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  1. Sorry...comment continued...if u gamed at any point the older cobra pro cbs, which is a tiny head with a cushy butt, it is similiar except the leading edge on the j15 is perfection
  2. Ive been playing the j15 cbs after purchasing a set on the bst about a month ago(ish). I had been switching between the mp-5, 714 ap2, and more than anything, my old cobra pro cbs. I cant imagine going back. Every round with them has been a pleasure. Mine have the dg pro which i didnt like at the range, but i am extremely happy with now. They set up beautifully behind the ball. I play on a mix of dry courses and occasionally some early morning sop, no issues.
  3. I have two adams hybrids and they wont leave till they explode or erode and then ill buy the same ones again. I have the pro with the top slot and red rogue shaft. One is '19 and one is '16...the 16 degree is a recent addition and it is a jabberwocky off the turf or tee...
  4. The club that has transcended numerous iron sets, countless drivers, playing partners, even presidents, is my '19adams pro hybrid with red tour rogue shaft. Just bought a 16' i love er so much
  5. Titleist 690.cb lasted the longest without interruption. Hmmmm...also the 2005 rac tp cbs...have owned 2 sets. I will never sell them nor put them in storage...they must always be accessible for living room practice. Once i found this site it all went to hell
  6. 588 precision forged cb/mb combo
  7. Budget brand? If you said niche brand known mostly for wedges it would be easy to agree. They have never been a budget brand as I recall. I agree completely. Ive never heard them labeled as a budget brand. In fact, their precision endo forged cb/mbs are the best feeling clubs ive ever hit and ive hit a ton(play mp-5). I feel im steadily becoming the Bobcat of the precision forged cb/mb
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