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  1. I've used both the Tour and $ taper the last few years. For me they launch about the same but find the $ tapers spin more. The $ tapers feel a little crisper/tighter, but are a little shorter due to spin. If I get another KBS shaft I would probably go back to the Tours in a heavier weight.
  2. I've had mine all season. Probably the best irons I've ever had. Forgiving for the smaller size with some workability, very consistent. Wasn't a fan of the 4 iron so got the HMB and it blends great in that scenario. Really wish they had a gap wedge.
  3. Haven't tried either on in a driving iron, but have used both in a hybrid. Atmos Blue 80 is my favorite in terms of feel and consistency. For me the Atmos launches higher than the Tour Blue for some reason since it's supposed to be the other way around. Tour blue feels a little plasticky if that makes sense. Both work well I've found.
  4. City, Sate? - Mount Zion, ILHandicap? - 0.4Current driver and shaft? - Titleist TS3 9.5 - Aldila Rogue White 130 60 TXWhat would you improve with your current setup? - Better feel and a little more launchWhat Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test? - Tensei AV Raw Orange 65 TXDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and quality photos? - Yes
  5. I've been using good old KBS Tour. Same weight just launches a little higher and feels smoother for touch shots.
  6. Not sure this totally helps, but I had the Tensei Pro Blue TX in the G410 19* hybrid and liked the feel but it was too hard to control. Left right dispersion was unpredictable and distances were inconsistent. Ultimately moved on to the TS2 hybrid with the Atmos Blue and all is well again.
  7. Project X LZ 6.0 Stiff and KBS Tour Stiff DG120 X100 is the same weight so they are all fairly similar to be honest. DG120 does have different feel in that it's crisper feeling. Performance is closer to the KBS than the LZ I think. It's certainly not harsh or hard to load for me. It's almost as if you combined KBS Tour and regular Dynamic Gold and made the weight 120. Or maybe a higher launching KBS Tour-V X-Stiff. I'm a little worried about spin in the shorter clubs, but the weather has turned cold so it's hard to really gauge that now. Switched to them a couple weeks ago and cert
  8. I've been using the DG120 X100's the last couple weeks in my irons. I don't think they feel super stiff at all and am fairly happy with them. For reference I usually fall into the 120 gram shaft profiles and have used KBS Tour 120 and PX LZ 120. DG 120 is straighter than the LZ and launch about the same. I think the stiffer tip helps with dispersion so when I work the ball it doesn't overdue it. Compared to KBS tour they are fairly close to be honest with the KBS a little higher launch, but I think the DG 120's spin a little more and don't feel as good.
  9. I'm also interested if anyone has experience with these two. I've hit the T100 on the course and really like them. Don't have access to Mizuno to test on the course.
  10. Had the Tensei 80TX in a 19* and it played pretty soft. Like couldn't control it soft. So I believe it if they didn't tip it.
  11. Haven't tested these flexes directly, but have used both 6.0 LZ and KBS 120S. Feel wise, LZ is overall smoother and is not counterbalanced. Launch is fairly similar, but the LZ is a little lower for me. Spin is also a little lower in the LZ for me, plus they are more accurate. Played the KBS for a few years before switching to the LZ and been very happy with the change.
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