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  1. I bought a new adapter for a new shaft for my g30. I noticed the the original screw was held on the club head by a hard plastic washer in the hosel. The new adapter came with a soft rubber washer. I just used the old screw and washer. Is there a difference in the washers? Does it matter which one I use?
  2. I have a Graphite design ad-bb x flex if you want to do a deal. Cash on my end of course.
  3. Just find a set of 681’s. They’re probably the closest thing to tigers gamers that have been released.
  4. Thanks. I change the paint fill in my clubs every spring. Gets me excited for the season. I considering taking all the paint off my gbb double black diamond 816 driver and having a naked look but I'm a little chicken to do it.
  5. Good morning WRX'ers. I have a couple items up for sale this morning. Open to trades (AP2 716, CB 716, Mizuno JPX 900 tour, Mizuno MP 25, Titleist TMB 2 iron, Tour AD-BB 6x driver shaft). Cash could go either way depending on the deal. On to the stuff. 1. Titleist 681 3-pw. S300 1" over standard. 2 deg upright. In very nice condition. You can rate them yourselves. Bought from another WRX'r. Almost new lampkin oversized grips with +3 wraps on the lower hand. The lie angle can be adjusted to the buyer's specs if requested. I was experimenting with different paint fill. I can change it back
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