what I can see from that angle you should just not be ridiculously hard on your self and go work on your short game twice as hard as you did on your full swing. Short game is where it is at and covers a lot of sins. Even the top tour players do not hit it perfect all the time and their short games cover their mistakes. Work on 100 yds and in as hard as you can. Just my .02.
  12. I hope someone has an answer, or possible, this could be an opportunity to put out some information regarding The PGA Champion's Tour. With the amount of "high profile" players who are going to be making the move in the next few years from the PGA Tour to PGA Tour Champions (or what ever the name is this year), it would be interesting to see their progressions over the years of shafts, clubs, etc... I also think it would be good to have something like this regarding the LPGA Tour, as well. Maybe I am just a one-off club junkie, but it is always interesting to see what EVERYONE is playing, n
  13. Hey all! Anyone out there know the bag set ups (heads, shafts, models, and flexes) of what is currently in the golf bags of Bernhard Langer and also Fred Couples these days? They are doing some damage on the Champion's Tour this year so far, even though only Langer has won recently, both are up there each week! Just wondering if they are still using the same (roughly) stuff they have for the past few years, or if there is new stuff in the bags. Just curious, and think others might be too. (I also thought I red that Freddie went to the RXS ball instead of the XS from Bridgestone. This right
  14. What did you soak them in to get rid of the BLACK finish? What chemicals do I need to strip the finish of these wedges?
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