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  1. I believe the replacement of those with standard grips will result in a 1/4 inch shorter club.
  2. My ponder right now (based on my success with the G425 3 hybrid and mulling a minimalist set) is to remove the 5,6,7 iron and add a 5 and 7 hybrid. Depending on gapping the 8 iron might go. I use a stock CB Alta shaft so just need to do some browsing if I decide to pursue that.
  3. Ping G425 3 wood - 16 degrees set to standard. Not even tempted to adjust as the ball flight is perfect for me.
  4. Joe40- at one point about a month ago I had a set of G400, G410 and my G425 at my house. Regripping the 400 and 410 for a few golf buddies. I did some eyeball comparisons. The G425 are ever so slightly shorter then the others. The notch seemed nearly the same. But felt a little deeper if that makes sense. No calipers so I couldn’t really measure just my impression.
  5. I’ve been following this and hope that all that are waiting get deliveries soon. I’m lucky, I pre ordered the first few days and got delivery on Driver, fairway, hybrid and 5-pw about a week after release. I am a black dot with standard lie and length and the CB Alta shafts and the 2.0 AWT have worked well for me in the past. So far, so good. I hope you will all be pleased, I will say the fairway and hybrid are probably the best I’ve gamed in my experience.
  6. I spent the money on a Mevo, I figure that a new driver is the same cost. Set it up with a net and a mat in the garage during the winter and spent some time working on gapping. So far it’s translated to more effective iron play in my 3 outdoor rounds. I’d also say that practice no seems to have more of a purpose. Not just trying to hit far, but to a specific distance.
  7. Re-grip immediately. If your in a humid or damper area, find something that works in the environment. Never too early to consider comfort and the wear and tear you’d avoid to fingers, wrists and elbows with proper grips.
  8. My recollection with the G410 (same adapter) is each degree of loft is a 1.8 degree face angle change.
  9. Have played my G425s outside once, though that will change this week. Several indoor sessions though. pros: Best looking in the G series, slightly more compact, a little less offset, standard lofts are not crazy and there are other loft options available. cons: a little harsher feel and sound (though I notice that a lower compression ball helped in my case). Wait time for orders. @myspinonitI think these and the i210s are worth it. Probably pick up some distance either way if that matters.
  10. Wow - page 437 is a classic! Unbelievable acquisitions here!
  11. Have the G425 3 hybrid. Played the Tensei Orange ck pro stiff (version with the W) on the shaft, which I think has Tungsten in it. That shaft is listed as low launch low spin on Mitsubishi’s website. For me it was low spin mid launch, but I needed more spin so went with the CB Alta regular. Fits me well. Played the Ping Tour in a G410 hybrid and felt it was slightly stiffer than than the Tensei.
  12. Stock Z-Z115. I believe these are lighter, but the Glide 3.0 head is a little lighter to keep the balance.
  13. Agree, was down to the Max or the SFT version and couldn’t think of a time when I’d put the weight in the fade position in the Max so went SFT with stock CB Alta. Would have liked a lower lofted head, but so far the 10.5 set at 10.5 has worked well. Nice high straight drives.
  14. Seems to me that the ball is the easiest, cheapest way to see some improvement, whether distance or stopping power. Yes, consistent ball striking helps, but there’s many more options at all price points. I think having a go to ball can’t hurt.
  15. Played G410 plus and now G425. I really never felt the same pop off most of my Ping Drivers. Maybe heavier head and no carbon fiber crown? Performance wise, neither was the absolute longest, but both have kept me (mostly) in the fairway.
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