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  1. I was pondering about who would be the next LPGA Hall of Famer after Inbee and there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer. Laura Davies is the closest only needing 2 more points and while she is still making cuts on the LPGA, the last time she was in contention was in 2018 with a T-2 at the Founders Cup. Before then, she was in contention at the 2014 Mizuno Classic where she finished T-3. Unless she catches lightning in a bottle, it seems like a tough feat. Cristie Kerr needs 5 points but it seems like her best days are behind her. Stacy Lewis and Lydia Ko each need 8 points, Lydia could potentially still do it but neither have the consistency or dominance to challenge every week for wins. Ariya Jutanugarn needs 10 points and is one of 3 players to have multiple wins this season but again, Ariya doesn’t have the dominance when she was No. 1. Will she be good enough, long enough to make her way there with 2-3 wins every couple of years? Jin Young Ko, Lexi Thompson and Brooke Henderson are the only other active players l, I think with double digit points toward the hall of fame. I get the impression Brooke will never dominate but if she consistently has 1-2 wins a season for the next few seasons she could be up there before 30. JYK is also a good candidate. I’m not so sure Lexi even really enjoys playing or is willing to sacrifice to be the best, just my opinion. It could be possible that none of these players make it.
  2. I plan on being there all day Friday and will like follow Ingee, the 3 mexicans or some of the Europeans, just depends on how pairs coming out.
  3. Give JYK an event that doesn’t have a full field, a rain delay and only a handful of top players to handle and she’s the one. Very similar to Dallas earlier this year. I think it says a couple of things: 1.) She’s the best this season outside of a few maybe as little as 3-4 players when it comes to closing out an event. 2.) She’s showing a sort of maturity that she can endure delays, course conditions etc and still play well. Dare I say it causes her to focus more than she normally would? I was NEVER close to being an even good tennis player in high school but when we had events that had a rain delay it was very easy to get distracted, discouraged and just want to get out there and get the match over with so you could go home. Not the case with JYK.
  4. This event has been in the works for over 5 years. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2016/11/01/exclusive-lpga-commissioner-eying-cincinnati.html My sources also say that Smiley was planning another new event very close to being confirmed that will expand the LPGA's global footprint next year.
  5. If fields aren’t going to fill , I would recommend the LPGA cut field sizes to 120 or even smaller. We are coming off a 3 week break where most of the players on the LPGA saw little to no activity. No point in having such large fields if players aren’t showing up. This is the second time this season. It just doesn’t make sense when the narrative is to provide more opportunities for women and girls and they aren’t being taken.
  6. Looks like Brooke Henderson will have additional competition for Canadian Sportswoman of the year for 2021 and in the future since essentially 2 Canadians played in the US Open final in women’s tennis. Didn’t like Fernandez acting like a Brat and her family behaving like break points are for family survival. ughhh, never mind Leylah said some mature things during the ceremony. I hope these 2 keep developing and surround themselves with good people. We’ve seen what not having a strong support system can do to the top players in tennis and on the LPGA.
  7. My pick is for C. Kerr as the next captain for the US and Sophie Gustafson for Europe.
  8. Hence Jessica Korda dancing on the first tee and Ally Ewing singing Karaoke to Don’t Stop Believing. It’s one thing to have a unique walk-up/intro on the first tee but another to have to entertain the crowd in addition to playing in a competition.
  9. Not a blowout by any means but worry for the US team set in for me when Angela Stanford, Michelle Wie and Stacy Lewis were named as vice-captains.
  10. Ai Suzuki after winning the 2019 Toto LPGA Classic.
  11. It has grown, A LOT but this population ( I am part of it, as my dad is from Mexico) is not a monolith. Every election, certain pundits want to talk about the sleeping giant that is going to awaken with this "voting bloc" and it never happens. I think the changes are much more localized. The largest school district where I live ( a metro area of over 1 million) is 54% Hispanic and yes there are students from countries other than Mexico but the vast majority of that 54% is Mexican. The local archdiocese had to build a new parish because the growth of parishes locally left some with having 8 masses in Spanish on Sunday and having people standing. The 2 biggest tax revenue generating shopping corridors in my city are one that has higher end stores and a upscale mall and the other is one with primarily Mexican owned businesses. It's a broad, diverse community in itself. However, for someone to have an impact on moving the needle, there would need to be another star. I would almost dare say bigger than Lorena or as big because many know about her but Lorena has already come and gone. As much as LPGA/USGA girls golf touts it's success, I'm not sure they are really reaching a diverse group of girls from different socio-economic backgrounds. The First Tee varies from city to city. Some cities have great programs, the one near us is almost dormant. I've criticized Fassi a lot but perhaps this week has shown her, playing with a partner, that you need to be more strategic on every shot. That you don't always need to pull out the driver, especially if it's going to land you in the rough. That is a strength for her but you can't win events on relying on one strength and it being the answer to everything. So my hope would be that she would learn to play golf smarter and that what makes her famous (distance) isn't the answer to everything.
  12. I teared up reading this. There is always something heartbreaking about such a young child having to endure so much. I can’t imagine what the parents are feeling.
  13. I don’t believe so but it would be a great way for the 2 tours to expand their Strategic (sometimes cryptic) partnership.
  14. It’s the fact it’s next to the lake. The soil is more like mud. A field of mud with a layer of grass. If you look at the vegetation around the course there are very few tall trees because a 6ft bush is big for this course simply because it’s hard for large roots to take hold. I love the course itself, it has a links feel to it but only 1.65 inches of rain and it looks like a bulldozer went through and razed the course. I am sure a lot of the construction around has affected the natural drainage of the area. The area around the course is pretty blah, typical suburb with overpriced, semi-mcmansions and not a lot to do. Las Colinas was nice but not great. Why not try Trinity Forest, TPC Las Colinas , Irving Golf Club, Bent Tree, Royal Oak or Brooke Hollow? Lots of quality courses in the area.
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