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  1. Just buy regular stan smith tennis shoes, literally about half the price. I don't slide around in them at all. They look like golf shoes and are low to the ground which I like. YMMV
  2. Your sand wedge matches the pitching wedge to my 67's like in the Lema picture. No muscleback like the rest of the set.
  3. Interesting! Mine have no hash marks. Ferrules are stamped 22R2D0. Interesting given my Made in Australia sets from 5 years later are stamped 23X2, 23S2 and 24S2, none with hash marks. Sure wish I knew the code for maxfli ferrule stampings. FWIW the 67's I have are stamped A199525 and have hash marks.
  4. Thanks! Wish I could give you a thanks for each set! So my set of 1971's came without a pw. Ended up buying a solitary dunlop pedersen pw from 1960 ish. I had no idea! Down another rabbit hole I go lol
  5. I've wondered that too, I'm kind of a Tony Lema geek and have a set of his F&J signature line as well. My guess is he used them in the Open, of which he won one. Not aware that he went to Australia but considering it was a typical off season trip in those days I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. The logo is the same as the flat backs I've seen, but I am confused as well. The head design is hogan precision ish, I also have a set of the irons in this picture, different logo but heads are the same. Clubs in picture are from no later than 1966, it's Tony Lema for those who don't recognize him.
  7. Looks like the logo for Denver Country Club. Check out their website, logo on home page Denvercc.net
  8. You all may have seen this before, Trevino talking about the clubs he got from Sandy, and how he ruined them. Great story! 2143187301_LeeTrevinoJournalOldSchoolGolfer.pdf
  9. Very much a grail thing for me too. Most folks don't have an appreciation for them and don't seem to value them much at all. Timeless classics! Appreciate the comment
  10. Hahaha the set starting with 24 serial number, I only have 3 sets! For comparison, all are 3 irons. I assume none are with original grip 23S2 D3, 436 gr, griptec easy grip 24S2 D1, 432 gr, ping golf pride grip 23X2 D3, 426 gr, victory grip None of the grips look oversize
  11. Got a weakness myself for "made in Australia", albeit right handed. Just so clean, very cool. Anyone know the meaning of the ferrule serials? I have a set of 23S2, 24S2, and 23X2. The letter denotes shaft flex, the 23 sets I have still have the Dunlop TT Dynamic shaft labels. The 24 set does not have labels but are the same steps. Last number I assume is swingweight as originally assembled. So the first 2 digits, do they denote production runs? Can't discern any differences between sets. Searched the old threads but nothing on this particular ir
  12. I can't be the only one who spits on his clubs and then wipes them clean with a smaller bath towel after each shot... Works for cleaning marked balls on the greens too
  13. If you are just looking to try some different vokey grinds, try a P grind if you can find one. I have a 54 with gobs of lead tape obscuring the bounce number. Think it's 12. They more commonly came in 60 degree versions as I recall. A rather rare but special grind.
  14. I've often thought that pga tommy armours were seriously underrated. My first true set was pga tommy armour bought in an off course pro shop in mid 70s. 2-pw, 1,3,4,5 woods. Played the irons non stop til early 90s, classic 985 style reverse musclebacks, keep them in LA and play them when I'm there and play golf with my daughter (double fun). Played the woods until metal woods came along. Trouble was I had necked the 3 and 5 wood and busted them, pga replaced them but the replacements weren't nearly the same. So for years played just the pga tommy armour driver and a go
  15. No worries, you didn't misunderstand! I've heard of those shafts, just never seen most of them in sets in real life. I was pretty much a common S300 guy until recently, prob wasn't paying much attention!
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