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  1. I remember being so angry when Inbee won. I thought she would be another one major wonder. It took her a few years but boy was I wrong and glad about it.
  2. Congrats to the Southern Belle Mississippian on her first win!! I’ve always thought Ally looks a bit like actress Amy Irving perhaps best known for Carrie, Carrie 2, Yentl and being married to Steven Spielberg.
  3. Maria needs to work on keeping her drives in the fairway. It doesn’t matter how far she hits it if she’s constantly in the rough.
  4. Muni got an invitation to play in the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic in November on the Ladies European Tour.
  5. Ok, so not to speculate but Beatriz’s caddie/ boyfriend has always been very jealous/verbally abusive. When someone’s boyfriend makes a scene because you said Good Morning to the security guard you know you have an issue. That whole diet story is a cruel joke. A look at her Instagram tells you she is not well. Skin and bones are not a sign of someone physically or mentally healthy. Reminds me of Marion Bartoli saying she had lost so much weight because of a “virus.” She was slender to begin with and on top of this a 20 pound weight loss. So sad she has convinced herself th
  6. who owns the rights for the Australian and Asian events? Is it IMG?
  7. Women’s tennis has recently tried to spread the wealth . For the event this week the winner gets 50,000 but the first round losers get around 10,000. Not sure if that tightening is COVID related but for the past few years most increases in prize money are used to help the lower ranked players. I was listening to the BBC and they were talking about how there is an idea of having a European Super League of football with some of the more popular teams slugging it out in a separate league. The guest they had on opposed this measure since it would almost guarantee many of the smaller te
  8. As much as she likes to play and considering there is a 3 week break after this week I wondered the same.
  9. More money yes but not equal. People are acting like the podcast said the LPGA should earn the same as the winner of the US Open if they host an event the local putt-putt course.
  10. Agreed but it’s different when someone living the situation says you know, there’s no real way to “make a living” out here for a lot of people and someone basically replies “shut up and be thankful you even get to try” I just go back to how someone who is basically DJ, JTs, Tiger’s, Koepka’s, De Chambeau’s, punching bag gets hundreds of thousands of dollars but I guess you get that for being those names punching bags and for the right for them to have someone to beat. I wonder how the ladies would do if there was a mixed event, same course, same tees, same pin placement
  11. Good grief, the podcast and no one here is saying equal prizemoney.
  12. Didn’t literally mean that they get a cut of gate tickets. It’s a package deal for sponsors, networks etc so both tours benefit.
  13. I know it has to do with daylight but the definition of “full-field” seems to always vary from 108, 120 all the way up to 144.
  14. I think the pendulum as to which “side” of tennis is most popular at any given time swings. From about 1997-2004 I would argue the women’s game was most popular. Lots of young stars like the Williamses, Kournikova, Hingis, Lucic and Davenport. Veterans like Seles, Sanchez-Vicario and Graf were still around. Capriati made her comeback successfully. On the men’s side, Sampras and Agassi were successful but they hardly played each other during that time. You had a lot of players win 1-2 grand slams Hewitt, Safin, Ferrero, Korda, Kafelnikov, Johansson, Costa, Roddick etc but no real sta
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