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  1. I've toyed with it. My take is the through stroke is a completely different feeling than looking at the ball. Also, I can set the putter down just about anywhere and focus on hole or line and my eyes control the putter face. Just can't just it.
  2. It's exercise now, meeting new people and making friends.
  3. Get into a friendly money game from the red tees and that will get your juices going.
  4. Separate left shoulder from chin in D for D video has been mine for years which I think is your #1. I'm also a perfectionist but there's no perfect in golf except 1-5 shots per round. Remember the good shots only, know how far you fly your irons within 10 yds. left or right doesn't matter if you can pitch and chip which is my problem currently. Enjoy your playing partners and tell them nice shot. Enjoyed your last paragraph except the golf and fun part. I know you didn't mean it because you sound like me and I'm 22 in front of you. Enjoy and have fun the next 22.
  5. Don't know how old you are. I'm 72, you sound like a clone to me. So have fun and enjoy the journey.
  6. No, you could be right. Forces going in all different directions and how you fit that feel is different for everybody.
  7. Monte said you could do anything, horrible drill he says. Maybe dropping right shoulder or incorrect hand path, pressure not on front foot, early extension.
  8. It's a feel for me. Like hitting a bunker shot club head 2-4 inches inside and behind ball. It's the wait, wait, wait that kills me. Sledge hammer drill and vertical unhinging gets the club shallow and in position to sweep. Your not really hitting the ground way behind the ball because your getting back into flexion and moving left. Sad part we were in a scramble with 263 to pin on par five. Five guys in our group, hit the best 3 wood of my life left with 13yd. chip/pitch. None of us could get the ball inside 10ft. Sad.
  9. I agree, my feel is slamming the club head inside and behind the ball like Jake Hutt 3 wood drills, but it's a timing issue. Shoulders square when you hammer the club down then sweep the dirt. I hit a 3 wood today 250 yds. and I only hit my driver 210-230. It happens probably faster than you can blink. Your getting to your left side and at the same time trying to slam the club head inside and way behind the ball. Big time foreign move to me. But I did it and I'm 72 yrs. old.
  10. Should be less because your moving your arms and body together.
  11. I'm 72 and a mid-capper and I found if you get that vertical hinge right with the broom bristles flat behind the ball without opening the shoulders then send that plastic bottle as far as you want.
  12. I may be off base but I'll quote Monte, Some.
  13. Plastic bottle drill. Vertical hinge will bring your shoulders back to square or closed as Monte says with flexion. Broom bristles all flat and behind bottle. It's the wait, wait, wait to that point that 99.9 % of us fail doing a full speed swing.
  14. Yup, saw it tried it but just didn't click. It's identical but it's not the broom. All you novices who want to improve buy the video and just do the plastic bottle drill. Vertical hinge is huge and that's what Jake was doing. With a golf club no bueno with a broom bueno. Getting broom on the ground behind the plastic bottle will be foreign to you all because of the vertical hinge. Best 19.99 you'll ever spend.
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