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  1. Only irons and prolaunch shaft remains. Price drops. Make offers.
  2. All items are OBO and cover shipping and PayPal fees to confirmed PayPal addresses. 1) TM PSi irons 4-pw with DG x-100 shafts and Winn dritac midsize grips in very good shape. Standard length- 38” 5 iron. 4-5 are regular PSi and 6-pw are tour. Great clean set of irons. Reduced again $300 2-4) Vokey shaft wedge set shafts. Pulled from new SM8 52,56,60. ***SOLD*** 5) grafalloy prolaunch 65x driver pull. 0.335” tip. $20 6) Kuro Kage 60s 3 wood pull. 0.335” tip. ***SOLD*** 7) Ventus 6s 3 wood pull. 0.335” tip. ***SOLD*** 8. Ventus
  3. I’ve been experimenting in my basement with different grips and weights so if you need any more info let me know. If there was a grip in between that might be perfect but the jumbo is a nice grip for putter head weight at 350g or more at shorter lengths or play at 35” length. Swingweight at 35” was D-4. I cut half inch off and now D-0 but still very good because it makes me rock my shoulders and use let hands and arms.
  4. I have both and prefer the jumbo. Fits my hands perfect so there is no slop in the grip or stroke. It’s 132g and the standard one is 78.5g on my scale. Will change the swing weight significantly but the jumbo grip surprisingly gives good feedback for its size and weight. Also both mine are cord version. Not sure if there is a size in between? Hope this helps.
  5. Really prefer not to split up but you can PM an offer and if I get a buyer for all 3 I’ll consider it. Depends on shipping also.
  6. Selling a few odds and ends. Price is OBO and shipped to confirmed PayPal address only. 1-3) Mizuno MP T7 52/56/60 wedges set. Stock dynamic gold wedge flex. Standard LLL. ***SOLD*** 4) Nike Method putter grip in great shape. Clean core. Installed and pulled with air. $16 5) UST mamiya recoil 65 f2 iron shaft. Pulled from 718 TMB 2 iron. $20 6) Ping alta cb 55x with g400 tip. $40 7) Fuji Fuel 95hb stiff hybrid shaft. $25 8. Bettinardi BB1 blacked out. 35”. Mint condition. ***SOLD***
  7. I love the jumbo cord on my BB1. Surprisingly good feedback for that size and weight of grip. Fits perfectly in my hands. I putt cross handed by the way.
  8. I have no idea if it’s fake or not but it is sold. Buyer was informed that it may not be authentic and didn’t care.
  9. Prices include all fees and shipping through verified PayPal address only. 1) Bettinardi BB1 blackout with new ping black out grip. 35”. Like new. $200. Will consider trades for other anser style putters. Cameron, Bettinardi, etc or wedge set. Vokey, mizuno. 50/54/58
  10. BB1 351.8g head 101g TT shaft(127g uncut) 61g ping man grip 35” is E-4
  11. I can tell you what my 2018 BB1 is: 350g head with Bettinardi Lamkin deep etched jumbo grip 132g D-4 SW at 35” standard deep etched is 81g so someone will have to do the math.
  12. Here’s the response I got Thank you for reaching out to Bettinardi Golf. The tip size on the BB1 2018 is .370 the grip weights are as follows: · Lamkin Deep-Etched Standard: 81 g · Lamkin Deep-etched Jumbo: 119 g Hope this helps! Happy Holidays! Best, Bettinardi Customer Service
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