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  1. All my clubs know they are a bad round away from a time out in the dark basement corner where spiders and other creepy creatures reside. The bowling ball learned it’s lesson years ago, warns the other sports equipment and now only provides me strikes and spares. If the time out doesn’t work, the clubs are off to eBay. The only clubs safe are a set of Taylormade Super Steel Burners I inherited.
  2. As others mention everything looks legit. Superb deal for $150
  3. You mean which drivers and fairways? Early season drivers -G425 Max, Epic Max, PXG 0811 XF fairways - G425 Max and PXG 0341 X Current - Sim 2 Max and TSI 1.
  4. As Barnum indicates, 425 is one of the flattest soles around, from the fairway, superb. Deeper rough, depends on the lie.
  5. G425 is top notch, turbulators didn’t bother me, but now that they are gone, the fairways look better. The spinsistency works. Sound and feel are good. Hopefully the apply the tech to the next driver too.
  6. No - CG is located in a different spot in each iron.
  7. What? Physics no longer operates in our universe?
  8. The number on the bottom is not the important number.
  9. CG location. T400 7 iron at 34 degrees will launch and travel like a lob wedge.
  10. The PXG had MMT graphite shafts, so maybe not fair comparison. Feel was decent, but I went 2 degrees weak since the loft of the standard 7 iron was 28 degrees. Initial impressions are that the T300 launches higher even with less loft.
  11. The PXG weight should unscrew using the adjustment wrench that comes with the driver. PXG sells heavier weights in a two piece kit, plus there are some aftermarket weights available.
  12. Played G425, PXG 0211 DC and T300 this summer. G425 had the stock AWT 2.0 and T300 have the AMT Red shafts, both in regular. For me the Pings did feel “clunky.” My miss is out on the toe and my personal opinion is that the Titleist help out near the toe works better than the Tungsten screw on the Pings. I found the T300s to feel better, but straighter and fly longer and higher. Pings are great, but for me the T300s have been superb.
  13. Yes, already see it on some shelves. There’s balls, but the focus seems to be on the premium balls. Plenty of Pro V, TP5, Chrome Soft and RX versions. But the next tier and the tier below that are MIA. Plus I’m told the delta spike is starting to impact ball factories outside the US, as in employee quarantines. Not sure if it’s true but…
  14. No, but the adjustable shaft clubs MUST have 360 grips or be an adapter that allows the orientation to remain like Callaway or Titleist.
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