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  1. I have a strength schedule that I am pretty strict with. I started this thread because I'm an ex-college football player that used to be obsessed with throwing around heavy weight and not taking flexibility exercise seriously. Now that i'm in my mid-30's I regret that lol. So i'm not your average joe that just wants to do a couple yoga poses and run a couple miles. I've got these ole' dense muscles that need some TLC.
  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing
  3. Guys, give me your pre-round stretching/warmup routine and also your daily stretching routine if you have one. The older I get the more I place a priority on flexibility and a consistent workout/stretch routine. I do your typical golf specific stretches like pigeon pose and hip flexor stretches but what other stretches can I incorporate into my routine? thanks in advance
  4. I've always said the T20's are some of the best, consistent wedges i've ever gamed. If these are an improvement over the T20's then im in!! Also i'm super intrigued about the different grind options. Can't wait to see these in person.
  5. I see you changed the topic title. I had the 120x in my previous set of gamers (Srixon 785). Though I loved the smooth feel, it was a tad light for me and had occasional flyers which drove me nuts (though that may not have been the shafts fault). My next set of irons had the x100 tour issues in them. There's a reason they're the gold standard on tour. Unfortunately for me, the x100's ballooned on me often which is why I am now in the modus tour 125x. The slightly stiffer tip lowered my launch and improved my overall launch conditions.
  6. If you like the X100's then try out the Modus Tour 125x. A very similar profile but the 125x will have a slightly stiffer tip. The Modus 130 and the x100's are not anything alike.
  7. No trades please. Tour Issued Sim Ti 5w with Fujikura Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 8x. This club is so darn good. Unfortunately it is too good for me as it does not fit my distance gapping. It goes too far for me. This has only been hit on the range. Never used on course. I don’t have the spec sheet anymore as I lost it during a move. I do have the picture of it though below. Will also come with a Sunfish head cover. $PENDING
  8. I'm going to say Evnroll because that's what I game and like to think that putting is a strength in my game. I've tried Scotty's and Toulon along with the other premium brands and nothing has fit me better than the Evnroll ER2B (w/ stability shaft). That being said, go with the putter that fits you the best. If you address the ball and putt with confidence then I don't care if you're using a putter from the local putt-putt course or if its a $2000 Scotty Tour Only. I wasted a ton of money going for putters that just didn't fit me. Get a putter fitting to narrow down the type of putter that fits you (shape, off-set, neck style, length) and go from there. I know I'm a single or double bend, wide-blade, 34" guy. So I know not to venture out too far when messing around at the golf shop trying out putters.
  9. Don't get me wrong, they're great shoes. But like I said in my post, my swing requires a bit more stability. I had the hyperflex for a couple days and couldn't get over how much my foot moved inside the shoe.
  10. From a pure comfort standpoint, hyperflex all day. For me, however, I need stability and support from my golf shoe. So I would take the premiere's over the hyperflex.
  11. V series is great if you like that offset. I'm a double/single bend guy so i'm still in the Er2b with a stability shaft and putting is by far the strongest part of my game.
  12. I’ve always loved Tilley hats. Worn mine during Death Valley/Grand Canyon hikes and did great. Never used it for golf but I would assume it would be great
  13. The sizing is a bit tricky. They do run a half to a full size bigger for some people including myself. I wear 10-10.5 in Nike and actually found a 9 wide was perfect for me. The nice thing is that FJ does offer this shoe in a variety of widths so if it doesn’t feel right don’t force it. When you do find your size and after it breaks in after a round or so they’ll fit like a glove. They’re personally my favorite pair of golf shoes I’ve ever had so I wound up buying two pairs lol
  14. That might only mean some sections of the upper is full grain. In hand, there’s a significant difference in the quality of the leather between both shoes.
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