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  1. so your hitting it 50 to 60 yards further this my friends is golfwrx
  2. tmb guy

    Phil M.

    oh the land of the arm chair quarterbacks this is
  3. what sort of distance control issues are you having ive had gen 1 and gen 2 no such issues
  4. im sure most were already playing tm anyway as most without driver contracts do
  5. Amazon.com : Mitsubishi MMT Taper 105 TX-Flex Iron Shaft - .355 Taper Tip (Choose Length) : Sports & Outdoorsleave it to amazon
  6. either way i think hyoull enjoy them i play the 90 coming from steelfiber and just love them. im old no need for 125tx in this camp
  7. also depends on the heads your using from my understand tm and definitely pxg for example use a weight system in the bottom of the hosel so no tip weithts needed
  8. the numbers arent much different a litlle more ball speed with the gen 3 like 1.5 but distances etc very similiar im a pxg guy i play the st i do like the look of the gen 3t better for sure than my gen 2 and honestly like the st better than both. but unfortunately every year in golf one thing never changes its the indian not the arrow
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