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  1. As the title states, looking at upgrading my putter from a ping anser redwood to a scotty Cameron 2008 to 2011ish studio select newport 2 or just go with a new 2020 special select newport? Ive rolled the new special select and its really nice especially coming frok a ping. I dont have much experience with the studio select models. I was even considering the studio style model. Lots of folks talk about how the older studio selects are miles better than the new offerings. Whats everyones thoughts? I dont mind skipping out on the new 2020 and get an older but better quality 2008ish studio. Thanks
  2. You hit alot of the same points that are already in the works. I will get fitted for a deover shaft when i feel the time is right. Guy i know works at golf galaxy and hes gonna do all the work for me. I purchased a set of removable head weights and a few ping tips today in anticipation needing to make changes. I found 3 shafts on fb marketplace that measure 44.5 fice or take less than half inch. Aldila xtorsion copper 60 stiff, hzurdus black smoke 65 6.0 stiff, and kuro kage tini 60 stiff. I got all 3 for about $160 all in. I may geab Aldila rogue 110 msi silver 60 stiff. I will try them out
  3. Fairly new to the sport of golf and i have the fever bad. My buddy and I purchased a GC Quad simulator setup so we play alot. I am improving everday. I am consistantly hitting in the low 80s on the simulator. I purchased all new clubs this year and i need some shaft suggestions based on my driver data. I have a Ping G400 Max 10.5 with the alta 55 standard length Regular flex. I am shorter at 5ft 6.5" but seem to have good power all things considered driving the ball 250 - 270 not trying to over swing. As i get better with the fundamentals the more power i am generating getting more distance.
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