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  1. Long time 20+ year Scotty Cameron user here. Looking for a non-Scotty putter. What are the non-Scotty guys gaming here? Ping? Odyssey? etc?
  2. This is what happens when you have non-golfers designing golf shoes. I believe it was mentioned a couple years ago when nike golf was downsizing that the golf shoes line was being assigned to the nike SB skateboarding designers? I think the non-golf shoes being offered are cool and all, but golfers still want shoes that specifically perform for golf. Lunar Control 3 is still one of my all time favorites golf performance-wise.
  3. Titleist replaced a cracked 917 3 wood free of charge. I didn't even have to ship it back and just had to take it to my local authorized Titleist retailer and got back what I originally paid for it and used that towards a TS2 3 wood. Now that's a company that stands behind its products.
  4. Roshe G tour's in olive/black and platinum/white in Honolulu. $29.99 with sizes 9 to 10.5
  5. Sweet, Nike finally released the Grandma Collection.
  6. Honolulu Ross stores, some TW 17's, gloves, polos, and the t-shirts with the GOLF on the front. Man I really want a pair of those flyknit's.
  7. Starting to see a bunch of Nike polos at Ross lately. No shoes though.
  8. The Nike Golf "Futura style" Dri fit t-shirt with the US open squiggly line and jellyfish looking design on the back from a couple of years ago is still my favorite Nike Golf T-shirt. Modern fit, dri fit blend, no shrink, no fade. Cmon Nike, give us more of these shirts again!
  9. > @Lesmond said: > > @jaymay82 said: > > Lots of knockoff "If anyone can" shirts and hoodies on ebay. Like they're not even trying to hide it. > > But probably better quality than the authentic Nike cotton t-shirt one. Lol. True haha
  10. Lots of knockoff "If anyone can" shirts and hoodies on ebay. Like they're not even trying to hide it.
  11. Paypal and US buyers only please. All items ship via USPS Priority mail w/insurance. Tensei CK Pro Orange 60 stiff w/Titleist 915, 917, TS2 TS3 Driver tip. Measures 44.5" grip end to tip. Used for one round. Asking $225.00 shipped. Not interested in trades. Thanks.
  12. The lenses are interchangeable. Dont post inaccurate information. Anyway, they've been SOLD.
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