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  1. Are there lefties playing? Skytrak would need to be moved back and forth. Is there metal, fluorescent lights, or electrical machinery. Mevo+ has some issues with interference. Plus it needs around 8 feet from the unit to ball and about 8 feet from ball to screen/net. Plan to hit into a net and watch the result on a TV, or use an impact screen with a projector. just some initial thoughts.
  2. Looks good, especially the forethought to have a club and ball Washer. Im retooling from a net and tv, to a Carls screen. Delivery is in a few days, but I grabbed a clearance screen. I also put up some golf themed decorations.
  3. I prefer to pay $175 per club, wait 8 months, get numerous emails pushing the date back, then watch threads pop up that you can pre order the next generation of the companies equipment. Just kidding, ordered PXG irons 12-22, had them in hand 1-4. That’s with 2 holidays in between. Quality graphite shaft too.
  4. Decided very recently to become a minimalist golfer, carrying a light weight bag and 8 clubs. No rotation, just those 8. But of course, I started working on putting in a garage simulator….
  5. There’s some threads in the tech area that are a year or two old. There’s some banter back and forth, but the consensus was the line on the head, lined up with the setting gives you the loft and lie or draw bias. The line on the shaft orients the grip and shaft label.
  6. Carbon fiber fairway and hybrids, then 3D printer carbon fiber irons.
  7. I think without the toe side weight and the screw mechanism port, the Gen 4 is going to be more draw biased.
  8. Gen 4 XF with heavier weight in the heel should help with right sided drives. Now that said, the PXG driver adapter doesn’t look to have upright settings. You’d expect lofting up and closing the face creates draw bias, not in this case. Standard is the most upright at 58* where Taylormade is 60*. And the lowest setting really flattens the driver head. I’m committed to a 0211 driver set at 10.5 and I have a little less tape on the heel for a gentle fade.
  9. Actually, Ping has slowly reduced offset since the in the G irons since the G20. G25 was revolutionary.
  10. Not sure but if you have a garage door opener, look at one of the side mounted options. A touch more $$, but middle of the garage opens up nicely.
  11. Regardless of a week or two, ordered 12-22, delivered 1-4. Check out the Ping G425 delivery thread, 6, 7, 8 months??
  12. 5 weeks? I ordered 0211 Driver, 0211 Hybrid, and a half set of 0211 irons 12-22, they were delivered 1-4. That’s with two holiday weekends in between.
  13. Yes, 0211 Driver, hybrid and minimal iron set 6,8,PW, SW.
  14. I’m ready to commit. With a minimalist set. Tried this two years ago and made it until mid summer around the time of a yearly golf trip where I figured a full bag made sense. This year that can’t happen! PXG 2011 Driver Cypher 40 5.5 PXG 2011 Hybrid Cypher 60 5.5 PXG 0211 DC Irons 6, 8, PW, SW Cypher 60 5.5 Cobra Supernova Putter
  15. Ordered 0211 Driver, hybrid and half set of 0211 DC irons 12-22. Delivered 1-4. With two holidays in between. Taylormade p790s ordered stock before 9-3-21, not a peep until I got a unilateral order cancelled email.
  16. This is some good information. I’m lower swing speed and so far my Skytrak numbers are really close to what I see on the course.
  17. What if you wrapped a piece of foam water pipe insulation or cut a pool noodle long the way and put it on there?
  18. Might own a stealth one day. But my initial thinking is to wait on the stealth 2, in case there are kinks that need to be worked out.
  19. JAM01

    PXG sucks

    PXG irons must have collared Ferrules to play at most country clubs.
  20. Both, mostly playing sim golf though.
  21. I’ve committed to this for indoor golf and next summer. Trying to lighten the load and I’ve noticed my iron gaps don’t require a full set. Decided to take advantage of PXG sale and ordering process. Stitch SL2 bag PXG 0211 driver, 0211 3 Hybrid, 0211DC irons 6, 8, PW, SW. Cobra Super Nova putter. Using all Project X Cypher graphite shafts.
  22. I think the Gen 4 XF is pretty forgiving as is the 0211 driver. The 0211 DC irons are forgiving, the 0211 Z are hybrid irons. if new is on the table, check out their current sales on the website. Low prices and some no up charge graphite shafts as standard.
  23. Maybe look at the PXG 0211s. Maybe the Z version of the 0211.
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