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  1. I do not have the spec sticker but it sits very slightly open and weighs 199g on my scale.
  2. Selling off a few items. Prices are OBRO and include shipping to US 48. Only trade offer is for a Cameron Newport. 1) 2016 TM M2 8.5 tour issue head in great condition. K serial number. + sign on hosel. 199g on my cheap scale. Yes it’s the holy grail driver head. $250 2-3) Vokey TVD M grind 52* and 58* with tour issue DGS-400. $140 for both. Will not split. let me know if you have questions or need more pics or details. Thanks for looking.
  3. It works if it’s a dealtime and within the date parameters.
  4. MP4 with DG120 stiff. As far as I need to get it close depending on conditions.
  5. Only 1 item today. Will consider trade offers for other putters. Bettinardi BB1 in excellent condition. 34.5” length. ***SOLD***
  6. Where the the white hot pro 2.0 fit in on the firmness/softness chart? Is the OG white the same material?
  7. How does the insert compare to previous version or 2.0 white hot? Are they all the same inserts? Is white hot inserts all the same? Original, 2.0 and OG? Thanks
  8. Yes I like the American one. Are they Velcro or magnetic?
  9. Ok thanks for the info. I’m leaning toward the Holliday raw or black. Maybe long neck.
  10. Looks good. I’m looking at ordering one also. How long did it take to get this? Do you know what carbon steel they use? 1018? 8620? Does it feel hard or soft? Thanks
  11. I will play an arcane in an M2 and it’s great. Super smooth and accurate. Not much info on them but really good shafts. I bought it with the driver and really had no idea what I was getting. That was over 3 years ago and still playing it.
  12. I’m also thinking about ordering one but having some issues with website getting to custom options and other concerns in this post about shipping time, etc. I want an 009 look and feel and these look as close as any others for the price. Not sure what to do?
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