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  1. Played yesterday and she is magnificent. Greens need a season to grow in. They were not bad at all just a little bumpy. Everything else was great. Need some rain.. it’s hot and dry in the Sandhills..
  2. Not sure how far away you are but me and some buddies think it’s worth a 1.5hr drive to check her out at the end of September.
  3. Don’t judge a book by its cover. The bar at PN and the back deck at MP are two of my favorite lunch spots in the Carolinas. A cold beverage and a MP club on the Mid Pines back deck or a cold beverage and a Bell Burger at the Pine Needles bar are pretty good gets.
  4. As previously mentioned Wisconsin in May can still be quite chilly but Sea Island in May.. quite nice. Other options.. May River in HHI and of course Kiawah.. May is prime time is the Carolinas and Georgia.
  5. TB and Caledonia punched in June and early July. You should be good. I think Caledonia pushes again in late August but could be wrong.
  6. Same here. I’ve thought about joining PN/ MP but am concerned about getting on the course when I want. I guess the trade off is no assessments.
  7. Yes.. stayed at PN many times. It’s not bad. It’s clean and the beds are comfortable. The food is good and the bar is pretty cool. Have not stayed at MP but have heard the Inn needs some attention. However, I ate there not long ago and the food was very good.
  8. I have been to Hawaii 3 times in August. Maui August 2019. Temp is perfect. Kapalua is one of my favorite places in the world. Make sure you eat at The Gazebo for breakfast and if you like Sushi- Miso Phat is off the chart.. Have not stayed in the Villas at Kapalua but I know where they are and the views are unbelievable. These pics are from the Kapalua Bay course.. August 2019 Full disclosure.. I have never been to Cabo.
  9. Killarney.. County Kerry.. 5 hours ahead so can play in the am and work at night.
  10. 3,5,1 for me. All will be in great shape this time of year.
  11. Members are allowed to walk but you hardly ever see any walking. I usually see them on Sunday mornings. If you can get on Wachesaw Plantation... it is great. Club Corp. I play a lot of golf in that area and my favorites are: Wachesaw Plantation, Caledonia, TB, Pawleys, Willbrook But you are right.. You have a great course out your door so why go anywhere else.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking!!! Both are worth every penny.
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