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  1. Bwahahahaha. I totally forgot about that. Man, well played. Legit cracking up over here.
  2. Oh man, I had exactly the OPPOSITE experience in the US. They're customer service was terrible for me. I had a non-rain jacket falling apart and they replied to the first email saying they'd replace it. Took MONTHS to actually get them to take care of it. This was a few years ago.
  3. That time of year. Need to clean out the basement and have some bills to pay. All prices are best REALISTIC offer. NO TRADES! Thanks in advance. Ask all questions before purchasing. I don’t want there to be any surprises for anyone. Callaway 2018 Apex MB 3-PW heads - (apologies, this is a long one…) I have typically used these very sparingly as a backup set. These are used iron heads, but still have plenty of life in them. Get a classic blade for a good deal. The reality is I never hit them well so they didn’t see much use. Study the pictures carefully. As I have installed quite a few different shafts in these over the past few years, there is some residues and discoloration at the top of the hosels. Some time and TLC can take care of that, but won’t affect performance. Also please refer to the faces of the four highest lofted clubs (7, 8, 9, & PW). The faces show the most wear, which isn’t a ton, and there is scraping on the toe portion in the polished area. I’ve included a sole picture of the 7 iron that shows the most wear, and there’s a little dimple on the topline of the PW I tried to capture. One last note, I’ve always had to use a shim in the 8 iron since I got these. Though these are .355 taper heads, the 8 iron still fits too loose for my liking without it. I’ve also found this to be fairly common in other Callaway clubs. (I do not know loft and lie as I never adjusted them from standard, but obviously can drift over time.) $450 shipped CONUS OBRO -----SOLD STUFF----- Mizuno MP 25 3-PW heads - These were a backup set forever ago and have also had a lot of shaft replacements. As a result, the plastic badging is little bubbled in places (tried to capture one in the photos for an example) but the heads are in great shape and perfectly playable for someone looking for a classic Mizuno head with some forgiveness. They have definitely seen use, but no major dings or issues. Please look at the photos closely. (Don’t know lofts and lies.) $150 shipped CONUS OBRO (SOLD) Cobra Speedzone 3 Hybrid - Got this one used, but looks good still. You can see a little marking in the matte crown (for lack of a better term) but it’s not bad and just going to happen. I didn’t find it distracting. Comes with stock UST Recoil F4 shaft and stock head cover. Has the Arccos grip. $135 shipped CONUS OBRO (SOLD) Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero 13.5º fairway wood - Great shape. I just can’t handle this club so I don’t play it. Has stock grip and stock 70g HZRDUS Smoke Black in 6.0 flex (stiff). Comes with stock head cover. $165 shipped CONUS OBRO (SOLD) John Byron Dale Head 9 (DH9) Mini head - This one’s cool. I had a handful of these that I acquired and kept a couple. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t need to multiples. The story goes that the batch of heads this was from never got released and was straight off the mill and unfinished. This is one that got hand finished to a pretty good place and looks great, but still has some of that raw character to it. I BELIEVE these were manganese. $185 shipped CONUS OBRO (SOLD) (Don’t see any of these too often and prices generally all over the place, so offer away) Scotty Cameron Futura X7M - Have had this putter since they came out I think. Used it for a couple of weeks back then, and then sat in the basement ever since. 35”, comes with stock head cover, and has a white Matador grip that I bought through the Cameron site back in the day when they actually sold the different colors through the store for a bit. The grip still feels great, but there is some yellowing/brown-ish discoloring from all the years of sitting around. So don’t expect a fresh looking white Matador. $250 shipped CONUS OBRO (SOLD)
  4. Strokes Gained had nothing to do with C&L. Chip did C&L with a business partner (Lee already mentioned above my post), and then later bought Lee out and his solo venture is Black Lab Golf.
  5. Yeah, I was wondering what the story with that was as well. I don’t think it’s actually doing much, personally.
  6. That's a lot of croissants. Hope you guys get through them all before they dry out!
  7. This has been standard customer service from Rukket for awhile, unfortunately. Predates the Coronavirus. I went through a months long customer service circus with them a couple years ago and their email management was HORRIBLE. Good luck, everyone. PS. I got a B grade Rawhide mat and I couldn't even tell two of the tee holes were even there. Practically unused and killer shape. I can use it with the Rukket nets I already had!
  8. Has anyone bought Grade C (fair condition) mats from Rawhide? Can you give a good idea of what to expect? Thanks in advance!
  9. Am I nuts? I feel like the % off tools and supplies deal and the free/flat rate shipping deals are significantly different than they used to be. Less stuff qualifies for the tools and supplies sale, and you have to spend so much on the shipping deal that it almost doesn't feel worth it. These deals used to be great times to stock up, but now I feel like it's just a good time to save a few pennies when you absolutely HAVE to order something.
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