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  1. Played the JPX 825, 900, 919s. Never played a recent version of the 845s. But I’d go with the Mizunos if they are in decent shape and reasonably priced. I assume correct shaft for you in both.
  2. This was me (for about 5 years) - driver then 3 hybrid. For kicks bought a G410 SFT 3 wood mid-summer. It’s firmly in the bag now.
  3. Tried both in the late spring, went with the Glide 3.0 50, 56, 60. Mostly since my irons are G400s. My home course has rock hard greens, in the past had to play for significant roll out. Glides are the first wedges, for me, that I can attack pins when the opportunity presents.
  4. Looks like the pandemic spike is returning USPS delivery to the April-June timeframe. I sent two packages out 5 days ago. Still showing pre-shipment in the tracking. 4 packages inbound, tracking updates ended 5 days ago and all are overdue. My region though, did rank 67 out of 67 in on time delivery.
  5. Consider the Ping Tour 65 also. And make sure the adapter in G410, the older adapter from the G400 isn’t compatible.
  6. Too many threads here asking advice about what to do after clubs are stolen from car. I get a little jittery leaving mine the SUV when I go grab some post round food.
  7. Is that some form of foam insert in the shaft? What’s the age of the club? Humid environment. Possibly some moisture/rust/corrosion inside the shaft held in by the foam. Just speculation.
  8. I have the G410 Plus, have moved the weight a few times. I try not to over tighten and don’t let it ratchet. I’ve heard of screws breaking, but never the weight.
  9. Ping Glide 3.0 50* with Ping G400 irons for me. Hard greens at my home course meant I had to play for significant roll out. Now I’m able to attack more pins when the opportunity presents.
  10. G25 will be larger, I think more durable looks wise over time, 0211 is hollow body and feels better. I played the G25 several years ago and recall decent distance and dispersion. Played 0211 much of the summer, I had the graphite MMT 70 shafts. They flew straight, for me, not the longest irons I’ve had, but excellent distance control.
  11. If the Ping G410 driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid weren’t performing as well as they are, I’d order PXG for the top end. Here great things about the hybrid especially.
  12. Ali Taylor has a YouTube review of these.
  13. Each iron is different, I believe Taylormade does the same thing, individual serial numbers, not set serial numbers.
  14. The MG2 were my favorite wedges of the past several years. So far the 0211s have worked at least as well. Mostly have used the GW out of the 3 wedges I added. I was hesitant sometimes to hit full shots with the MG2, much more comfortable with full shots with these.
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