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  1. Was fitted for the TZ5 early last season. But the Ventus black talk had the inner ho in me trembling. So I bought the Ventus Black 6x to play 44.5" like my TZ5 in my Sim Max head. Initial thoughts was that the Ventus felt looser than the TZ5 but never felt out of control. Ventus definitely launched a tad bit higher and also spin a bit higher. Head to head the tz5 won out for my swing. That being said, I wouldn't have any problem gaming the Ventus
  2. I ordered separate and sent to New Level for the build. Eric at new level had no problem doing that for me.
  3. Nice! You won’t be disappointed
  4. I use Z cord align on irons and woods. Regular z cords in wedges
  5. just got back from the range. Here is my feedback from my first range session with the 902s. I took the PW, 7 and 4 irons to compare with my previous gamers (Cobra King Forged CB) Looks: compared to previous gamers the 902 is definitely a bit bigger. Top line is noticeably thicker but those that know the cobras know that even the CBs look like blades. A tad bit more offset in the 902s but doesn’t bother me. Offset is similar to the Srixon 785s. The finish of the brushed metal look is beautiful and the quality of the build appear to be very high level. Swingweights are exactly D4
  6. So they finally came in today and it’s like Xmas morning! Package was solid and each club had a new level iron cover. After taking the sleeve off of one I was amazed with how much better they look in person. Just gorgeous. Build quality appears to be spot on. I specifically asked for D4 swingweight and though I haven’t put it on the scale yet, it feels familiar. The BBandF Co ferrules looks sexy on this head. Well done!!!! Will report back later this evening. I plan to take it to the range and compare it to my current gamers.
  7. Have had my Er2b for a full season. Had the best putting season of my life. It could be the fact that I spent more time practicing my putting than ever but the Er2 is just so consistent. The technology is the real deal. Even on off-center contact, I don't lose any noticeable distance. On the worst putting strokes I am only minimally offline. Keep in mind that there will be an adjustment period when you first get it. I found that lag putting was the most difficult in my first few weeks with it. Because the loft is so low compared to most putters, it rolls true almost right a
  8. I love that it’s 5 wood sized. I bet it’s much easier off the deck.
  9. I have a tournament here in Ohio on saturday. Forecast calls for cloudy in the 40's. Here's the gameplan: Legs: - Fall weight Adidas pants - Nike Hyper Shield pants in the bag for extra warmth if it gets windy Body: - Under armour cold gear base layer - Golf Polo - Under armour storm sweater fleece - FJ Hydrolite jacket in the bag for extra warmth if it gets windy Head: - Regular golf hat - 180s ear muffs - Neck gaiter Misc: - Hand warmers in my pocket all day That's pretty much my c
  10. Everything standard at the moment. What one brands 1 degree flat might be another’s standard. So when I get them I have access to a lie board and get them dialed in I also have an indoor range close to me that uses trackman so I’ll be able to compare numbers with my current gamer.
  11. Wow great stuff there above me. I FINALLY got my shipping confirmation and should have it by end of the week or early next week. Got BBandFCo. custom ferrules on it as well. I can't tell you how excited I am. I'll be posting and reviewing on here so stay tuned..
  12. Great to hear!! Yes i also had issues with excessive spin early on this past season. It got to the point where I had to switch balls to lower spin. I did see it in my fitting that spin was lowered vs my cobras and actually launched lower which is exciting for me.
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