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  1. Try out the Callaway Rogue series. I'm not a great fairway wood hitter myself, but I found them very easy to hit, and very forgiving too. With the new Epic Flash being released, the Rogue series should be (more) reasonably priced. Good luck.
  2. We used Flightscope, and played around with different shafts in order to get the best combination of trajectory and distance, without looking at spin numbers. I believe the point I was trying to make with the original post was, that you, in a fitting situation, should focus on what the iron can do for your game, and not be too biased as too what different Youtubers has to say. I don't how it works in the US, but in Denmark most retailers and club pro's will have either a Trackman or Flightscope.
  3. Last week I had some spare time on my hands, and, beeing a club ho, I went to the local retail golf shop. Here I tried the new Ping i500, and fell in love with it imidiately. I currently game the Callaway XR, and while I'm satisfied with the performance, the look does not appeal to me. Even though the Ping i500 is not aimed at my hcp, I found it very easy to hit. I have not been a Ping fan in the past, primarily due to the looks, so I went home and started reading and watching reviews of the i500. While the reviews were all positive, many of the reviewers, especially on Youtube, mentioned
  4. Niels1971


    I bought the Callaway Rogue Heavenwood earlier this year, and it's a beast! I'm no long hitter my any means, but it goes between 165-180 yards and fills the gap between my driver and my 5 iron perfectly. It's the first fairwaywood that I have been able to hit and trust.
  5. They're offered at 390$ 5-PW, and a 50 and a 56 degree wedge (Cleveland RTX 588). Both irons and wedges are 0,5" long and 2 degrees upright, which suits me perfectly.
  6. Hi, I'm playing of 21,5, and game a set of Callaway XR (2015-edition). I'm enjoying a good season, my hcp has dropped a couple of shots, mostly due to better ballstriking. There's nothing wrong with my current set of clubs, and it has been my intention to stay with these at least a year or two, before buying new clubs. However, I have been offered a set of used Callaway Apex (2014 edition), with specs and shafts that suits me, at an affordable price. I tried the Apex when I bought my current irons, and they just felt so nice when I hit the sweetspot, but at that time I just needed more
  7. Ping K15. Ugly as H***, but it just keep performing, and very easy to hit
  8. I got fitted to a set of XR's in december 2015. I tried 3 different graphite shafts, and ended up with Project X 4.5 A-flex. Because of the winter I have not played many rounds with them. My Game Golf stats suggest that I hit the same distances as with my previous set (Calla RAZR X with steel shafts), but I expect to get more distance when I get to do more practice. Bottom line is that I feel the clubs responding better, and coming faster of the face, so I'm still positive. My swing speed with the driver is normally between 90-93. I bought the XR driver with the same shaft. Good luck wit
  9. 14 days ago I booked a fitting session at a golfstore nearby (my local pro has closed down for the winter). I'd brought my own Callaway Razr's and after a warm up, I hit a series with these on Flightscope. My swing speed was slow (as expected), so we decided to go with graphite shafts in the irons that I wanted to test (I play with steel shafts in my Razrs). I then tried the Mizuno 850, Srixzon 545, Titleist AP1 and Callaway XR. After hitting a series with each club, it was obvious, that the Mizuno and Srixzons were not for me, and we proceeded with Titleist and Callaway. After trying a coupl
  10. Thank you all for your recommendations and comments. I am taking lessons, and will continue to do so next season (it's closed for the season in Denmark now). The reason I wan't to change is not strictly rational. First of all, when I bought my current Razors, the salesguy in the golfshop told me, that "I could easily game these until I reached 25 hcp". That sentence has been stuck in my head ever since, and my own benchmark as to when I would allow myself some new equipment. Secondly, I've learned to love my Razors, but it was by no means love at first sight. I needed extra length, and they
  11. Hello fellow golfers I’m a 44 year old guy, who started playing in 2012. This season I’ve lowered my hcp from 29 to 25,2. I’m still working a lot on my swing, and I would not consider myself as being a consistent ball striker. I struggle with distance, as well as hitting the long irons. I’ve never tried Trackman or similar, but I believe my clubhead speed to be fairly slow. I’m considering a new set of irons. I currently game a set of Callaway RazorX (2011 ed). The iron sets that I have been looking at (have not tested anything yet), are the following: Callaway XR Mizuno 850 Srixzon 545
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