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  1. Two tz5 m4 95g shafts for sale. Ping g410 tips and new mcc +4 midsize grips. $100 each $175 for both
  2. Ended up getting two of these so just selling the extra. Brand new in package looking for $old
  3. Putting is one of the strengths of my game and the days it’s off really hurts my scores. I’ve always lined up my ball on my start line, one so I can just worry about speed and 2 so I can see if I misread the putt or hit it off line. As of late I feel like I just can’t get my ball loned up properly in a timely manner which has lead to not using the line. My putting has tanked tremendously but when I play by myself and take my time to line up the ball my putting is back to normal. Do you have any tips or practice ideas to line up the ball on intended line quickly? Different markings on the ball?
  4. Titleist 716 tm-b 4-Pw heads only stock lie and loft, $Old Taylormade gapr mid 21* with tensei pro orange 80s. 1/4” short and lead tape added to get it to d3 and comes with matching headcover- $old Callaway super hybrid with tensei pro orange 80s. Stock length and comes with matching headcover- $old
  5. Going down to Long Island for a long weekend at the end of the month. Looking to play bethpage black at least once and I’m thinking red and blue. How do the other bethpage courses compare conditions wise? Any other courses within 25 miles that are a must play? We will be close to the Eisenhower courses, are those worth playing?
  6. I wear 10.5 adidas and Nike, I wear 9.5 in fj
  7. I might give one a shot just to see what it’s like I have no shop around that carry em. I forward press a decent amount already so it’s probably not needed
  8. Anyone try the press grip on a non-lab putter? Bored and slow winter months are making me want to try the experiment
  9. Love this putter but the ho in me found a new one. Betti BB0 Fly mill face with COA. Currently has stability shaft with mid size ping cord grip playing at 34.5”. Still have the stock Bettinardi shaft with a lamkin cord grip that plays 34.25” with an extension. Will ship with generic cover for protection. looking to get $850 with stability shaft $745 with stock shaft $700 head only no trades
  10. They definitely make nice putters I had a Duke for a little bit but it had a big ding on the top line and it drove me nuts haha
  11. I had a 006 for a little bit. Loved the feel and finish on it definitely are amazing putters. I too couldn’t get used to the heavy head but I was coming from a 338g head so it was a big jump for me
  12. That Betti is insane! If it wasn’t fit Face I’d take it
  13. this winter I’ve really focused on trying to get a better roll of the ball. My miss is typically a pull so when I don’t hit my lines I focus on keeping the putter low on the way back but after seeing a slow mo video of my contact, I hit the ball very high on the face. I don’t get terrible results but I feel like my initial roll isn’t ideal. I make much better contact with hovering but I really don’t like the feel of it. Any drills to help bring contact lower on the face? I’ve watched a lot of potters putting tips on Instagram and he really emphasizes a low take away but it seems that it keeps
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