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  1. If you want to gain some flex in the DS and eliminate your slide I use as a thought right femur down which pulls your right elbow forward to right hip then rotate. My problem may be I stay in flexion when I do this too long. Who knows? But I bet Monte does.
  2. Right femur down and regain flex during downswing.
  3. Stop your video face on view when shaft is parallel with ground in DS. Your shoulder is still pinned to your chin. Watch and do Monte's Plane and Release by feel. One of his best to understand the basics. Try swinging the club off your knees too for the feel returning the club back to the ball. You might fall over with your current swing.
  4. If your only intent in the DS is immediately separate your left shoulder from your chin this should stop you diving at the ball. Probably not the root cause but should help.
  5. Is it different for everyone once the tailbone rotates toward the target then back to square when does the tailbone move away from the target? I'm guessing it's different for everyone.
  6. Martin Chuck commented today that George Archer looked only at tag on putter shaft instead of ball to get rid of hit impulse. Who knows, but he was a great putter at 6'5 inches tall.
  7. If your right handed press your right thumb nail into the grip. Thumb should be bent and use the first joint of thumb to control club face. I heard Byron Nelson used this and it worked for him.
  8. GLK, What are your thoughts of Jake's transition throw the club head away from the ball and how it brings the shaft down to parallel with the ground? No yanking the handle. Is this the conserve, conserve the energy Nail it is talking about then rotate?
  9. I miss Nail it posts. I sent him a PM cause i was intrigued on what he was saying but hasn't replied yet. I'm starting my 59th yr. of hitting that little white ball and i hope we can all agree golf is hard. The problem is we as humans can not comprehend what's being heard or read. I remember an old video of Brendon DeVore with Monte and Brendon says Oh, i got it, i got it. Swoosh, no you don,t. I think Jake Hutt videos of throw the head away to start the DS and how the arms work in a golf swing are eye openers for an old fart like me and parallel what Nail it was trying to say but we as human
  10. Watched some of this last night and i will preface it with i was drinking tequila. I thought i saw him finish his BS and his first move during transition his right shoulder looked like it moved very slightly back to the right almost like an additional cocking or another gear or timing mechanism. Made me think of Monte giving a pitching drill to Brendon where he told him to finish his BS and initiate the DS by moving the club backwards which i couldn't wrap my head around. Could be camera angles but anyway Carson Daly did a great job and i knew Tiger was great but holy cow after watching the sh
  11. My son took me to Pebble Beach last September for my 70th bday. The night before playing Spyglass i was sitting in the restaurant with my Manhattan and this guy walks in and says something with a graveling voice and i turn around and it was Monte. My son flew him in and put him up at Pebble for a playing lesson. After 9 holes i shot 39 probably 6 shots better than average. After watching me for 9 holes he says DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR SWING OR NOT??? After a long pause my brain swirling i think tears in my eyes i said yes. He said do this and showed me how to move my body in the BS. Simply p
  12. Doesn't Monte's Plane and release by feel verify the 18 degree adduction angle of the left arm?
  13. Rhythm and tempo look much smoother/better than first video. Ball flight wise is the distance the same?
  14. > @wmblake2000 said: > > @PowderedToastMan said: > > > @wmblake2000 said: > > > > @PowderedToastMan said: > > > > > @wmblake2000 said: > > > > > The thing that's got to be hard is Monte plays almost no competitive golf except for the big things - and you have to kinda get used to a bigger stage so that it doesn't feel so big. In my mind, this event for him is almost like practicing to compete on a big stage. Would love for him to come out of it even more optimistic about the next time. It has always seemed to me that learning
  15. I've used this in the past. Got it from Monte's D for D video. Separate left shoulder from chin to initiate DS.
  16. Your RT hand and elbow way out of position. RT hand should look like a waiter carrying a tray to your table at top of BS. How you get there without screwing something else up is with lessons with a trained eye.
  17. I took a 3 day lesson from Dan last month and showed up with a 45 degree shoulder turn and 10 degree path left. He showed me what i need to do and i have my 8.5 inch dodge ball to improve my shoulder turn. I also tape recorded my 3 days which i strongly recommend. I continue to listen to the tapes and one thing he said when making changes still sticks with me. He said something like there is no perfect just less bad. From a perfectionist point of view this really helped me.
  18. Wish George Carlin was still alive. Two of his quotes. "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." "Some people have no idea what they're doing, and a lot of them are really good at it." It's cold i'm bored and i want to hit some balls."
  19. Put an alignment stick in the ground and watch Monte's Plane and Release by feel. Try to clip top of stick SLOWLY and increasing speed when you get the feel. You do nothing except trying to swing level to clip top of stick. Listen to his video and you will pick up some golden nuggets especially for you i think in transition your upper body goes first instead of pressure shift to left foot and arms extend level to the stick and keeping your upper body back till the club gets to the stick. There's two video's watch them 100 times till a light bulb goes on or you have an aha moment.
  20. I have tried Monte's Zipper away drill and after hitting balls today and your comment, when i bump my hips at address i felt i'm in Monte's drill now of moving the tailbone around 10:30. My BS seems more in synch and able to rotate the RT hip immediately back. Could not do this without bumping hips. Feels like i'm sitting into my left cheek.
  21. Is this almost universal in golf to address the ball? If so should i feel pressure on outside of left foot and heel? This dramatically changes my takeaway which i've been fighting for 57 yrs. What i like is how the inside of right leg angles in towards the ball but pressure on left foot feels more than 55 45. Should that feel of left foot be on outside of left foot and heel? Thoughts appreciated.
  22. Any merit to hitting balls above your feet? Does this help with the Back swing plane? Does this help the hands getting out and forward in the down swing? Visualizing the ball on a slope above you, or is this just another rabbit hole?
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