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  1. I’m looking for a ping iblade 7 iron head only. PM with price. Thanks.
  2. Looking for a set of blades or players CB irons with S-300 standard length. Around $150 shipped to Ohio.
  3. Looking for a cheap set of blades with x-100 or s-300. Prefer Mizuno but will consider all. PM with details and price. Thanks.
  4. Clearing out additional items. Prices include PayPal and shipping in US. 1) Cleveland RTX4 46* raw head. ***SOLD*** 2) Cleveland 588 47* raw head. $25 3) Fujikura Fuel 95hb S hybrid pull. $35 4) Ping Alta CB 55x Ping driver pull with tip. $50 5) KBS tour V wedge pull from Vokey 54*. $19 6) Cameron putter cover very used. $10 7) TM putter cover like new. $10 PM with offers and questions. Thanks
  5. I was able to contact Titleist and verify with the serial number that they are S flex. Thanks everyone. Should have thought of that in the first place.
  6. That was me thanks. Surprised they are the same step length? Must just be a weight difference? DG shafts are so easy to ID. Thanks
  7. Ok thanks that confirms I have the S flex which is how they were sold to me. Just wanted to verify since label was worn off. Thanks everyone.
  8. Bring back notifications for private messages and posts made to an ad. Overall good upgrade. also when searching google for club comparison and reviews it often brings up dead links, site not found.
  9. So does that mean the step patterns are the same for S and X? Unlike dynamic gold. So just a weight difference? Thanks
  10. Ok thanks was trying not to cut grip off since they are new and not made anymore but looks like that’s the only way. Thanks all.
  11. I purchased a set of irons with Modus 130 shafts but there is no flex designation on them. Blue labeling is worn off. Is there a way to determine from step pattern or measurement to first step to determine if I have S or X flex? Thanks
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