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  1. yup still gaming the original although thinking of getting fitted soon and would prob upgrade at the point. Have a Diamana W series in it
  2. awesome, will let you know once we decide where were playing and when. So far only thing i have booked is the hotel
  3. i have played there on multiple occasions and enjoyed the course. Few nervewracking holes that have the road crossing directly through them. Relatively accessible from Manhattan is all relative, i'd say its 45min to an hours drive
  4. So just booked the AnchorIn in Hyannis. Figured thats a good central location, and a nice town from what i hear. Will provide an update when i have the golf booked. Going to try and get on Cape Cod National by going the "have my club call their club" route.
  5. Thanks for the recs guys, will keep them in mind. Hoping things settle down a wee bit and can get up there around Columbus day
  6. same thing happened today btw, no times came out at 7pm
  7. Jordan Spieth at Royal Birkdale, the lengths he went to for that drop and managed to save bogey, and then come roaring back down the stretch to win was so exciting
  8. the tee times came out sometime between 10pm last night, and 830am this am and of course there were only a few left by the time i checked this am. Will try to walk on the black next tuesday, hopefully as a 2some it won't be too bad
  9. just tried to get a tee time for the black next tuedsay (started clicking at 659) and it doens't seem like they released the tee times for any courses? I've always been able to either get a tee time, or at least see the screen that shows the available tee times, even if i am unable to secure one. I checked the other courses as well and there are 0 tee times available for next Tuesday. Anybody have a similar issue?
  10. If your looking for value and close to Manhattan look no further than @YoungBorra and Lake Sucess Country Club. I had a chance to play it a few weeks ago and i would say there is a high percentage i join next season. Great little course, well priced (under 40), staff was friendly etc. Only thing that it doesn't exactly have is a driving range. It has a 4 stall, 180yd driving range which is more for warming up than anything else.
  11. What size Claw Glove would you like to win? MediumWhat is your current golf glove? FootjoyHow often do you replace your current glove? about every 6 weeksWhat would you want to improve with your current golf glove? durability
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