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  1. IVM

    The GOAT (merged)

    He is the greatest golfer of all time period .
  2. Very pleased to be proved a dumb a** . Well done Tiger that was fantastic to watch and you truly deserved it .
  3. I do not think that he can put 4 days together.
  4. I watched this show this morning I had to turn it off after 10 minutes it was awful .
  5. There will never be another player like Tiger Woods and certainly never one to win the amount of Tournaments and spend the number of weeks as worlds number 1 . There is too much young competition about today and more coming through each year .
  6. Ben Hogan Jack Nicklaus Lee Trevino Bobby Jones Tom Watson
  7. A great player who should never have been overlooked for Ryder Cup Captain . The PGA make some bad decisions.
  8. That is a great article and very much the man .
  9. Money may help but it does not beat talent.
  10. You cannot blame the caddie as he does not hit the shots nor does he make the decisions.
  11. I have been super critical of him but he needs to put more time into it . He is so disappointing that I cannot pull for him anymore. You just know he is not going to win .
  12. IVM

    Lucas Glover

    This should be locked .
  13. God bless . Rest In Peace Dan Jenkins.
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