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  1. I played the x100 for a few years before recently making the switch to Nippon Modus 125x. After extensive research, the modus 125x has a very similar bend profile to the x100 with a stiffer tip. One of my pet peeves with the x100 was that it spun too much on occasion and ballooned. In my fitting, the modus 125x gave me a strong ball flight at optimal spin rates. In your case, definitely try out the shafts if you can. On paper, the modus 130 is a whole different bend profile vs. the modus 125/x100. Guys with late releases like Sergio play the 130x and do very well with it.
  2. If you're intrigued by the 130x try out the 125x. I was a project x 6.5 and then a x100 user for quite a few years. The 125x has a similar profile to the x100 but with a stiffer tip. That may fit your profile better than the modus 130x
  3. I have the 125x in 4-pw and DG TI s400 in my three wedges. I do enjoy the 125x because they are easy for me to flight. I don't doubt they would be great in wedges as well because they have great feel but allows you be in total control of the club.
  4. I'm thinking of getting a zx5 or the zx utility to replace my zx7 4 iron. Though I love the zx7, it may be a good idea (especially in tournaments this summer) to bag a more forgiving long iron. For anyone that has hit the clubs mentioned above, what are your thoughts? Best for off the tee? Best for off the deck/rough?
  5. Finally upgraded range finders. This has been very well taken care of. Does need a battery change. Lens is clear and no scratches. Does not come with original case. $115 obo
  6. The name Mitch Cumstein just screams troll. Mitch cumstein is the wrx version of Ben Dover
  7. Just switched to 125x coming from x100 and before that 120x. If I had to rank them 125>x100>120x. 125x has all the great qualities the x100 has but smoother feel and for me, less spin. 120x did not fit me at all although it did feel amazing.
  8. Got mine with modus 125x in them. These have to be one of the most consistent irons you can play without going into blades. I control my trajectory and shape quite a bit and “distance players” irons have always been too hot/inconsistent or too difficult to shape shots. These are absolutely perfect for what I want to do. The noticeable forgiveness is just cherry on top.
  9. No trades please! Just bought a house and wife is making me get rid of extra toys 1. New Level 902 Forged 4-PW with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue x100. Brand new Zcord align grips (standard size) and extra sexy with the Bbandfco custom ferrules. Standard length and lie. D4 swing weight. These are $924 on the website before the ferrules. Only used on the range mats and indoor golf a handful of times. Pics speak for itself. There is a 30 day lead time on these according to the website so save yourself some money and time. $575 obo plus $10 if shipping west of the Mississippi.
  10. what shaft did you end up going with and how does it compare to the modus 125X?
  11. I'm not a hybrid guy but that sim2 rescue black on black action has me feeling some type of way
  12. Does this come with the whole package? (Net, mat, etc.).
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