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  1. First sale so hang with me getting the photos set up right. Nothing fancy here, just random stuff that didn't make its way into my bag. Everything OBO, no real trade interests except a 52 and 48/46 T7. Add $5 to go west of the Mississippi (border states are probably fine) All grips midsize and all clubs have headcovers Item #1 - Ping i25 8.5* driver with OG Kuro Kage 50g X. Plays about 45.5" and with some scuffing on the face and lead tape on the heel. Top is clean. Red Lamkin Ace REL 3g grip. Lets call this $50 OBO. Item #2 - Srixon Z F45 3w with Kuro Kage TiNi DC 60ts "proto". Plays 42.5" with a GP MC black/white grip. Had a shaft too long at first and scuffed the topline, hardly noticeable at address. Includes wrench and weights. $75 OBO. Item #3 - Titleist 913Fd 13.5* 3w with Kuro Kage TiNi 70 FW X. Plays about 42.75". Shaft was my gamer but didn't quite produce numbers I liked for going after greens. Threw it in this head to make a great tee bomber. Couple topline marks but nothing significant. Red Lamkin Ace REL 3g grip. $75 OBO. Item #4 - Diamana Blueboard S+ 70x. 41.5", no idea about tipping. Even forgot what I pulled this out of. $20 if you want it solo, $free if I add it to something else. PM me if you want to split anything. At these prices I'd rather not, but we might be able to work something out.
  2. I dunno about you, but I can't see 8 yards at 100. I do this too, in order to help some of my playing partners. I'm usually the only guy with a GPS watch so I get asked a lot. If i see they chronically overestimate how far they hit their clubs I tack on extra yardage to what I tell them. I have a similar move. Yeah I know its not legal, but my friends basically don't play so in casual rounds with them I'll tell them a yardage and then what club I hit (or would). Doesn't take them long to realize they probably need at least one or two more. I will tell them a middle yardage and lie to say its the front, though.
  3. They have a TopGolf world championship.... so what in the hell was the point of this? I guess they wanted to pilot test it with pretty ladies and potentially recognizable or relate-able guys, but... Wow that was bad. The "qualifying" was mind-numbingly boring (and pointless) and so was what I caught of the elimination. Not to mention all the fluff, thanks NBC :boredom: . I'd rather just see TopGolf worlds. I just would rather watch it on literally any other platform without backstories and fake drama being forced down my throat.
  4. A while ago I was teaching junior golf, showing examples of bunker shots. Hit 5 or 6 to show and then give the kids a turn one at a time. Well, I step out of the bunker and knock off the sand from my shoes with the clubhead but I missed my shoes and hit square on my ankle with the leading edge. Instantly swelled up and hurt for about 4 or 5 weeks after. I've done this FAR too many times to still have a habit of knocking sand off my shoes. Usually I'd catch the achilles and just be sore for a few holes but every now and then I'd catch the ankle and be limping for a few days. Haven't done it in a long time though I used to hang my foot out the side of the cart. Was playing somewhere new with pops and mindlessly swinging my foot along outside the cart. Cart path came up on an area with railroad ties as curbs that i didn't see coming and my foot got popped at full speed. Luckily, as it was swung backwards, so it just swung farther backwards scaring me and leaving a bruise, but if it had been in front of me that could have been very bad. I try to stay fully inside the cart now. What? No such thing.
  5. Euro tour just gets it. I'm even fine with some of their gimmicky stuff because I understand it appeals to the "common" viewer more than just golf. They understand, however, that the "common" viewer simply isn't gonna be watching golf and don't focus on trying to explain it and this that the other. Just show golf. The people watching get it and will figure it out. Its sublime. Its like PGA coverage thinks somehow Joe Viewer is watching golf on Sunday instead of baseball, basketball, hockey, skiing, the news, college football, movies.... I mean hell they're probably cutting their grass. Nobody is accidentally watching golf, but every single event is covered like the viewers have never heard of this sport and never heard of anyone playing and don't know where in the world the tournament is... They focus on "scoring" AKA putts going in and storylines. They focus on whoever moves the needle regardless of how far back they are. They focus on sponsors. Its terrible. The golf is better, the courses are often worse, the commentary is much worse, but the money is also much higher. I understand some of the crap--big names and sponsor BS--but there is no excuse for the shot selections and commentary being so poor. Fox does a lot better from a raw coverage standpoint but their commentary team is still pretty questionable. Euro tour is just so nice to watch, all the way from the course settings to the content and commentary.
  6. Had a Cobra F/ST 3 wood from 2008 that I felt could do no wrong. Then one day I f***** around a put a different shaft in it and even after putting the old shaft back it just never felt the same. Right now though my 2 iron is phenomenal. Even when I'm striping my driver I still find myself really debating whether to take D or 2 off most tees--including some 5s.
  7. IMO a 4 is going to make you more aggressive going for 3s. Hit it higher and spin it more and the ball stops shorter. I changed mine for that reason. That said, if you don't hit them much then why have 2 clubs you rarely hit? Put the 4 in, don't think about it, and figure out where that extra club can help you the most. Tighten your wedge gaps or add a driving iron. The goal is to build your bag to give yourself as many "easy" shots as possible--shots where you know exactly which club to get and can hit it in a fully confident/reliable manner. As for the second point, its pretty easy (for me at least) to just open the face and hit a little high cut with a normal swing to take a little off and spin it a little more (giving you a similar shot to a 5 wood).
  8. I played with a guy who claimed to shoot 80 fairly regularly. Took him 6 to get to the (par 4) first green. Popped the snap off to mark his ball, then popped it back on before putting (still wearing his glove). Dude probably shot 125 that day. I've seen it used in a pinch, but yeah I haven't seen an actual golfer use that in a very long time. They're hard to see, too, until your ball hits the damn thing, so its really annoying when people use them.
  9. MP-H5 2i in my bag. Loved it so much I put a 4i in the bag to shore up the gapping. Don't like the 4 as much--particularly the offset--but the 2 is phenomenal. No issues with either from any lie. 2 is effortless, I can hoist one up into a green or fire a low spin bullet off the tee. Can only imagine the Fli-His are even better.
  10. 50% fairways 50% scrambling <1.8 pph. Probably aggregate over a month to keep rolling numbers. Aiming for those should get me down to a 5, but they're quantifiable goals instead of just (get better). Yeah, I'm wild AF off the tee right now.
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