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  1. ITT: Post general questions -eBay -spotting counterfeits -et cetera
  2. ITT: Post general questions -eBay -spotting counterfeits -et cetera
  3. ITT: Post low content and general eBay questions
  4. DOND LC thread is for quick checks for counterfeits, eBay anxieties, second opinions, etc.
  5. DOND is not a safe space for your eBay feelings. WRX needs a DOND low content thread for stupid s*** like " is my Scotty Cameron real? My new golf club slices, sellers fault?"
  6. Ironhorse is such a stupid *********** He says he "got burned twice on BST" however, in both cases he got a full refund. What a crybaby b****
  7. I wish that ironhorse would stfu and gtfo of GWRX already
  8. The problem is that these guys are wearing socks that are so old and crusty that they're rougher than sandpaper.
  9. What is your current handicap? 5 Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Moline, IL USA What Driver and shaft combination are you currently playing? Nike Vapor Fly 440 with Diamana S+ 70s tipped 0.5" playing 44.5 What do you like or dislike about setup? The added weight and shorter shaft gives me a better tempo and more consistency. This shaft seems to load consistently both when I swing smooth and when I swing aggressively. What is your current driver swing speed? 100-105 What is your current driver ball flight? 150MPH 13* 2300 rpm What are you looking to improve with you
  10. Hey you found a friend. August and Smitty, you're made for each other. Buddies trip. Meet and greet. Take each other seriously
  11. 20 dozen just arrived. Cross my fingers it's eBay time
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