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  1. The route I have planned for next year is Warren Course @ ND Stoatin Brae Pilgrims Run Tullymore Forest Dunes/The Loop R&B Arcadia Bluffs Belvedere Wawashkemo Greywalls so very similar to pF8. I will be interested to hear about ongoing experiences at American Dunes which could replace one of these.
  2. Carnoustie is no dud - and it shows no respect to those who misjudge it. Perhaps you were a victim.
  3. RTJ Trail in Alabama is worth a look. And maybe New Mexico - PaaKo Ridge, Black Mesa, Twin Warriors are the main ones.
  4. I think if I could only play one it would be Lahinch. The Klondyke and The Dell swing it for me. We played Ballybunion at the end of a very hot summer and it was in poor condition so maybe I am under-rating it. Tralee would be on any itinerary and Waterville not far behind. Having said that I will drive right past them on my next trip with the lady wife and play Castlegregory, Connemara Isles and Mulranny. All 9 hole gems - by all accounts.
  5. I have a buddy who gets his scratch handicap wife's used clubs. Nice little perk for him. Both left handers too.
  6. We Ko Pa Saguaro is the one not to miss. Then play Ak Chin Southern Dunes. +1 for Wickenberg Ranch.
  7. Sunds like the Red Headed Stranger from Blue Rock Montana.
  8. I hear St Patricks Links is now operational up in Donegal. Anyone played it yet? Has had great reviews. It will probly attract a lot of new US attention, being designed by Mr Doak.
  9. Interesting. I have golf friends and non-golf friends. The non-golf ones are sort of old friends from back when golf did not feature in our lives. One or two have come across to the dark side and we enjoy some golf together. The purely golf friends are just that, guys I see at the course or on trips. I love those guys, the passion we have is mutual.
  10. mmmm looks like The Bull and The Irish rather than Sentryworld and Meadow Valley.
  11. Ok so I am 71 and playing off a 20 handicap. Never played as a young guy, took up golf at about 55 years old. My question is given my obvious lack of ability what might my handicap have been when i was say 25 had I bveen a regular player? I play against lots of guys my age who are around 9 or 10 and they say they were like 2 or 3 handicap when younger. Hope this makes sense.
  12. Planning visit to Canada through YVR. What are the Covid rules there? Am I ok if double vaxxed? Is quarantine required? Any other rules?
  13. We will def play Straits and River. But would you say Meadow Valley and The Irish are worth playing more than say The Bull and Sentryworld? On our schedule I dont think we could play all four, but two is manageable.
  14. Definitely not - but I did have almost a career best round at RD. Accordingly I believe it to be the best course in the whole wide world.
  15. I thought the 2nd was a par 3? If so my 2nd shot was from the swale below the green on the left. Putted up a very steep bank to one foot. Tap in par.
  16. Very interesting. The carries from the tee must be long which I always think it’s a foolish idea. What does it achieve? Proves to short hitters that they are short hitters? And slows down the field. Alister Mackenzie was always against it which is good enough for me. Look at Augusta where you mostly hit across perfect grass from the tee.
  17. Never played BPB although I did get on the Red a while back which is a testing enough track. But re the Black if you were somehow able to hit straight balls all the time say 220 yard drives and 160 yard 5 irons would it be so hard? In other words if you avoid the rough and the bunkers are you home free? I get that most of the greens are elevated way up there and need solid wedges but really where is the drama? Certainly not trying to minimize the "danger" just interested in the actual design and how it affects a low/mid handicappper.
  18. You and I must have very different value systems. Pasatiempo in my mind is so superior to Spyglass Hill that I can hardly believe you have them #35 and #3.
  19. As a neutral observer I was quite taken aback by Keopka’s whinge when his ball went in the bush. This is the Ryder Cup, Brooksy! Your shot was awesome so your whinge was unnecessary. Great to see Fleetwood and Spieth concede to each other on the last.
  20. Quintero is on this list and is nowhere near as good a golf course as We Ko Pa Saguaro. In fact there are quite a few Scottsdale public courses better than Quintero.
  21. And I was rising to the bait. Daggy as all get out.
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