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  1. Phred, do you think they will be as receptive to requests from visitors to play at Kingsley? I believe they have been quite amenable to that in the past.
  2. DSOM is garden variety new age teenage angst. Give me Astral Weeks for a proper life changing experience.
  3. Down here in Aus, we fondly remember William The Refrigerator Perry. You would need a truck to move that guy.
  4. Someone asked you about your top 10 "publics" nationally. I would be interested in your top 10 in Florida?
  5. Looks like your question got swamped! The only course I know of in the area is The Mines. Others might be able to say if it suits what you want but it is a Mike DeVries design so it has a pedigree.
  6. Ha Ha - very solid effort, that! When I was 68 (not so long ago...) me and a mate drove 21 days around Ireland and played 21 courses. We wuz nackerd!! Funnily enough I do remember every course in some way although, to be sure, I wished we had played County Down, Portrush, Lahinch and Ballybunion twice to confirm impressions. But then I may have required hospital treatment.
  7. Playing 4 rounds at Dornoch - where can I sign up for that little slice of heaven? Unfortunately on all these trips I find time is of the essence, especially as you get older. So you almost inevitably move on to the next course and try to enjoy that while the memory of the course just played is still percolating. But I do agree that playing a good course twice is ideal. If I was to return to Scotland I would want to replay The Old Course, Dornoch and Carnoustie. And North Berwick.
  8. I would suggest including Oitavos in the rota. It is a beautiful oceanside course just outside Lisbon.
  9. Plenty of specialised advice on the NW forum. Suggest you look there.
  10. When I get to travel there I will pay the price for my bucket list items - once - and then move on to the myriad of other superb courses around GB&I. Meanwhile I played Kingston Heath here on a recent charity day for A$270 (lunch included) which is about US$190 and GBP145. They seem to make a quid on that price and it is at least as good as most of the best Uk courses.
  11. Disagree. It's a beautiful trip along Loch Ness. You can see Ben Nevis, stop at Glencoe and Oban is a lovely town. You will feel really alive.
  12. I like all those picks. Bay Harbor, Treetops and Black Lake are interesting choices - you obviously see them as superior to say Pilgrims Run, Tullymore and Eagle Eye? Tullymore is a Jim Engh design which I would be quite keen to play.
  13. Methinks you are enjoying the “apres golf” as much as the ball striking business.
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