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  1. See if you can buy a pair of waterproof rain pants. Regular pants, not over pants. An irish guy at my local golf store recommended them and he was dead right. Got caught in a downpour and was sopping wet but 15 minutes after the rain stopped the pants were bone dry.
  2. Agree that taking your bag back to your room each night is the way to go. Stuff gets wet and needs drying, things get rearranged, you might want to change a club or two, whatever. They have an excellent drying room for anything that gets super wet and will deliver to your room when dry. It's all so organised. And the shuttle service (aka The Prison Bus) is brilliant. Cant wait to get back.
  3. The higher the price, the more some people will want to play it. Especially being designed by Tiger himself.
  4. Dont worry, I'm an Oilers fan even from here in Australia. I saw the Great One play when I lived in Edmonton which sealed the deal. So we can team up when we come over in 20??
  5. How is The Bull going after the buyout? Have they refurbished it and if so how does it look? I heard the bank maintained it quite well during the hiatus.
  6. OK....that's one case. 24 million golfers in the world. Playing say 1 round per week on avge. Say over 26 weeks. That's 624 million rounds. 1 case. I'll take it.
  7. Yes but also a large number of public access courses such as PGA West, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Shadow Ridge, Silverrock, Desert Willow, Classic Club and Mission Hills. Of those PW, LQ and MH are Pete Dye courses too so yeah that's good lineup. $$$$ though.
  8. I did some research on that trip from Seattle while we were in lockdown. If we are just talking public access courses, here is the route we looked at. Gamble Sands Circling Raven The Ranch / Missoula Old Works Cottonwood Hills/ Bozeman Powder Horn Red Rock Prairie Club / Valentine Wild Horse / Gothenberg Indian Creek / Omaha The Harvester TPC Deere Run The Warren Course / Notre Dame then to Camargo. Basically I90 to Rapid City then drop down to I80 for the rest.
  9. 71 now and had 2 heart attacks after a life of sport, mainly marathon running. (Boston & NY webre the highlites). My old body is a bit dodgy especially around the joints where I suspect arthritis is setting in. I do try to warm up before a round but not too much! Just came home from a 5 day golf trip playing every day but walking 3 of the 5. (I won the comp as well!!) My roommate was into Yoga so I might try that for a while.
  10. Boston? Red Tail, Shaker Hills, George Wright, Granite Links, Pine Hills, and quite a few others to choose from depending on how far you want to go, eg Cape Cod.
  11. Why is Oakmont so hard? Long carries? Pure length? Bunkers? Rough? Greens? Maybe all of the above!
  12. Yep, I loved San Juan Oaks and Cinnabar Hills. Both good value without being in the Pasatiempo class.
  13. If you stay in Milwaukee, there is a lot of driving to go to Kohler and Nekoosa every day to play golf. But Sabram is correct when he says "I'm not certain if the OP was looking for obvious cities that are golf destinations like Phoenix and Orlando. If the OP was looking for courses within an hour of proper "cities", that aren't thought of as golf vacation destinations where you'd be playing the best courses with locals rather than vacationers..." Yes we all know the full on golf destinations but I am really more interested in the Denvers and Milwaukees and Birminghams rather than
  14. The European Club is a lot tougher than The Island.
  15. Let's talk about proper cities not towns or villages. And no budget. I spent a week in SFO a couple of years ago and had a blast playing almost every day - Harding Park, Presidio, Sharp Park in the actual city, then day trips to Sonoma, Cinnabar Hills, San Juan Oaks and Wente Vineyard. Dallas is good too. I played Old American, Cowboys and if I went again would also play Texas Star, Texas Rangers, Waterchase and a few others. I would also try to get on a couple of privates. Surely Chicago would rate?? Cog Hill, Cantigny, Glen Club, Mistwood, Ravisloe, Elgin, Bowes, Pine Meadow,
  16. I am sorry but Non-Golfing Days just dont do it for me.
  17. No love for Chicago, Milwaukee, Dallas even? I think resorts are not the question.
  18. No private clubs allowed. Which city offers the best range of public access courses for a week's golf. You can only stay in one hotel but let's say you can rent a car for the week. And what courses would you play.
  19. I wonder how many Covid cases have been incurred on a golf course - my guess is zero!!!
  20. Played these "major" courses": St Andrews Carnoustie Royal Troon Turnberry Royal Birkdale Royal Lytham and St Annes Pebble Beach Torrey Pines plus Royal Melbourne Kingston Heath Barnbougle Cape Wickham Sand Hills Ballyneal Spyglass Hill Pasatiempo Harding Park Bandon Dunes Pacific Dunes Sunningdale Swinley Forest Walton Heath Kingsbarns North Berwick Royal Dornoch plus another 150 or so.
  21. The worst is when you are 3 shots ahead in the monthly medal coming to the last and you take 4 to get out of the greenside bunker.
  22. First pic looks a tad like the 12th at Augusta.
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