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  1. Don't get me wrong, they're great shoes. But like I said in my post, my swing requires a bit more stability. I had the hyperflex for a couple days and couldn't get over how much my foot moved inside the shoe.
  2. From a pure comfort standpoint, hyperflex all day. For me, however, I need stability and support from my golf shoe. So I would take the premiere's over the hyperflex.
  3. V series is great if you like that offset. I'm a double/single bend guy so i'm still in the Er2b with a stability shaft and putting is by far the strongest part of my game.
  4. I’ve always loved Tilley hats. Worn mine during Death Valley/Grand Canyon hikes and did great. Never used it for golf but I would assume it would be great
  5. The sizing is a bit tricky. They do run a half to a full size bigger for some people including myself. I wear 10-10.5 in Nike and actually found a 9 wide was perfect for me. The nice thing is that FJ does offer this shoe in a variety of widths so if it doesn’t feel right don’t force it. When you do find your size and after it breaks in after a round or so they’ll fit like a glove. They’re personally my favorite pair of golf shoes I’ve ever had so I wound up buying two pairs lol
  6. That might only mean some sections of the upper is full grain. In hand, there’s a significant difference in the quality of the leather between both shoes.
  7. In my experience the best putting aid is the full sized mirror so you can see your shoulder line and any type of putter gate drill (Pelz tutor, or even two tees the width of your putter.) Grind and spend a ton of time on that and you'll be a solid putter. It all depends on the time you put into it.
  8. I have both. I can confidently say the premieres are head and shoulders above the traditions. In hand, the traditions feel cheap versus the premieres. The difference between synthetic leather and real leather is significant. That being said, the traditions are great but the premieres are just that good. Out of the box the traditions may be more comfortable but after break-in, the premieres fit like a glove for me. In dry weather I had no trouble with traction on both shoes but in any moisture I did experience a bit less stability with the traditions. The new versa trax system in the prem
  9. What’s your budget? There are some great shoes at every price level. In my experience and my opinion here are my recommendations: $100 or under - New balance fresh foam links SL - Adidas S2G spikeless $150 or under - Puma Ignite pwradapt - footjoy traditions $200 or under - Footjoy Premiere series - adidas zg21 - Footjoy pro SL carbon
  10. Once these break in after a round or two, you'll never want to go back to your traditions again.
  11. If I hadn't already bought two pairs of packards I wouldve definitely have bought the southern living version. They are light, flexible and very comfortable. They're not "sitting on clouds" comfortable but they are comfortable in the sense that they are supportive, stable and minimum post round foot fatigue. I wouldn't worry too much about the heel. I wear no show socks with the heel tab and have never had issues with blisters. I always was an "athletic" look golfer but this year I wanted to delve into the "classic" look and so far i have not been disappointed with the premiere series.
  12. Go to your nearest Marshall’s, TJMaxx, etc. and buy every RLX or Peter Millar on the rack. I recently got a nice haul at $29 a shirt.
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